• Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Wa-hādhihi abwāb tushtamilu ʻalá ṣanʻat al-nafṭ wa-ʻamalih.
    وهذه ابواب تشتمل على صنعة النفط وعمله. | Ṣanʻat al-nafṭ wa-ʻamalih | Qiṭʻah min kitāb fī ṣanʻat al-nafṭ wa-al-adʹhān wa-al-aṣmāgh Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Manuscript is a large portion of a work on the manufacture of petroleum, oils, and gums. On the title page, a piece of paper has been glued over the top three-quarters of the page so that only the rubricated title and 3 lines of writing at the bottom are visible. There follow two pages of tables on different kinds of petroleums, oils, and gums. ...
    • Date: 18??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Sharḥ al-Khulāṣah fī al-ḥisāb /
    شرح الخلاصة في الحساب / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a commentary on al-Khulaṣah fī al-ḥisāb by Bahāʼ al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Ḥusayn al-ʻĀmilī. Two poems attributed to ʻAmr ibn al-ʻĀṣ on title page in a different hand. Last page includes a note in a third hand on a different topic.
    • Contributor: Jazarī, Ramaḍān Ibn Abī Hurayrah
    • Date: 1665
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Hādhihi risālah li-Ibn al-Hāʼim al-musammāt [sic] Nuzhat al-ḥisāb, al-mukhtaṣarah min al-Murshidah.
    هذه رسالة لابن الهائم المسمات نزهة الحساب المختصرة من المرشدة. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    According to Carl Brockelmann's Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur (Supplement II, p. 154), the text is an abridgement of the author's book al-Murshidah fī ṣināʻat al-ghubār. The manuscript contains an introduction, two chapters, and an epilogue. On fol. 1a is a table of written numbers for use in official documents as well as verses (in code?). On fol. 33b, verse 6:115 of the Qur'an is ...
    • Contributor: Ibn Al-Hāʼim, Aḥmad Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 16??
  • Book
    Risalah fi al
    رسالة في البروج و المنازل : فرائد جوهرية في فوائد الميقاتية. | Farāyid jawharīyah fī fawāyid mīqātīyah
    Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site. Ms. Arabic Purchase of Mahmud al-Mansuri collection, 1945. Paper: yellowed cream, with watermarks, untrimmed, in moderate condition; brown stains on bottom of many leaves. Black ink on title page; black and red ink in text. Catchwords on rectos. Marginal notes. Library of Congress. Mansuri Collection, 5-783. Naskhī script; 19 lines in written ...
    • Contributor: Budayrī, Muḥammad Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 1831

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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Kitāb nukhab al-dhakhāyir fī aḥwāl al-jawāhir /
    كتاب نخب الذخاير في أحوال الجواهر / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Title page has 5 verses on jewels.
    • Contributor: Ibn Al-Akfānī, Muḥammad Ibn Ibrāhīm
    • Date: 17??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Hādhā Sharḥ mukhtaṣar al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah ...
    هذا شرح مختصر التفاحة في علم المساحة ... | Majmuʻ fīhi al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah wa-ghayrihā | Majmuʻ bi-hi al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah wa-ghayrihā | Sharḥ muntakhab al-Tuffāḥah Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a commentary on al-Tuffāḥah fī ʻilm al-misāḥah by al-Ashʻarī.
    • Contributor: Dimashqī, ʻabd Al-Laṭīf Ibn Aḥmad
    • Date: 1887
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Wasīlat al-mubtadiʼīn li-ʻilm ghurrat al-shuhūr wa-al-sinīn.
    وسيلة المبتدئين لعلم غرة الشهور و السنين. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The first four pages are Aḥmad ibn Qāsim al-Miṣrī's poem, Wasīlat al-mubtadiʼīn, a poem on astronomy and astrology. It covers the sun, the moon, the planets, the constellations, the signs of the Zodiac and the astrological characteristics of each day of the week. On fol. 3a, the author says that he completed this poem on 18 Rabīʻ al-awwal 1298 (17 February 1881). The author's ...
    • Contributor: Miṣrī, Aḥmad Ibn Qāsim
    • Date: 1883
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Kitāb al-jadwal fī al-ḥisāb al-sinīn al-ʻArabīyah wa-al-Rūmīyah /
    كتاب الجدول في الحساب السنين العربية و الرومية / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The text is a treatise on using the solar and lunar systems to calculate the months. It includes tables showing the correspondence of the Arabic and Christian years with a preface and it explains the positions and movement of the sun and the moon, and the discrepancies of the dates. Poem on fol. 14b and 15a.
    • Contributor: Thābitī, Muḥammad Ibn ʻabd Al-Laṭīf.
    • Date: 18??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Kitāb mafātīḥ al-raḥmah wa-asrār al-ḥikmah.
