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    Kitāb-i Tārīkh-i ʻĀlamʹāra.
    كتاب تاريخ عالم‌آرا. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    History of Shāh ʻAbbas of the Safavid dynasty and his predecessors.
    • Contributor: Iskandar Munsh
    • Date: 1812
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    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-1999 Civil rights organization. Records of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People consisting of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, itineraries, biographical material, speeches, testimony, writings, annual convention files, legal case files, legislation, publications, resolutions, policy statements, constitutions, bylaws, charters, contracts, proposals, scripts, financial records, publicity files, manuals, handbooks, music, awards, certificates, directories, subject files, daily mail sheets, notes, lists, questionnaires and surveys, certificates, ...
    • Contributor: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    • Date: 1842
  • Collection
    Henry A. Willard II collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Series I, chiefly 1820-1840, the Bradley-Willard family papers consists primarily of financial records concerning business dealings in Westminster, Vt., and Washington, D.C. Family correspondents include Stephen Row Bradley, Revolutionary War officer and U.S. representative from Vermont; his son, William Czar Bradley, lawyer and U.S. representative from Vermont; and William's father-in-law, Mark Richards, merchant and U.S. representative from Vermont. Series II, chiefly 1820-1840, the Henry ...
    • Contributor: Willard, Henry A. (Henry Augustus) - Bradley, Stephen Row - Bradley, William Czar - Richards, Mark
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    Hayes, Hollister, and Kelman families papers, 1826-2012 Correspondence, diaries, memoirs, lectures and sermons, genealogical material, and printed matter pertaining chiefly to members of the Hayes family and their careers as Presbyterian missionaries in China. Includes papers of Margaret Hayes Hollister; her parents, John David Hayes and Barbara Monteath Kelman Hayes; her paternal grandparents, W. M. Hayes and Margaret Young Hayes; her maternal grandfather, John Kelman; and her paternal great-grandfather, David Hayes.
    • Date: 1826
  • Collection
    Lucian Barbour papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries, financial papers, photographs, printed matter, and miscellany. Consists primarily of family correspondence relating to domestic affairs and life in Indianapolis, Ind., and Barbour's service in the 34th Congress. Also includes letters to his daughter from Civil War soldiers, an account by Mrs. William Watson Wicks of an interview with Martin Van Buren and White House social events, and an 1872 diary kept ...
    • Contributor: Barbour, Lucian
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    Richard Rush papers, 1805-1852 Lawyer and statesman. Correspondence, diary, notes, writings, and engraved portraits relating primarily to Rush’s duties as attorney general, secretary of state, minister to Great Britain, and secretary of the treasury, and legal documents concerning a loan from the Netherlands he arranged to finance the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company in and near the District of Columbia.
    • Contributor: Rush, Richard
    • Date: 1805
  • Collection
    Anna Maria Brodeau Thornton papers, Seven bound volumes containing diaries, journals, essays, log of household visitors, daily log of activities, household accounts, silhouettes of unidentified people, and other papers primarily describing social life in Washington, D.C., with extensive detail about housekeeping and expense matters. There are gaps in the diaries, with a major one occurring during the years 1816-1827. Includes entries relating to the schedule and work of Thornton's ...
    • Contributor: Thornton, Anna Maria Brodeau
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    Joseph Hopper Nicholson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence and other papers relating chiefly to Nicholson's service as U.S. representative from Maryland and judge of the U.S. Circuit Court and U.S. Court of Appeals. Subjects include congressional affairs; investigations of federal departments, navy yards, and naval expenditures; elections and political affairs; impeachment of Samuel Chase, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; capture of Washington, D.C., by the British in 1814; finance ...
    • Contributor: Nicholson, Joseph Hopper
  • Collection
    Blair & Rives records, 1821-1905 Publishing firm. Correspondence, speeches, business records, and printed matter relating to the firm founded by Francis P. Blair and John C. Rives and its publications, including the Globe and the Congressional Globe, concurrent Washington, D.C., newspapers.
    • Contributor: Blair & Rives
    • Date: 1815
  • Collection
    W.B. Bryan notes and newspaper extracts, 1789-1888 Historian and author. Notes and extracts of newspapers, many published in the District of Columbia, concerning the history of the city of Washington, D.C.
    • Contributor: Bryan, W. (Wilhelmus Bogart) - Bryan, W.
    • Date: 1789
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    Andrew Jackson Donelson papers, 1779-1943 Lawyer, editor, army officer, diplomat, and presidential secretary. Correspondence, journals, draft messages of Andrew Jackson, diplomatic papers, newsclippings, scrapbook, sketches, photos, and other papers covering Donelson's career as aide-de-camp and secretary to Andrew Jackson, charge d'affaires to Texas, minister to Prussia, editor of the Washington Union, and candidate for vice president. Includes papers of Donelson's wife, Emily Tennessee Donelson, daughter, Mary Emily Donelson, and ...
    • Contributor: Donelson, Andrew Jackson - Burke, Pauline Wilcox - Donelson, Emily Tennessee - Martin, James Glasgow - Randolph, Meriwether Lewis - Wilcox, Mary Emily Donelson
    • Date: 1779
  • Collection
    Samuel Dash papers, 1748-2004 Lawyer, educator, and author. Correspondence, memoranda, legal material and opinions, writings, speeches, engagement file, teaching file, organization and committee file, clippings, photographs, appointment calendars, and other papers relating primarily to Dash's legal career after 1964, and more particularly his role in governmental investigations.
