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    Tārīkh-i Nādirī.
    تاريخ نادري. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Manuscript is incomplete; text breaks off abruptly at second word of line 5, leaf 257a.
    • Contributor: Mahdī Khān Astarābād - Munro, Thomas
    • Date: 1760
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Hādhā Sharḥ mukhtaṣar al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah ...
    هذا شرح مختصر التفاحة في علم المساحة ... | Majmuʻ fīhi al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah wa-ghayrihā | Majmuʻ bi-hi al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah wa-ghayrihā | Sharḥ muntakhab al-Tuffāḥah Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a commentary on al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah by al-Ashʻarī.
    • Contributor: Dimashqī, ʻabd Al-Laṭīf Ibn Aḥmad
    • Date: 1887
  • Collection
    Herbert Putnam papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries, journals, speeches, articles, legal records, genealogical material, autograph collection, printed matter, and scrapbooks relating chiefly to Putnam's family and personal life. Includes correspondence, diaries, and journals of members of the Putnam and allied Mason, O'Hara, and Pinhey families. Also includes papers pertaining to Putnam's interests and activities in the field of librarianship, especially as director of the Boston Public Library and Librarian ...
    • Contributor: Putnam, Herbert - Jacobi, Mary Putnam - O'hara, Eliot - O'hara, Shirley Putnam - Pinhey, Amy Putnam - Putnam, Brenda - Putnam, Charlotte Elizabeth Munroe - Putnam, C. H. (Catherine Hunt) - Putnam, George Palmer - Putnam, Israel - Putnam, Ruth
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    Elections Research Center records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, ballots, election returns, reports, notes, statistical data, newspaper clippings, and printed matter documenting elections in all fifty states and the District of Columbia collected by the organization between 1955 and 1992 for the purpose of compilation, analysis, and publication. Subjects include voting research and statistics; American political parties; the 1990 U.S. Census and resulting congressional reapportionment; the 99th though 101st U.S. Congresses; the ...
    • Contributor: Elections Research Center (Governmental Affairs Institute)
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    United States Work Projects Administration records, Series A. includes correspondence, memoranda, speeches, essays, scripts, plays, oral testimony in the form of life histories, folklore material, field reports, notes, transcripts of documents, inventories, lists, statements, instructions, surveys, critical appraisals, administrative records, graphs, drawings, maps, and other records. Subjects include production of American Guide-books which were intended to encourage travel to various states to bolster the economy during the Great Depression, rural ...
    • Contributor: United States. Work Projects Administration - United States. Works Progress Administration - Federal Writers' Project - Writers' Program (U.S.)
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    James Buchanan and Harriet Lane Johnston papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, notes, drafts of remarks, commissions, land patents, and other papers relating chiefly to Buchanan's career in the Senate, as U.S. secretary of state, and as minister to Great Britain prior to his presidency in 1857. Subjects include Democratic politics in Pennsylvania and the U.S.; presidential politics including the elections of 1852 and 1856; the Democratic convention of 1852 held in Baltimore, Md.; the ...
    • Contributor: Buchanan, James - Johnston, Harriet Lane
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    al-ʻIqd al-thamīn fīmā yataʻallaqu bi-al-mawāzīn
    العقد الثمين في ما يتعلق بالموازين / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Ms. Arabic. Purchase of Mahmud al-Mansuri, 1945. The colophon (fol. 42b) says that this manuscript was copied from a manuscript written in 1194 H [1780], which itself was copied from a manuscript written by the author himself. Paper: Cream, with watermarks, in good condition. Title page in black ink; rest of text in black with some red ink; marginal notes and calculations in various ...
    • Contributor: Jabartī, Ḥasan Ibn Ibrāhīm - Manṣūrī, Maḥmūd Al-Imām - Mansuri Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1854
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    John J. Sirica papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, drafts of articles and books, speeches, notes, research materials, calendars, case files, bench books, financial and legal material, family papers, printed matter, and other papers pertaining chiefly to Sirica's career as judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, especially to cases relating to the Watergate affair. Includes drafts of and other papers concerning Sirica's book To Set the ...
    • Contributor: Sirica, John J.
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    Nathaniel Prentiss Banks papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence (1860-1880), and diaries and notebooks, letterbooks, military papers, speeches and writings, scrapbooks, clippings, printed matter, and miscellany relating chiefly to Banks's political career in the House of Representatives and to his service as an army officer during the Civil War. Includes papers on the Kansas territorial question, the assault on Charles Sumner, and the establishment of the Republican Party. Civil War topics include ...
    • Contributor: Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss
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    James "Super Chikan" Johnson and Richard Christman James "Super Chikan" Johnson and Richard Christman perform blues guitar from Mississippi, another in the Homegrown Concert Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center.
    • Contributor: Johnson , James "super Chikan" - Super Chikan - Morrisey, Larry - Daddy Rich - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress) - John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.). Millennium Stage
    • Date: 2006-05-23
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    United States Naval Observatory records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Official correspondence and administrative records of offices of the Observatory, located in Washington, D.C., including those of the Superintendent, Nautical Almanac, Librarian, and the Superintendent of Compasses and Instruments, concerning the various activities of the observatory and tracing its development from its origin in the Depot of Charts and Instruments, U.S. Navy Dept. Subjects include astronomical observations and computations; experiments to measure the velocity ...
