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    Kunnāsh al-Manṣūrī
    كناش المنصوري | Maqālāt al-Manṣūrī Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a well-known medical encyclopedia in 10 chapters, covering diseases of various organs and their treatment as well as a description of anatomy and physiology.
    • Contributor: Rāzī, Abū Bakr Muḥammad Ibn Zakarīy
    • Date: 14??
  • Book/Printed Material
    Suwar al
    سور الكواكب.
    Text is an excellent authority on Arabic names for the stars and constellations; includes depictions of celestial constellations. Persian note before beginning of text claims that this book written in 820 H [1417], but the note probably dates from the 18th century when the book was rebound.
    • Contributor: Ṣūfī, ʻabd Al-Raḥmān Ibn ʻumar
    • Date: 1417

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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [L'informacion des roys et des princes] : Liure quart.
    Livre de l'information des princes | Information des princes Catalog Record Only
    Ms. Sixteen leaves (in portfolio) detached from a de luxe ms. copy of what is thought to be the mid-14th cent. translation by Jean Golein of De informatione principum, a work in four books by an anonymous Dominican. The fourth book, here incompletely (cf. Contents below) preserved, concerns justice. In late Old French (archaic orthography copied by scribe from older ms.?); the numerous Latin ...
    • Date: 1400
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Larbre des batailles : autreme[n]t dit Larbre de douleur.
    Larbre de douleur | Arbre de douleur Catalog Record Only
    Ms. Title from explicit. Prefatory text (leaf 1a) begins: Ce liure est deuise en quatre parties ... Text of the work begins (leaf 7a): La saincte couronne de france, en laquelle aujourd'huy ... Differs from other mss. in having only 17 chapters in book 2 and 137 in book 4; numerous variant readings. One large col. ill. on leaf 7a; coat of arms on ...
    • Contributor: Bonet, Honoré
    • Date: 1400
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Portolano. Catalog Record Only Ms. Title from spine of modern binding. Caption on p. [1] reads: Al nome sia de dio e dela [ver]gene maria 1499 ad primo auosto / chomposto p[er] me nic[ol]o Stolfo. Written in the Venetian dialect in a mercantile cursive hand. Although the author indicates in his caption that he composed the work in 1499, his concluding text on p. [175] relates to Aug. ...
    • Contributor: Stolfo, Nicolo
    • Date: 1499
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Benedictine rule for nuns in Middle English ; a Middle English version of the Gospel of Nicodemus ; an anonymous Middle English exposition of the Apostles' Creed.] Catalog Record Only Ms. codex. Middle English; some Latin. Title and description derived from the full description in Library of Congress. Medieval and Renaissance manuscript books in the Library of Congress, v. 2, p. 143-154, by Svato Schutzner. Three scribes: scribes 1 and 2 use an old-fashioned vertical Gothic; scribe 3 uses a small anglicana currens with thorn. Decoration (on fol. 1-63 only): blue display-type letters, blue ...
    • Contributor: Benedict - Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1400
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [De officiis ; De inventione rhetorica ; Partitiones oratoriae]. Catalog Record Only Ms. Titles supplied by cataloger based on actual contents. On spine: Cicero. Ms. membran. Dated to mid-15th century on paleographical grounds. Former owners: (Isaac?) Grant (inscribed with date 1771); Sir Thomas Phillipps (Phillipps ms. 3941); Geo. Webber (inscribed); Albert May Todd (his ex libris). Purchased by LC from Central Book Co., New York; accessioned Feb. 9, 1942 (LL 627895. Written in roman humanistic script, ...
    • Contributor: Cicero, Marcus Tullius
    • Date: 1450