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  • Collection

    Oskar Ursinus papers, 1908-1943

    Aviator, engineer, and journalist. Correspondence, notes, articles by Ursinus and others, charts, maps, sketches, blueprints, photographs, printed matter, and clippings relating to the development of German aeronautics during the first half of the twentieth century.

    • Contributor: Ursinus, Oskar
    • Date: 1906
  • Collection

    Conte Galeazzo Ciano diaries and related material, 1939-1946

    Italian statesman. Photostatic copy of Ciano’s diary and publication material for the book The Ciano Diaries (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1946), edited by Hugh Gibson, including editor's transcript, setting copy, corrected galleys, and other printed matter relating to its publication.

    • Contributor: Ciano, Galeazzo, Conte - Ciano, Galeazzo
    • Date: 1939
  • Collection

    Raymond Swing papers, 1933-1964

    Journalist and radio commentator. Primarily scripts of Swing's radio broadcasts including those presented on the Voice of America. Also includes correspondence, lectures, and writings by Swing.

    • Contributor: Swing, Raymond
    • Date: 1933
  • Collection

    Herman Langinger music publishing files, 1889-1972

    Herman Langinger was a music engraver, printer, and editor for New Music Society of California and other influential music publishers. The collection contains pre-publication and published music materials, including annotated manuscript and holograph scores and proof copies, as well as correspondence with composers and publishing associates. It also includes a comprehensive run of published editions from New Music and various editions from other publishers ...

    • Contributor: Langinger, Herman - Cage, John - Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario - Chávez, Carlos - Cowell, Henry - Ives, Charles - Ruggles, Carl - Schoenberg, Arnold - Toch, Ernst - Varèse, Edgard
    • Date: 1889
  • Collection

    Alexander Jeffrey McKelway papers, 1814-1942

    Clergyman, reformer, and Southern secretary of the National Child Labor Committee. Correspondence, telegrams, speeches, articles, notes and drafts of a biography of St. Clair McKelway, longtime editor of the Brooklyn Eagle and uncle of Alexander, family papers, financial material, printed matter, a scrapbook, and other papers relating mainly to child labor legislation and to the McKelway family.

    • Contributor: McKelway, Alexander Jeffrey
    • Date: 1814
  • Collection

    Harold Leventhal papers, 1932-1980

    Lawyer and jurist. Chiefly correspondence, case files, notebooks and notes, and office files documenting Leventhal's service as judge on the United States. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit; together with private correspondence, files from his legal practice in Washington, D.C., speeches and writings, and other papers.

    • Contributor: Leventhal, Harold
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection

    Loy W. Henderson papers, 1918-1984

    Diplomat; later professor of international relations, American University, Washington, D.C. Correspondence, memoir, speeches and writings, academic and subject files, engagement books, scrapbook, photographs, and miscellany pertaining primarily to Henderson's diplomatic career.

    • Contributor: Henderson, Loy W. (loy Wesley) - Henderson, Loy W.
    • Date: 1918
  • Collection

    August V. Kautz papers, 1846-1939

    United States army officer. Diaries, memoirs, scrapbooks, military orders, correspondence, newspaper clippings, topical files, and miscellaneous material relating chiefly to Kautz's military service in the Civil War and during Indian conflicts in the West before and after the war.

    • Contributor: Kautz, August V. (august Valentine) - Kautz, August V.
    • Date: 1846
  • Collection

    Elizur Wright papers, 1793-1935

    Reformer, publisher, and actuary. Correspondence, manuscript and typewritten transcripts of writings, legal and financial papers, scrapbooks, clippings, printed material, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Wright’s involvement in the antislavery movement and to his work as an actuary and as an author and translator.

    • Contributor: Wright, Elizur
    • Date: 1793
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    United States Strategic Bombing Survey : [reports]

    During World War II, the United States undertook massive aerial attacks against cities and industrial areas in the European and Pacific Theaters to destroy German and Japanese military forces. To study the effects of the bombing, the United States Strategic Bombing Survey (USSBS) was organized in November 1944. The USSBS was assigned two tasks: establish a basis for evaluating the importance and potential of ...

    • Date: 1945
  • Collection

    Edith Jacobson papers, 1922-1977

    Psychoanalyst. Correspondence, writings, artwork, and other papers chiefly relating to Jacobson's psychiatric practice, psychoanalysis, the study and treatment of depression, and object relations theory.

    • Contributor: Jacobson, Edith
    • Date: 1922
  • Collection

    James Henry Hammond papers, 1774-1875

    Senator, governor, and plantation owner. Correspondence, diaries, speeches, plantation manuals, account books, and scrapbooks pertaining chiefly to South Carolina and national politics in the three decades preceding the Civil War. Subjects include nullification, secession, slavery, the Southern Convention at Nashville, Tennessee (1850), state banks, states' rights, and the tariff. Also includes a mercantile letterbook, 1774-1780, of Andrew McLean.

    • Contributor: Hammond, James Henry
    • Date: 1774
  • Collection

    Judson King papers, 1900-1958

    Lecturer, writer, and political consultant. Correspondence, memoranda, writings, reports, press releases, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, printed material, charts, maps, photographs, and other material relating primarily to the development of public power policy in the United States and reflecting King's role in the United States Rural Electrification Administration.

