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    James K. Polk papers, Correspondence, presidential letterbooks, diaries, speeches and messages, account and memorandum books, family papers, financial and legal records, printed matter, portraits, and other papers relating chiefly to Polk's political career in Tennessee and on the national level. Documents struggles during the Jackson administration over the Bank of the United States, nullification, and internal improvements as well as the annexation of Texas, war with Mexico, the...
    • Contributor: Polk, James K. (James Knox) - Polk, Sarah Childress
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    Edward Jablonski papers, 1942-2003 Edward Jablonski (1922-2004) was an author and biographer of American songwriters Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and Alan Jay Lerner. The collection includes drafts, project files, articles, liner notes, research materials, business papers and correspondence related to his literary projects.
    • Contributor: Jablonski, Edward
    • Date: 1942
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    William Walden Rubey papers, 1920-1974 Geologist and educator. Correspondence, memoranda, manuscripts of articles, book reviews, speeches, reports, research notes, press releases, printed materials, maps, illustrations, and other papers pertaining primarily to Rubey's career with the United States Geological Survey, as consultant on geological projects, and as member of professional, scientific, and educational organizations.
    • Contributor: Rubey, William Walden
    • Date: 1920
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    James Monroe papers, Correspondence relating primarily to negotiations for the Louisiana Purchase, the Monroe-Pinkney treaty with Great Britain (1807), the War of 1812, the purchase of Florida, South American independence, and Virginia politics; diary (1825 Feb.); account book containing memoranda and official and personal accounts (1794-1802); and other papers. Correspondents include John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Armstrong, Joel Barlow, William Benton, James Bowdoin, John C. Calhoun,...
    • Contributor: Monroe, James
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    Wilbur Underwood papers, 1895-1969 Poet. Family and general correspondence, subject files, writings and poems by Underwood, notebook, journal, and miscellaneous printed and illustrative matter.
    • Contributor: Underwood, Wilbur
    • Date: 1895
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    Charles Samuel Joelson papers, 1944-1969 U.S. representative from New Jersey, lawyer, and judge in the Superior Court of New Jersey. Correspondence, speeches, legislative files, project files, press releases, and other papers relating mainly to Joelson's service as U.S. representative from New Jersey.
    • Contributor: Joelson, Charles Samuel
    • Date: 1944
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    Citizens' Joint Committee on National Representation for the District of Columbia records, 1926-1961 Organization that lobbied for the passage of the Twenty-third Amendment to the Constitution allowing the citizens of the District of Columbia to vote in presidential elections. Correspondence with members of Congress, records of congressional hearings, publicity materials, lists of local groups backing the Twenty-third Amendment, and a file by state showing contacts made by the committee with leaders of the various state legislatures.
    • Contributor: Citizens' Joint Committee on National Representation for the District of Columbia
    • Date: 1926
  • Collection
    Rhode Island General Assembly records, 1653-1747 Minutes, acts, and proceedings of Rhode Island's colonial legislature sitting in various towns.
    • Contributor: Rhode Island. General Assembly
    • Date: 1653
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    J. Thomas Schneider papers, 1915-1960 Army officer, government official, and lawyer. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, treaties, writings, maps, and other papers relating chiefly to Schneider's service as personal aide to Gen. John J. Pershing, commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during and after World War I.
    • Contributor: Schneider, J. Thomas (John Thomas) - Schneider, J. Thomas
    • Date: 1915
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    Ernst Bacon collection, 1907-1990 Ernst Bacon was an American composer, pianist, and conductor. The collection contains music, writings, correspondence, iconography, programs, clippings, publicity materials, and other miscellaneous items.
    • Contributor: Bacon, Ernst
    • Date: 1907
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    U.S. Congress. Senate. Historical Office oral history interviews, 1976-2003 Transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by the Senate Historical Office with members and employees of the United States Senate.
    • Contributor: United States. Congress. Senate. Historical Office
    • Date: 1976
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    John H. Wheeler papers, 1825-1882 Historian, diplomat, and public official. Diaries, correspondence, writings, and scrapbooks relating to Wheeler’s career and social activities.
    • Contributor: Wheeler, John H. (John Hill) - Wheeler, John H.
    • Date: 1825
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    Paul Field Sifton and Claire Sifton papers, 1912-1980 Paul Field Sifton, playwright, government official, and Claire Sifton, editor and author. Correspondence, diaries, writings, subject files, family papers, printed matter, and miscellany relating to the Siftons' literary, labor, and governmental careers.
    • Contributor: Sifton, Paul Field
    • Date: 1912
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    Katherine Anne Porter papers, 1935-1974 Journalist, author, and political activist. Correspondence chiefly from Porter to Marcelle Sibon, Porter's French translator, along with other papers relating to Porter's personal and private affairs, her work as an author, and literary topics in general.
