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    George M. Gould collection of Hearniana, 1877-1931 Physician and author. Correspondence, writings, and other material by and about Lafcadio Hearn collected by Gould.
    • Contributor: Gould, George M. (George Milbry) - Gould, George M.
    • Date: 1877
  • Collection
    Lawrence S. Kubie papers, 1916-1978 Physician, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches and writings, reports, notes, financial and legal papers, family papers, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating to Kubie's career in psychoanalysis.
    • Contributor: Kubie, Lawrence S. (Lawrence Schlesinger) - Kubie, Lawrence S.
    • Date: 1916
  • Collection
    Lynde Dupuy McCormick papers, 1909-1959 Naval officer. Correspondence, reports, notes, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, and miscellaneous printed matter relating primarily to McCormick's duty as Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, 1952-1954. Includes trip reports and subject files relating to the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
    • Contributor: McCormick, Lynde Dupuy
    • Date: 1909
  • Collection
    Robert H. Bork papers, 1924-1987 Lawyer, educator, and judge. Personal and official correspondence, lectures, legal briefs and opinions, legal case files, memoranda, speeches, writings, research notes, and other papers documenting Bork's career as a lawyer, legal scholar, professor of law, and federal appellate court judge.
    • Contributor: Bork, Robert H.
    • Date: 1924
  • Collection
    John Ericsson papers, 1821-1890 Engineer and inventor. Correspondence, writings, design specifications, articles, memoranda, technical notes, financial and legal papers, drawings, printed matter, and miscellany relating primarily to Ericsson's activities in marine engineering, especially his work on screw propellers and his design of the steamship Princeton and the ironclad Monitor. Includes correspondence of Ericsson's biographer, William C. Church.
    • Contributor: Ericsson, John
    • Date: 1821
  • Collection
    Lovering-Taylor family papers, 1727-1926 The Lovering-Taylor families of Boston, Mass.; New York, N.Y.; and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Correspondence, diaries, financial papers, business records, legal papers, biographical and genealogical material, clippings, printed material, and other papers chiefly of Joseph Taylor (1745(?)-1816), merchant and Loyalist, relating to business and trade during the Revolution, the Loyalist cause, mercantile insurance, and French spoliation claims. Other family members represented include William Taylor ...
    • Date: 1727
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    1994 Neptune Plaza Concert Series collection, 1994 Manuscript materials, sound recordings, photographs, and moving images documenting the performance of Tibetan sacred music and dance; Tamburitza music from the Balkan Peninsula; Iroquois music; African American rhythm and blues quartet singing; gospel brass band music; bluegrass music; and Cuban mambo music recorded live outdoors on Neptune Plaza in front of the Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, at concerts from April through September ...
    • Contributor: McLaughlin, David - Crowe, Josh - Cachao - Spottswood, Richard K. (Richard Keith)
    • Date: 1994
  • Collection
    Martha Dodd papers, 1898-1990 Author and political exile. Correspondence, writings, research materials, memoirs, genealogical material, newspaper clippings, and other papers relating to Dodd's experiences (1933-1937) in Berlin with her father, William Edward Dodd, American ambassador to Germany; her exile (1957-1990) with her husband, Alfred Kaufman Stern, in Cuba and Czechoslovakia following indictment for participation in Soviet espionage; and her writings on topics including the civil rights movement in ...
    • Contributor: Dodd, Martha
    • Date: 1898
  • Collection
    T.H. Gallaudet and Edward Miner Gallaudet papers, 1806-1958 Educators. Correspondence, diaries, journals, student papers, genealogical information, writings, printed matter, and miscellaneous material relating to the Gallaudets, father and son, and their founding roles in the education of the deaf.
    • Contributor: Gallaudet, T. H. (Thomas Hopkins) - Gallaudet, T. H.
    • Date: 1806
  • Collection
    Russell Wheeler Davenport papers, 1899-1980 Author, editor, and political activist. Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, writings, speeches, research material, political files, biographical material, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Davenport's career as a writer and editor with Fortune and Life magazines, his involvement with the Republican Party, his work with the Institute for Creative Research, New York, N.Y., his writings including The Dignity of Man (1955), his service in World ...
    • Contributor: Davenport, Russell W. (Russell Wheeler) - Davenport, Russell W.
    • Date: 1899
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Art Rosenbaum Georgia folklore collection, 1955-1983 Copies of audio tape recordings made by Art Rosenbaum in north and coastal Georgia and South Carolina principally in the 1970s and early 1980s. These field recordings encompass many genres of acoustic folk music, including gospel, shout, blues, ballads, and some interviews with the performers, recorded in homes, churches, and festivals.
    • Contributor: Rosenbaum, Art - Finster, Howard - Jones, Bessie - Heaney, Joe - Pattman, Neal - Tanner, Gordon - Bruce, W. Guy
    • Date: 1955
  • Collection
    Charles J. Bonaparte papers, 1760-1921 Lawyer, municipal and civil service reformer, and U.S. attorney general and secretary of the navy. Correspondence, articles, speeches, memoranda, notes, personal miscellany, legal records, biographical material, clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating mainly to Bonaparte's public service and political career.
    • Contributor: Bonaparte, Charles J. (Charles Joseph) - Bonaparte, Charles J.
