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  • Collection

    Berta Bornstein papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, lectures, writings, drafts of scientific papers, reports, notes, patient case files, psychological test results, clinical observations and diagnoses, stories and drawings by patients, bulletins, course and student evaluations, seminar discussion files, and other papers documenting Bornstein's career as one of the first Freudian child psychoanalysts practicing in the United States. Includes material on her affiliations with the Community Service Society, Council ...

    • Contributor: Bornstein, Berta
  • Collection

    Donald R. Richberg papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, speeches, writings, interviews, subject files, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Richberg's service during the New Deal era including his work as adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in formulating the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933, general counsel and chairman of the U.S. National Recovery Administration, and executive director of the National Emergency Council (U.S.). Includes material pertaining to ...

    • Contributor: Richberg, Donald R. (donald Randall)
  • Collection

    Katharine McCook Knox papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, index to correspondence, research material on artists and art collections, genealogical notes, clippings, printed matter, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Knox's research and writing on the Sharples family of British portraitists and their work in colonial America; G.P.A. Healy, his portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and its use on a postage stamp issued on the sesquicentennial of Lincoln's birth; and the history ...

    • Contributor: Knox, Katharine McCook
  • Collection

    Bryson B. Rash papers, 1918-1992

    Journalist. Correspondence, speeches, broadcast scripts, book draft, biographical material, news clippings, and photographs documenting Rash's career in broadcast journalism.

    • Contributor: Rash, Bryson
    • Date: 1918
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Kitāb al-fawāʼid fī maʻrifat ʻilm al-baḥr wa-al-qawāʻid. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Ibn Majid was an expert on the navigation of the Indian Ocean and it is believed that Vasco da Gama consulted him with regard to the route to India. The text covers all aspects of the navigation of the Indian Ocean, including routes, harbors, and landfalls.

    • Contributor: Aḥmad Ibn Mājid Al-Saʻd
  • Collection

    John Aldrich Stephenson collection of the Hand, Fiske, and Aldrich families papers, 1745-1966

    Correspondence, diaries, journals, travel diaries, manuscripts of sermons, poems, essays, and other writings, business and financial records, printed works, biographical and genealogical materials, drawings and reproductions of paintings and photographs, and other papers collected by Stephenson relating to the Hand, Fiske, and Aldrich families.

    • Date: 1745
  • Collection

    Lee Lawrie papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    General and family correspondence, sculpture commission files, biographical file, and other papers documenting Lawrie's career as a sculptor whose works were an integral part of public buildings, monuments, and churches throughout the United States. Includes correspondence between Lawrie and architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue with whom he collaborated on sculptures for St. Thomas' Church and Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York, N.Y., and material ...

    • Contributor: Lawrie, Lee
  • Collection

    Elihu Root papers, 1863-1937

    United States secretary of state, secretary of war, United States senator from New York, and statesman. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, notes, reports, subject files, financial papers, calendar and appointment books, invitations, and printed materials relating to Root's career as a lawyer and statesman.

    • Contributor: Root, Elihu
    • Date: 1863
  • Collection

    Pinkerton's National Detective Agency records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, diaries, essays and other writings, reports, notes, police and prison records, code books, criminal rosters, exhibition texts, legal documents, biographical and genealogical records, procedural guidelines and training manuals, financial records, card indexes, photographs, reward notices, wanted posters, illustrations, maps, and other records chiefly documenting the work of the private detective agency for clients in business and industry. Includes papers of Pinkerton family members ...

    • Contributor: Pinkerton's National Detective Agency - Bangs, George H. - Pinkerton, Allan - Pinkerton, Robert A. - Pinkerton, Robert A. (robert Allan) - Pinkerton, William A. (william Allan)
  • Collection

    Henry L. Dawes papers, 1833-1933

    United States representative and senator from Massachusetts. Correspondence, memoranda, letterbooks, diaries, speeches, reports, notebooks, biographical material, family papers, photographs, citations, congressional commissions, scrapbooks, clippings, printed matter, and an incomplete biography of Dawes by his daughter, Anna Laurens Dawes. The collection documents mainly Dawes's career as a federal legislator and his work on issues relating to the American Indian, including his tenure as chairman of ...

    • Contributor: Dawes, Henry L. (henry Laurens) - Dawes, Henry L.
    • Date: 1833
  • Collection

    Charles J. Bonaparte papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, articles, notes, personal miscellany, legal records, biographical material, clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating to Bonaparte's service as U.S. attorney general and U.S. secretary of the navy during Theodore Roosevelt's presidential administration and to the Progressive Party and Republican Party. Subjects include civic, charitable, and political affairs in Baltimore and Maryland. Documents his work with Catholic University of America, Washington, ...

    • Contributor: Bonaparte, Charles J. (charles Joseph)
  • Collection

    Mabel Walker Willebrandt papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, speeches, writings, family papers, and printed matter relating primarily to Willebrandt's service as U.S. assistant attorney general under Presidents Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Correspondence includes letters to Willebrandt's parents and pertains chiefly to social and political life in Washington, her efforts as an enforcer of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Republican Party politics, and the issue and role of ...

    • Contributor: Willebrandt, Mabel Walker
  • Collection

    Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit. Oral History Project oral history interviews, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Transcripts of oral history interviews documenting the history of the circuit, containing biographical information and discussions of the judicial process, history of the circuit, evolution of significant cases, and the role of law clerks. Includes interviews with judges, judges' spouses, lawyers, and court staff associated with the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Columbia. Interviewees include Robert S. Bennett, Robert H. Bork, James ...