    • Contributor: Dash, Samuel
    • Date: 1748
  • Collection
    William Henry Richards papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, legal files, financial files, printed matter, clippings, and other papers relating to Richards's career as an African American lawyer in Washington, D.C., and professor of law at Howard University, Washington, D.C. Documents his work with the Bethel Literary and Historical Association of Washington, D.C., and the Niagara Movement; his real estate holdings in Minnesota, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C.; and his friendship with suffragist ...
    • Contributor: Richards, William Henry
  • Collection
    Irving R. Levine papers, 1930-1995 Journalist and news commentator. Correspondence, memoranda, notebooks and notes, transcripts of interviews, radio and television scripts, news commentaries, articles, speeches, book drafts, background and research material, and other papers documenting Levine's career as a broadcast journalist and news commentator.
    • Contributor: Levine, Irving R.
    • Date: 1930
  • Collection
    Almon Ferdinand Rockwell papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries, journals, reports, and other papers relating principally to the presidential administration and assassination of James A. Garfield. Correspondence with Garfield relates to their friendship, investments in the Silver King Mining Company, controversy over the resignation of New York senator Roscoe Conkling, and Garfield's appointment of Rockwell as superintendent of public buildings in Washington, D.C. Rockwell's diaries describe his Civil War service as ...
    • Contributor: Rockwell, Almon Ferdinand
  • Collection
    David Ginsburg papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, speeches, writings, reports, research material, legal material, legislative files, political campaign material, biographical material, press releases, newspaper clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Ginsburg's legal career, involvement with civil rights, and the recovery of German assets after World War II. Documents his service as deputy director of the Economics Division of the Office of Military Government with the ...
    • Contributor: Ginsburg, David
  • Collection
    William Wirt papers, 1802-1858 Lawyer, politician, U. S. attorney general, and biographer. Correspondence, writings, and printed matter pertaining to Wirt’s family and career as a lawyer, politician, and author.
    • Contributor: Wirt, William
    • Date: 1802
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    W.B. Bryan notes and newspaper extracts, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Handwritten notes along with extracts from newspapers, many published in the District of Columbia, relating to Washington, D.C., compiled by Bryan while researching his two-volume work, A history of the national capital from its foundation through the period of the adoption of the organic act (1914-1916).
    • Contributor: Bryan, W. (Wilhelmus Bogart)
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    Joseph Meredith Toner collection of manuscripts, 1741-1896 Physician, author and collector. Correspondence, diary, notes, lists, bibliographical material, printed matter, and other papers reflecting primarily the personal and professional life of Toner, the history and practice of medicine in the United States, and the life and times of George Washington.
    • Contributor: Toner, Joseph M. (Joseph Meredith) - Toner, Joseph M.
    • Date: 1741
  • Collection
    Nathaniel Prentiss Banks papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence (1860-1880), and diaries and notebooks, letterbooks, military papers, speeches and writings, scrapbooks, clippings, printed matter, and miscellany relating chiefly to Banks's political career in the House of Representatives and to his service as an army officer during the Civil War. Includes papers on the Kansas territorial question, the assault on Charles Sumner, and the establishment of the Republican Party. Civil War topics include ...
    • Contributor: Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss
  • Collection
    Bryson B. Rash papers, 1918-1992 Journalist. Correspondence, speeches, broadcast scripts, book draft, biographical material, news clippings, and photographs documenting Rash's career in broadcast journalism.
    • Contributor: Rash, Bryson
    • Date: 1918
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    Rowland Evans papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, notebooks, interviews, drafts, transcripts, articles and other writings, research and reference material, subject files, printed matter, and other papers relating to Evans's career as a journalist and political commentator. Includes material relating to his years as a reporter with the New York Herald Tribune and his partnership with Robert D. Novak writing the newspaper column Inside Report, hosting their program of political commentary ...
    • Contributor: Evans, Rowland - Novak, Robert D.
  • Collection
    George Watterston papers, 1809-1866 Lawyer, editor, and Librarian of Congress. Correspondence, memorandum books, miscellaneous writings, and legal documents pertaining mainly to Watterston’s duties as Librarian of Congress and his life and activities in Washington, D.C.
    • Contributor: Watterston, George
    • Date: 1809
  • Collection
    United States. Department of the Treasury records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Chiefly accounting records but also correspondence, letterbooks, circulars, daybooks, digest of laws, reports, indexes, newspapers, printed material, and other records produced by various offices of the U.S. Department of the Treasury reflecting a portion of the activities of the department. Subjects include military pay and pensions from the American Revolution and War of 1812, the Civil War, customs collection, property assessment in Washington, D.C. ...
    • Contributor: United States. Department of the Treasury - United States. Board of Treasury - United States. Comptroller of the Treasury - United States. Department of the Treasury. First Auditor's Office - United States. Department of the Treasury. Office of the Fifth Auditor - United States. Department of the Treasury. Office of the Third Auditor - United States. Division of Customs - United States. Office of Commissary General of Prisoners
  • Collection
    José Ignacio Rodríguez papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence; legal records; notes, drafts, and other literary papers; newspaper clippings; and other papers relating to Rodriguez's career as an author and lawyer. Documents his work involving Latin American claims commissions and governments and his writings on Latin American history. Includes material pertaining to claims against the governments of Cuba and the Dominican Republic; cases before various Spanish and American Claims commissions, the French ...
    • Contributor: Rodríguez, José Ignacio - Mestre, José Manuel - Junta (New York, N.Y.) - Real Sociedad Económica De Amigos Del País (Cuba)