    كتاب مفاتيح الرحمة و أسرار الحكمة. | Mafātīḥ al-ḥikmah. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The ms. is in two parts. Part I, or Introduction by Ṭughrāʼī, and Part II, "From keys of wisdom" is by the Egyptian chemist Zosimos, translated into Arabic by al-Ṭughrāʼī. Part I is written in the form of lectures and is divided into 5 chapters: The science and its materials; Mixing and its way; Fire and its nature; Balances (of properties); Metals and plants ...
    • Contributor: Ṭughrāʼī, Al-Ḥusayn Ibn ʻal
    • Date: 17??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Jāmiʻ al-qawāʻid fī al-misāḥah.
    جامع القواعد في المساحة. | Fann al-thālith min kitāb jāmiʻ al-qawāʻid fī ʻilm al-misāhah Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The text deals with the precise measurement of the size and shape of the earth, mapping points on the earth's surface, and the study of the earth's gravitational fields. The manuscript includes only three chapters on the third topic. On the last page is a note written in a different script about measuring with different kinds of cubits.
    • Date: 16??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Kitāb al-malāḥah fī ʻilm al-filāḥah /
    كتاب الملاحة في علم الفلاحة / | ʻAlam al-malāḥah fī ʻilm al-filāḥah Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    According to Ismāʻīl Bāshā Bābānī's Kitāb īḍāḥ al-maknūn fī al-dhayl ʻalá Kashf al-ẓunūn, this text is a summary of Jāmiʻ fawāʼid al-malāḥah, by Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad Raḍī al-Ghazzī; it consists of 10 chapters and an epilogue.
    • Contributor: Nābulusī, ʻabd Al-Ghanī Ibn Ismāʻīl
    • Date: 1854
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Risālah laṭīfah fī rasm al-munḥarifāt ʻalá al-ḥīṭān /
    رسالة لطيفة في رسم المنحرفات على الحيطان / | Jadāwil fī rasm al-munḥarifāt ʻalá al-ḥīṭān bi-ṭarīq ḥasan lam asbaq ilayh Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Ms. Arabic. Purchase of Mahmud al-Mansuri collection, 1945. Yellowed cream paper, with watermarks, some torn edges and termite damage; pages repaired. Black ink on title page and text principally in black, with some rubrics; marginal notes; catchwords on rectos. Library of Congress. Mansuri Collection, 5-765. Schoy, K. "Sonnenuhren der spätarabischen Astronomie," Isis, vol. 6, no. 3, 1924, p. 332-360. Nastaʻliq script, 20 lines in ...
    • Contributor: Sibṭ Al-Māridīnī, Badr Al-Dīn Muḥammad Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 15??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Alfīyah fī al-ṭibb ismuhā Mughnīyat al-muʻānī ṣināʻat al-ṭibb /
    ألفية في الطب اسمها مغنية المعاني صناعة الطب / | Mughnīyat al-muʻānī ṣināʻat al-ṭibb | Alfīyah al-ṭibb | Maʻnīyat al-maʻānī Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a treatise on medicine, including drugs and their pharmaceutical properties, written in 1254 H [1838]. It consists of more than 1,000 verses. Includes table of contents (fol. 1b-2a). Second colophon, dated 10 Shawwāl 1291 H [20 November 1874] added by same scribe on fol. 43a.
    • Contributor: Shīwī, Ibrāhīm Ibn Aḥmad
    • Date: 1874
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    al-Dustūr /
    الدستور / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Manual on pharmaceutics, including composition, preparation and use of medicines.
    • Contributor: Najīb Al-Dīn Al-Samarqandī, Muḥammad Ibn ʻal
    • Date: 1514
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Sharḥ ʻalá Tashrīḥ al-aflāk lil-ʻĀmilī.
    شرح على تشريح الأفلاك للعاملي. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text consists of extracts from and commentary on Tashrīḥ al-aflāk by Bahāʼ al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Ḥusayn al-ʻĀmilī. Fol. 65b contains a list of book titles and a short story (scratched out) dated 1232 H [1816 or 17] and written in a second hand.
    • Date: 17??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    al-Mulakhkhaṣ fī al-hayʼah.
    الملخص في الهيئة. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a compendium of astronomy which describes the methods of determining the positions of longitude; it consists of an introduction and two chapters.
    • Contributor: Jighmīnī, Maḥmūd Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 1872
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    زيج. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The text ends on fol. 291b, followed by charts on fol. 292a-385a. Ibn al-Shātir was the muwaqqit of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, where he constructed a magnificent sundial to adorn the central minaret. The sundial displayed the time of day relative to sunrise, and midday relative to the time of the afternoon prayer. There were special curves to measure the times for the ...