    • Contributor: King, Judson
    • Date: 1900
  • Collection

    Paul Rosenberg papers, 1934-1953

    Physicist. Correspondence, writings, notes, printed matter, graphs, calculations, photographs, and other material relating chiefly to molecular beams research conducted by Rosenberg as a graduate student under the direction of I. I. Rabi at Columbia University from 1936 to 1940, with later material relating to his firm of consulting physicists, Paul Rosenberg and Associates, Pelham, N.Y.

    • Contributor: Rosenberg, Paul
    • Date: 1934
  • Collection

    Jules Feiffer papers, 1919-1995

    Cartoonist, playwright, author, and illustrator. Family correspondence, appointment calendars, awards and citations, financial records, newspaper clippings of articles about Feiffer, general correspondence, art publication file, and writings relating primarily to Feiffer's novels and stage and screenplays.

    • Contributor: Feiffer, Jules
    • Date: 1919
  • Collection

    Anthony Lewis papers, 1941-1975

    Newspaper columnist and author. Chiefly drafts and research files for two of Lewis's books, Gideon's Trumpet (1964), an analysis of the Supreme Court's decision in Gideon v. Wainwright, and Portrait of a Decade (1964), an examination of the civil rights movement from 1954 to 1964. Also includes letters from readers of his New York Times column.

    • Contributor: Lewis, Anthony
    • Date: 1941
  • Collection

    Susan B. Anthony Foundation (Washington, D.C.) records, 1895-1943

    Organization founded to promote women's issues. Correspondence, bylaws and constitution, minutes, reports, financial records, membership lists, scrapbook, clippings, printed matter, and other material related to the foundation, which from its establishment in 1912 until 1924 was known as the Anthony League of the District of Columbia.

    • Contributor: Susan Anthony Foundation (washington, D.C.)
    • Date: 1895
  • Collection

    Charles N. Elliot collection, 1873-1951

    Collector and researcher of Walt Whitman. Correspondence, drafts, printed matter, and miscellaneous items relating to Whitman material and scholarship. Includes a small collection of Whitman manuscripts.

    • Contributor: Elliot, Charles N. (charles Nathan) - Elliot, Charles N.
    • Date: 1873
  • Collection

    Harold Frederic papers, 1891-1897

    Journalist, novelist, and playwright. Correspondence, diaries, accounts, wills, agreements, notes for plays and stories, clippings, and printed matter, chiefly relating to Frederic's fiction writing and including notes for his principal novels, The Damnation of Theron Ware and The Return of the O'Mahony.

    • Contributor: Frederic, Harold
    • Date: 1891
  • Collection

    Robert Morris papers, 1775-1829

    Superintendent of finance for the Continental Congress during the Revolution, merchant, land speculator, and statesman. Correspondence, letterbooks, journals and proceedings of the Continental Congress, accounts, and other papers relating to the financing of the American government and its forces during the Revolution and to Morris’s private business affairs.

    • Contributor: Morris, Robert
    • Date: 1734
  • Collection

    Richard Dale papers, 1778-1918

    Naval officer; served with the British navy from 1776 to 1777 when he joined the Continental Navy, serving as first lieutenant to John Paul Jones on the Bonhomme Richard. Correspondence, commissions, mathematics notebook, and journal/logbook (1787-1789) kept on a voyage aboard a merchant ship to Canton, China, and to New Guinea. Includes letterbook (1801-1802) of Dale's outgoing correspondence while in command of the U.S. ...

    • Contributor: Dale, Richard
    • Date: 1778
  • Collection

    John Shaw papers, 1798-1895

    Naval officer. Correspondence, journal, notebooks, reports, biographical data, and other papers relating primarily to Shaw's command of the New Orleans Naval Station and the Boston Navy Yard.

    • Contributor: Shaw, John
    • Date: 1798
  • Collection

    Carl R. Rogers papers, 1913-1989

    Psychologist, psychotherapist, and educator. Correspondence, family papers, writings, book files, notes on workshops and other meetings, project files, academic files, research files, transcripts of psychotherapy sessions, and administrative papers chiefly documenting Rogers's career as a practicing psychologist and therapist and as an educator and promoter of humanistic psychology in association with the Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California.

    • Contributor: Rogers, Carl R. (carl Ransom) - Rogers, Carl R.
    • Date: 1913
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Sam Eskin collection, 1939-1969

    Collection consists of manuscripts, field recordings, photographs, and ephemera documenting folk music and folk music revivals in the United States, Canada, and Mexico from 1938 to 1966; plus manuscripts and field recordings of mostly unidentified artists performing folk music in Jamaica, Cuba, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, and Thailand from 1953 to 1969 collected by Sam ...

    • Contributor: Eskin, Sam
    • Date: 1939
  • Collection

    Henry Aaron Hill papers, 1867-1979

    Chemist. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, notes, reports, scientific papers, transcripts, writings, academic records, family papers, financial and business records, newspaper clippings, blueprints, plans, map, memorabilia, printed matter, and photographs documenting Hill's career in the chemical industry, activities in related organizations, service on governmental and education advisory boards, and his personal and family life.

    • Contributor: Hill, Henry Aaron
    • Date: 1867