    • Contributor: Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit. Oral History Project
  • Collection

    Harlan Fiske Stone papers, 1889-1953

    Attorney general, associate and chief justice of the Supreme Court, and educator. Professional and family correspondence, writings, reports, legal case files, biographical information, and other material relating primarily to Stone's service on the Supreme Court.

    • Contributor: Stone, Harlan Fiske
    • Date: 1889
  • Collection

    National Society of Arts and Letters records, 1944-1987

    Nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the support of young artists in the performing, literary, and visual arts. Correspondence; minutes of meetings; copies of the society's publications, The Record of the National Society of Arts and Letters and the Year Book and Roster; programs; clippings; printed matter; scrapbooks; photographs; and other records relating primarily to the society's program of awards and scholarships promoting careers in ...

    • Contributor: National Society of Arts and Letters (u.s.)
    • Date: 1944
  • Collection

    Rowland Evans papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, notebooks, interviews, drafts, transcripts, articles and other writings, research and reference material, subject files, printed matter, and other papers relating to Evans's career as a journalist and political commentator. Includes material relating to his partnership with Robert D. Novak writing the newspaper column Inside Report, hosting their program of political commentary on CNN television, and work as contributing editors for Reader's Digest. Subjects ...

    • Contributor: Evans, Rowland
  • Collection

    Henry A. Willard II collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Series I, chiefly 1820-1840, the Bradley-Willard family papers consists primarily of financial records concerning business dealings in Westminster, Vt., and Washington, D.C. Family correspondents include Stephen Row Bradley, Revolutionary War officer and U.S. representative from Vermont; his son, William Czar Bradley, lawyer and U.S. representative from Vermont; and William's father-in-law, Mark Richards, merchant and U.S. representative from Vermont. Series II, chiefly 1820-1840, the Henry ...

    • Contributor: Willard, Henry A. (henry Augustus) - Bradley, Stephen Row - Bradley, William Czar - Richards, Mark
  • Collection

    Donald R. Richberg papers, 1900-1960

    Lawyer, author, and public official. Correspondence, writings, subject files, and miscellaneous material relating to Richberg’s writings and the period of the New Deal while Richberg was general counsel of the National Recovery Administration and executive director of the National Emergency Council.

    • Contributor: Richberg, Donald R. (donald Randall) - Richberg, Donald R.
    • Date: 1900
  • Collection

    Joseph Alsop and Stewart Alsop papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, writings, interviews, notes, subject files, office files, financial papers, family papers, clippings, printed material, and other papers relating primarily to Joseph Alsop's family and personal life; acquaintance with prominent politicians, public figures, writers, and scholars; work as a journalist, especially as New York Herald Tribune staff writer (1932-1937) and as syndicated columnist of the "The Capital Parade" (1937-1940); World War II experiences in ...

    • Contributor: Alsop, Joseph - Alsop, Stewart
  • Collection

    Mary Church Terrell papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, diaries, speeches, writings, clippings, printed matter, and other papers focusing primarily on Terrell's career as an advocate of women's rights and equal treatment for African Americans. Subjects include women's suffrage; Equal Rights Amendment; education and suffrage for African Americans; desegregation in the District of Columbia; lynching and peonage conditions in the South; progressivism; the campaigns of Presidents Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, and ...

    • Contributor: Terrell, Mary Church
  • Collection

    William Smith Culbertson papers, 1897-1965

    Diplomat, lawyer and professor of law. Correspondence, diaries, lecture notes, government documents, writings, memoranda, and scrapbooks relating to Culbertson's career as vice chairman of the U.S. Tariff Commission, minister to Romania, ambassador to Chile, chief of the military intelligence service in the War Department, member of the Planning Group of the Office of Strategic Services, and other duties during World War II. Includes papers ...

    • Contributor: Culbertson, William Smith
    • Date: 1897
  • Collection

    Harold H. Burton papers, 1792-1965

    Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court and United States senator. Diaries, correspondence, legal case files, speeches and writings, reports, photographs, maps, printed matter, and newspaper clippings pertaining primarily to Burton's activities as an associate justice of the Supreme Court and Senator.

    • Contributor: Burton, Harold H. (harold Hitz) - Burton, Harold H.
    • Date: 1792
  • Collection

    Myrtilla Miner papers, 1825-1960

    Educator. Correspondence, school essays, notes, clippings, printed matter, an unfinished biography of Miner by Lester Grosvenor Wells, and other papers relating to the Normal School for Colored Girls in Washington, D.C., slavery, the Civil War, feminism, and spiritualism.

    • Contributor: Miner, Myrtilla
    • Date: 1825
  • Collection

    John J. Sirica papers, 1932-1986

    Jurist and lawyer. Correspondence, memoranda, drafts of articles and books, speeches, notes, research materials calendars, case files, bench books, financial and legal material, family papers, printed material, and other papers pertaining chiefly to Sirica's career as judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, especially to cases relating to the Watergate affair.

    • Contributor: Sirica, John J.
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection

    Constance McLaughlin Green papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, drafts, galleys, and page proofs of writings, notes, printed and near-print material, clippings, speeches, and other papers relating primarily to Green's research on the history of Washington, D.C., and the publication of her two-volume Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Washington (1962-1963). Documents social life and conditions, economic policies, racial attitudes, legal standards, and politics in Washington, D.C., during the 19th and 20th centuries. Also includes ...

    • Contributor: Green, Constance McLaughlin