    • Contributor: Ibn Al-Shāṭir, ʻalī Ibn Ibrāhīm
    • Date: 16??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    al-Kalām al-yasīr fī ʻilāj al-maqʻadah wa-al-bawāsīr /
    الكلام اليسير في علاج المقعدة و البواسير / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The text addresses the causes, diagnosis, and medical treatment by diet and drugs of calculi (stones) in the kidney, bladder, hemorrhoids, and hips. The text was written in 1169 H [1755]. The colophon is followed by a second incomplete text.
    • Contributor: Damanhūrī, Aḥmad Ibn ʻabd Al-Munʻim.
    • Date: 1848
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Sharḥ al-Lumaʻ fī ʻilm al-ḥisāb.
    شرح اللمع في علم الحسالب. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The text is a commentary on al-Lumʻah al-yasīrah fī ʻilm al-ḥisāb by Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad Ibn al-Hāʼim.
    • Contributor: Sibṭ Al-Māridīnī, Badr Al-Dīn Muḥammad Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 1761
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Hādhā Sharḥ Shaykh al-Islām Zakarīyā al-Anṣārī li-manẓūmāt Ibn al-Hāʼim fī ʻilm al-jabr wa-al-muqābalah al-musammá bi-Fatḥ al-mubdiʻ fī sharḥ al-Muqniʻ ...
    هذا شرح شيخ الاسلام زكريا الانصاري لمنظومات لابن الهائم في علم الجبر و المقابلة المسمى بفتح المبدع في شرح المقنع ... Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site. Ms. Purchase of Mahmud al-Mansuri collection, 1945. Transcribed by Ṭāḥā ibn Yūsuf and finished on 8 Shaʻbān, 1305 AH. [Egypt?] Paper: yellowed cream, in good condition but split from spine. Text of al-Muqniʻ in red, with exposition in black; text framed by double red line. Occasional diacritical marks; catchwords at bottom of ...
    • Contributor: Anṣārī, Zakarīyā Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 1888
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Ḥāshīyat al-Ḥifnī ʻalá al-Yāsamīnīyah.
    حآشية الحفني على اليآسمينية. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Commentary on Lumʻah al-Māridīnīyah fī sharḥ al-Yāsamīnīyah by Badr al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad Sibṭ al-Māridīni, which itself is an exposition of al-Yāsamīnīyah by ʻAbd Allāh ibn Ḥajjāj Ibn al-Yāsamīn. The colophon (fol. 14b) says that the author finished composing the work on 14 Shaʻbān 1167 H [6 June 1754].
    • Contributor: Ḥifnī, Muḥammad Ibn Sālim
    • Date: 17??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Kitāb al-fawāʼid fī maʻrifat ʻilm al-baḥr wa-al-qawāʻid.
    كتاب الفوائد في معرفة علم البحر و القوائد. | Kitāb al-Fawāʼid fī uṣūl ʻilm al-baḥr wa-al-qawāʼid Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Ibn Majid was an expert on the navigation of the Indian Ocean and it is believed that Vasco da Gama consulted him with regard to the route to India. The text covers all aspects of the navigation of the Indian Ocean, including routes, harbors, and landfalls.
    • Contributor: Aḥmad Ibn Mājid Al-Saʻd
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Hāz̲ā duʻā-yi ṣanamay-i Quraysh az Mawlānā Amīr al-Muʼminīn.
    هاذا دعاى صنمي قريش از امير المؤمنين. | Hādhaʼ duʻā-yi ṣanamay-i Quraysh az Mawlānā Amīr al-Muʼminīn. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text of the Shīʻah prayer of ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib titled Duʻa-yi ṣanam-i Quraysh together with an interlinear Persian translation.
    • Contributor: ʻalī Ibn Abī Ṭālib
    • Date: 1808
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Hādhā kitāb al-Lumʻah al-Māridīnīyah fī sharḥ al-Yāsamīnīyah fī ʻilm al-jabr wa-al-muqābalah ...
    هذا كتاب اللمعة الماردنية في شرح الياسمينية في علم الجبر والمقابلة ... Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a commentary on the versified treatise of arithmetic entitled al-Yāsamīnīyah by ʻAbd Allāh ibn Ḥajjāj Ibn al-Yāsamīn.
    • Contributor: Sibṭ Al-Māridīnī, Badr Al-Dīn Muḥammad Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 1874
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Taʻlīq ʻalá al-urjūzah al-Yāsamīnīyah fī ʻilm al-jabr.
    تعليق على الأرجوزة الياسمينية في علم الجبر. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a short treatise on arithmetic and a commentary on the versified treatise of arithmetic entitled al-Yāsamīnīyah by ʻAbd Allāh ibn Ḥajjāj ibn al-Yāsamīn.
    • Contributor: Sibṭ Al-Māridīnī, Badr Al-Dīn Muḥammad Ibn Muḥammad
    • Date: 1911