    • Date: 1760
  • Collection
    Henry T. Allen papers, 1806-1933 Army officer. Correspondence, diaries, writings, reports, military documents, photographs, printed matter, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous material relating mainly to Allen's military career.
    • Contributor: Allen, Henry T. (Henry Tureman) - Allen, Henry T.
    • Date: 1806
  • Collection
    United States Capitol Historical Society oral history interviews, 1976-1991 Typewritten transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by Frank Van der Linden, mostly with members of Congress.
    • Contributor: United States Capitol Historical Society
    • Date: 1976
  • Collection
    B.F. Wade papers, 1832-1886 Lawyer, United States senator from Ohio, and Republican Party leader. Chiefly political correspondence relating to Wade’s career in the Senate as well as personal letters concerning his law practice and business. Includes printed speeches, maps, family letters, business records, and other material.
    • Contributor: Wade, F. (Benjamin Franklin) - Wade, F.
    • Date: 1832
  • Collection
    Edward N. Lorenz papers, circa 1895-2009 Meteorologist and mathematician. Correspondence, articles, scientific papers, computer printouts, computer graphics, book files, speeches and presentations, photographs, military records, subject files, printed matter, electronic files, and miscellaneous material documenting Lorenz's activities as a meteorology professor and discovery of deterministic chaos.
    • Contributor: Lorenz, Edward N.
    • Date: 1895
  • Collection
    Elizabeth Severn papers, 1880-1993 Psychotherapist, author, and psychoanalytic patient of Sándor Ferenczi. Correspondence, writings, printed matter, and photographs concerning Severn's private life and her career as a psychotherapist.
    • Contributor: Severn, Elizabeth
    • Date: 1880
  • Collection
    Robert Mills papers, 1804-1862 Architect and engineer. Correspondence, bills, receipts, plans, drawings, sketches, reports, notebooks, and printed matter relating mainly to Mills's designs for public buildings in Washington, D.C., and to his duties as architect of the Capitol.
    • Contributor: Mills, Robert
    • Date: 1804
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Working in Paterson Project collection, 1993-2002 The collection consists of manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, artifacts, publications, and ephemera from an ethnographic field project conducted by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, which documented occupational culture in Paterson, New Jersey in 1994. Subjects include the textile industry, industrial architecture, machine shops, labor unions, family owned businesses, dressmaking, and ethnic restaurants. A single manufacturing firm, Watson Machine International, was the focus ...
    • Contributor: Cooper, Martha - Lautenberg, Frank R. - Pascrell, Bill - Taylor, David Alan
    • Date: 1993
  • Collection
    Lewis H. Machen family papers, Chiefly family correspondence of Lewis H. Machen, relating to personal matters and to national politics prior to the Civil War, especially slavery and the Compromise of 1850, and mentioning John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and Daniel Webster, together with other correspondence, speeches, writings, subject files, and other papers; correspondence of Machen's son, Arthur Webster Machen (1827-1919), lawyer, of Baltimore, Md., reflecting opinion ...
    • Contributor: Machen, Lewis H. (Lewis Henry) - Gresham, Leroy Wiley - Machen, Arthur Webster - Machen, Caroline Webster - Machen, Emmeline - Machen, James P. - Machen, Minnie Gresham
  • Collection
    Titus Coan family papers, 1818-1923 Family and general correspondence, diaries, journals, books and writings by Coan on Hawaii, and Coan family material relating mainly to Coan's missionary work in Hawaii, Patagonia, and the Marquesas Islands.
    • Contributor: Coan, Titus
    • Date: 1806
  • Collection
    William H. Moody papers, 1879-1916 U.S. Supreme Court justice, attorney general, secretary of the navy, and representative from Massachusetts. Correspondence and related material mainly from Moody’s service as secretary of the navy and attorney general in the administration of Theodore Roosevelt.
    • Contributor: Moody, William H. (William Henry) - Moody, William H.
    • Date: 1879
  • Collection
    Beale family papers from the Decatur House, 1794-1957 Correspondence, journals, biographical material, speeches, articles, scrapbooks, printed material, and other papers pertaining to the role of Edward Fitzgerald Beale in opening the West; the diplomatic career of Truxtun Beale as United States minister to Greece, Persia, and Romania; the naval careers of Thomas Truxtun and Stephen Decatur; the Beale (Beal), Chase, Edwards, and Truxtun families; and the Decatur House.
    • Date: 1794
  • Collection
    L. Quincy Mumford papers, 1939-1982 Librarian of Congress. Correspondence, writings, bibliographical material, committee reports, congressional bills, reports, newspaper clippings, and photographs relating to Mumford’s career as a librarian.
    • Contributor: Mumford, L. Quincy (Lawrence Quincy) - Mumford, L. Quincy
    • Date: 1939
  • Collection
    Whitman Bassow papers, 1920-1990 Journalist and foundation official. Transcripts of interviews conducted by Bassow with journalists who worked in the Soviet Union as foreign correspondents for various news organizations for his book, The Moscow Correspondents: Reporting on Russia from the Revolution to Glasnost (1988) and related correspondence, notes, clippings, and photographs.
    • Contributor: Bassow, Whitman
    • Date: 1920