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    Leadership Conference on Civil Rights records, 1922-1991 The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a national association of civil rights organizations, was founded 1949-1950 by Roy Wilkins (chairman), A. Philip Randolph, and Arnold Aronson. The records include correspondence, memoranda, minutes, notes of meetings, position papers, reports, financial records, congressional testimony, clippings, printed material, and other records documenting efforts by the organization to lobby for and monitor enforcement of civil rights legislation at...
    • Contributor: Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
    • Date: 1943
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    Laborlore: Collecting and Contextualizing Laborlore Through a case study approach, the panelists focus on a range of issues confronting documentary fieldworkers and their community collaborators in the arena of documenting and representing occupational lore and traditions. Focusing on maritime traditions and ranching culture, participants address the issues of how to frame labor culture and traditions for a broader public in the realm of the museum, the internet and live...
    • Contributor: Various - Alvarez, Maribel L - Ardery, Julia S. - Cannon, Hal - Dickens, Hazel - Eff, Elaine - Fleischhauer, Carl - Glaser-Church, Susan - Johnson, Paula J. - Lane, James "petey," ... Various - Alvarez, Maribel L - Ardery, Julia S. - Cannon, Hal - Dickens, Hazel - Eff, Elaine - Fleischhauer, Carl - Glaser-Church, Susan - Johnson, Paula J. - Lane, James "petey," - Lewis, Anne - McCarl, Robert - McNeil, Bryan T. - Munoz, Michael S. - Purkey, Elaine - Roediger, David R. - Seeger, Mike - Spitzer, Nicholas R. - Wilson, Joe - Archie Green Fund for Labor Culture & History - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2007-08-16
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    George Peabody Wetmore papers, 1885-1916 Governor and United States representative and senator from Rhode Island. Correspondence related mainly to the United States Commission of Fine Arts.
    • Contributor: Wetmore, George Peabody
    • Date: 1885
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    Thomas Watt Gregory papers, 1896-1933 United States attorney general, regent of the University of Texas, and lawyer. Chiefly legal material and correspondence from the period of Gregory's law practice in Washington, D.C. Correspondence also reflects Gregory's interest in the University of Texas, the Woodrow Wilson administration, and the presidential campaign of 1932.
    • Contributor: Gregory, Thomas Watt
    • Date: 1896
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    Reverb : African American a capella singing from Washington, DC, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Collection of digital video, sound recordings, and photographs documenting a concert by Reverb on February 7, 2007 in the Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, as part of the Homegrown concert series sponsored by the American Folklife Center. Introductions by Debra Murphy and Mike Licht, who discuss the history and events scheduled for African American History Month. Reverb is a Washington, D.C. a cappella gospel...
    • Contributor: Reverb (Vocal Group) - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress) - John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.). Millennium Stage
    • Date: 2007
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    Alexander Robey Shepherd papers, 1776-1945 Territorial governor. Correspondence, diaries, notebooks, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, clippings, printed matter, and memorabilia relating to Shepherd's career as a political official in Washington, D.C.
    • Contributor: Shepherd, Alexander Robey
    • Date: 1776
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    Theodore Granik papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, legal proceedings, radio and television broadcast transcripts, production inventories, office and business records, newspaper clippings, and other papers relating primarily to Granik's career as a lawyer and radio and television moderator. Documents his practice of law in Washington, D.C., and New York, N.Y., and his work in broadcasting, especially as host and moderator of three panel discussion programs, "American Forum of the...
    • Contributor: Granik, Theodore - McClellan, John L. (John Little)
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    Ward family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, broadsides, songs, financial papers, printed matter, and other papers of William Norvell Ward and members of his family. Includes material relating to the Civil War, particularly the Peninsular, Second Bull Run, Antietam, and Gettysburg campaigns; Reconstruction; and social life and customs in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Md., and northern Virginia.
    • Contributor: Ward, William Norvell
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    Gridiron Club (Washington, D.C.) records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, writings, club records, membership books, autograph albums, dinner programs and menus, financial records, newspaper clippings, printed matter, scrapbooks, slides, photographs, and other records relating primarily to the club's annual dinner hosting members of the press, the U.S. president, and other elected officials and political figures. The dinner features humorous anecdotes concerning the statesmen, politicians, and elected officials.
    • Contributor: Gridiron Club (Washington, D.C.)
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    Jefferson Patterson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, family papers, diaries (1928-1930), speeches, notes and book drafts, other writings, memoranda, subject files, legal and financial papers, biographical material, academic notebooks, scrapbooks, and other papers documenting Patterson's career as a diplomat and foreign service officer serving at American embassies in China (1922-1924), Colombia (1924-1926), Turkey (1926-1930), Poland (1934-1936), Norway (1936-1938), Germany (1939-1941), Peru (1941-1945), and Egypt (1946-1949) and as ambassador to Uruguay...
    • Contributor: Patterson, Jefferson
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    John McLean papers, 1817-1861 United States representative from Ohio, postmaster general, and Supreme Court justice. Correspondence, legal briefs, financial data, docket book, printed matter, a file of reports, opinions and briefs arranged by case name, and other papers relating to McLean’s service as postmaster general and Supreme Court justice.