    • Contributor: Porter, Katherine Anne
    • Date: 1935
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    San José de Queréndaro Hacienda records, 1543-1922 Bound volumes of files kept by the Jesuits, original owners of the hacienda. Subjects include the acquisition and sale of land, ownership disputes, water rights, rental of property, agricultural production, livestock and livestock brands, and relations with the Indians of Mexico. Also includes correspondence and fiscal accounts with the local railroad company
    • Date: 1543
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    Thomas Capek collection of materials relating to Czechoslovakia and Czech Americans, 1619-1953 Correspondence, memoranda, journals, writings, printed matter, maps, photographs, and other papers assembled during Capek's research on the immigration, organizations, institutions, and activities of Czech Americans. Also includes material concerning Czechoslovakia, Czechs in Great Britain, Slavic Americans, and Slovak Americans.
    • Contributor: Capek, Thomas
    • Date: 1619
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    Dexter Gordon collection, circa 1940-1996 Dexter Gordon was an American jazz tenor saxophonist, composer, and actor. The collection contains materials documenting his life and work, including biographical materials, correspondence, photographs, programs, clippings, business papers, scripts, awards, and honors. The collection also contains music composed by Gordon and others, including manuscript, holograph manuscript, printed, and photocopied scores, lead sheets, parts, and fragments of pieces. Many of the items are annotated.
    • Contributor: Gordon, Dexter
    • Date: 1940
  • Collection
    Caspar W. Weinberger papers, 1910-2005 United States secretary of defense, United States secretary of health, education, and welfare, California state legislator, lawyer, journalist, and business executive. Correspondence, legal and subject files, appointment books and daily schedules, diary notes and other jottings, family papers, financial material, interview transcripts, television scripts, newspaper columns, book and speech files, and legislative and political material relating to Weinberger's career in journalism and government.
    • Contributor: Weinberger, Caspar W.
    • Date: 1910
  • Collection
    Tilton C. Reynolds papers, Chiefly letters written by Reynolds to his mother, Juliana Smith Reynolds, during his service with the 105th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment that describe Civil War skirmishes in Virginia, military life, and morale of the soldiers. Also includes other letters to Juliana Smith Reynolds, diaries (1870, 1884, 1890) of Reynolds and his mother, financial and legal papers, notebook, writings, autograph album, newspaper clippings, printed matter, and...
    • Contributor: Reynolds, Tilton C. - Reynolds, Juliana Smith
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    Joseph Alsop and Stewart Alsop papers, 1699-1989 Authors and journalists. Correspondence, writings, interviews, notes, subject files, office files, financial papers, family papers, clippings, printed material, and other papers relating primarily to Joseph Alsop's family and personal life; acquaintance with prominent politicians, public figures, writers, and scholars; work as a journalist; World War II experiences in China; and research and writing as an art historian. Includes material relating to Joseph and Stewart...
    • Contributor: Alsop, Joseph
    • Date: 1699
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    Amory family papers, 1697-1882 Merchant trading and shipping family of Ireland, South Carolina, and Boston, Massachusetts. Letterbooks, correspondence, wills, a petition, financial papers, printed matter, and other material pertaining chiefly to Thomas Amory (1682-1728) and his grandson, Thomas Amory (1762-1823).
    • Date: 1697
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    John James Beckley family papers, 1789-1918 Librarian of Congress and clerk of the United States House of Representatives. Correspondence, memorandum books, autobiography, scrapbook, newspaper clipping, and other papers relating to John James Beckley and his son Alfred Beckley.
    • Contributor: Beckley, John James
    • Date: 1789
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    Clement F. Haynsworth papers, 1886-1989 Lawyer and judge. Correspondence, memoranda, reports, opinions, orders, briefs, writs, petitions, notes, agenda and minutes of meetings, and genealogical and printed material chiefly from Haynsworth's career as a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.
    • Contributor: Haynsworth, Clement F. (Clement Furman) - Haynsworth, Clement F.
    • Date: 1886
  • Collection
    Rosamond Pinchot papers, 1918-1955 Actress. Address book, correspondence, diary, photographs, printed matter, and scrapbooks relating to the life and acting career of Rosamond Pinchot.
    • Contributor: Pinchot, Rosamond
    • Date: 1918
  • Collection
    Gordon Parks papers, 1946-1991 Photographer, writer, filmmaker, and composer. Contracts, correspondence, financial records, production material, and scripts relating to Parks's books, films, speeches, and other writings.
    • Contributor: Parks, Gordon
    • Date: 1946