    • Contributor: United States Naval Observatory
  • Collection
    Jesse W. Fell papers, 1806-1965 Editor, educator, and lawyer. Correspondence, speeches and writings, Fell's autobiography and other biographical material, genealogical material, land grants, ledger, clippings, scrapbooks, maps, lithographs, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Fell's pursuits as a newspaper editor, educator, lawyer, and Quaker in Illinois, including also family correspondence pertaining to Abraham Lincoln's autobiography.
    • Contributor: Fell, Jesse W.
    • Date: 1806
  • Collection
    Myrtilla Miner papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, school essays, notes, clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating to the Normal School for Colored Girls (Washington, D.C.), the Civil War, feminism, slavery, and spiritualism. Includes an unfinished biography of Miner written by Lester Grosvenor Wells and correspondence of Achsa Miner and other Miner (Minor) family members. Other correspondents include William H. Beecher, Walpole Cecil, Samuel Rhoads, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth, ...
    • Contributor: Miner, Myrtilla
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    Paul J. Pelz papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, reports, testimonials, printed matter, pictorial representations of buildings, drawings, photographs, and other papers relating to the planning and construction of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building and other buildings. Documents the claims of Pelz and John L. Smithmeyer against the federal government for architectural fees for the Library. Includes material concerning Pelz's investment in the Honduras Aurora Mining Company and other Latin ...
    • Contributor: Pelz, Paul J. - Library of Congress
  • Collection
    Simons family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries and diary notes (1918-1922), receipts, subject files, programs, printed matter, and clippings comprising the papers (1902-1940) of William H. Simons. The papers document Simons's career as secretary of the international committee of the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) in Burma, East Africa, and India and as a Baptist missionary teacher in Nigeria. Topics include racial and social conditions in Durban, South Africa; ...
    • Contributor: Curtis, Joseph O. - Garrett, Naomi Mills - Simons, Alfred E. - Simons, William H.
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    John Aldrich Stephenson collection of the Hand, Fiske, and Aldrich families papers, 1745-1966 Correspondence, diaries, journals, travel diaries, manuscripts of sermons, poems, essays, and other writings, business and financial records, printed works, biographical and genealogical materials, drawings and reproductions of paintings and photographs, and other papers collected by Stephenson relating to the Hand, Fiske, and Aldrich families.
    • Date: 1745
  • Collection
    The Capital Pool Checkers Club: Tradition, Competition & Community in Washington DC Ethnographic photographer Peggy Fleming spent three years photographing and interviewing the members of Washington's Capital Pool Checkers Club. Her resulting study, "Crown Me!" (2010), documents more than an interesting recreational club: it highlights a special place in the urban landscape where a group of men come together to share their personal memories, recall the history of their beloved city and create community. Fleming is ...
    • Contributor: Fleming, Peggy - Jackson, Maurice - Capital Pool Checkers Club (Washington, D.C.) - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2011-03-18
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    Rowland Evans papers, 1946-2001 Journalist and author. Correspondence, notebooks, interviews, drafts, transcripts, articles and other writings, research and reference material, subject files, printed matter, and miscellaneous items relating to Evans’s career as a journalist and political commentator.
    • Contributor: Evans, Rowland
    • Date: 1946
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Conversation with 18 year old black male, Washington, DC (Transcript)
    • Contributor: Fasold, Ralph W. - Thompson, Alfred
    • Date: 1968-04-18

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    Mabel Walker Willebrandt papers, 1881-1978 Lawyer and public official. Correspondence, speeches, writings, family papers, and printed materials relating primarily to Willebrandt’s service as assistant attorney general under Presidents Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge.
    • Contributor: Willebrandt, Mabel Walker
    • Date: 1881
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    Andrew Jackson Donelson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, journals, draft messages of Andrew Jackson, diplomatic papers, news clippings, scrapbook, sketches, photographs, and other papers pertaining to Donelson's service as Andrew Jackson's aide-de-camp (1820-1822) and presidential secretary (1829-1837), charge d'affaires to Texas (1844-1845), U.S. minister to Prussia (1846-1849), editor of the Washington Union (1851-1852), and vice-presidential candidate (1856). Subjects include the Nullification Crisis, 1828-1832; national economic policy; the move to recharter the ...
    • Contributor: Donelson, Andrew Jackson - Burke, Pauline Wilcox - Donelson, Emily Tennessee - Martin, James Glasgow - Randolph, Meriwether Lewis - Wilcox, Mary Emily Donelson - United States. Constitution
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    Francis Lewis Cardozo family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, genealogical material, certificates, commissions, degrees, notes, typescript of a novel, and other papers of the Cardozo family, a prominent African American and Jewish family of South Carolina and Washington, D.C. Relates primarily to Francis Lewis Cardozo's career in education and politics and to his ancestry.
    • Contributor: Cardozo, Francis Lewis