    • Contributor: McLean, John
    • Date: 1817
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    Benjamin B. French family papers, 1778-1940 New Hampshire politician, clerk of the United States House of Representatives, and Commissioner of Public Buildings in Washington, D.C. Journals, personal correspondence, writings, and miscellaneous papers chiefly relating to family matters and including commentary on political events and social life in Washington in the nineteenth century. Other prominent family members represented in the papers include Francis O. French, banker, and Amos Tuck, congressman.
    • Contributor: French, Benjamin (Benjamin Brown) - French, Benjamin
    • Date: 1778
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    Katie Louchheim papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, journals (1942-1981), family papers, speeches, writings, interviews, subject files, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, memorabilia, and other papers relating primarily to Louchheim's role in Democratic party politics, particularly as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee (1956-1960), and her duties as deputy assistant secretary of state, especially with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of Community Advisory Services, and Bureau of Public...
    • Contributor: Louchheim, Katie - Louchheim, Walter C. (Walter Clinton) - Scofield, Adele Joseph
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    David Warren Steel: Makers of the Sacred Harp David Warren Steel discusses his new book, "The Makers of the Sacred Harp," newly published by the University of Illinois Press.
    • Contributor: Steel, David Warren - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2010-10-21
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    Samuel Dash papers, 1748-2004 Lawyer, educator, and author. Correspondence, memoranda, legal material and opinions, writings, speeches, engagement file, teaching file, organization and committee file, clippings, photographs, appointment calendars, and other papers relating primarily to Dash's legal career after 1964, and more particularly his role in governmental investigations.
    • Contributor: Dash, Samuel
    • Date: 1748
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    Justin G. Turner autograph collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, notes, and printed materials relating primarily to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Also includes correspondence of Thomas Ustick Walter and Constantino Brumidi concerning the construction of a dome on the U.S. Capitol; documents of Mordecai Gist; letter of William Henry Herndon to Jesse William Weik; and correspondence between Turner and Harry S. Truman.
    • Contributor: Turner, Justin G.
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    Lee Lawrie papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available General and family correspondence, sculpture commission files, biographical file, and other papers documenting Lawrie's career as a sculptor whose works were an integral part of public buildings, monuments, and churches throughout the United States. Includes correspondence between Lawrie and architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue with whom he collaborated on sculptures for St. Thomas' Church and Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York, N.Y., and material...
    • Contributor: Lawrie, Lee
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    Harold C. Fleming papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, writings, annual reports, subject files, proposals, background material, news releases, pamphlets and booklets, biographical material, and other papers pertaining primarily to Fleming's work as executive vice president and president of the Potomac Institute, Washington, D.C. The collection documents the efforts of the institute to eliminate racial discrimination, expand African American civil rights, and foster cooperation among private and public agencies to...
    • Contributor: Fleming, Harold C. - Gibson, James O. - Levin, Arthur J.
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    Afghan Women's Stories: the Problematics of Cover Afghan women in burkas have become iconic representations of women's oppression in western media, but this representation is contested in various ways by Afghan women and men. The most common observation by Afghan women activists is that we westerners should get over it, that the burka, hot, uncomfortable and inconvenient as it is, is certainly not their most pressing problem. It has even proved...
    • Contributor: Mills, Margaret - Mills, Margaret Ann - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2007-09-19
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    Willard family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, letterbooks, notebooks, diaries, subject files, business and financial records, and other papers. Papers of Joseph Edward Willard reflect his activities as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1894-1902), member of the staff of Maj. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, lieutenant governor of Virginia (1902-1906), and U.S. ambassador to Spain (1913-1921). Papers (1865-1955) of his wife, Belle Layton...
    • Contributor: Willard, Antonia Ford - Willard, Belle Layton Wyatt - Willard, Joseph Clapp - Willard, Joseph Edward - Wyatt, Joseph W.
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    Hedrick Smith papers, 1923-1992 Correspondence, memoranda, interview transcripts, drafts of speeches, articles, books, notes, radio broadcasts, legal material, research material, family papers, press releases, printed material, posters, maps, and other papers relating primarily to Smith's research for his books and television productions about the Soviet Union and about United States politics. Documents his career with the New York Times while stationed in Washington, D.C., Moscow, Russia, and elsewhere,...
    • Contributor: Smith, Hedrick
    • Date: 1923
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    John McLean papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, legal briefs, financial data, docket book, printed matter, file of reports, opinions, and briefs arranged by case name, and other papers relating to McLean's service as U.S. postmaster general and U.S. Supreme Court justice. Also contains material from his service as commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office. Includes his notes on arguments made before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1830, including cases...
    • Contributor: McLean, John
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    Pinkerton's National Detective Agency records, 1853-1999 Private detective agency directed by the Pinkerton family to protect interests of clients in business and industry. The records include business and family correspondence, biographical and genealogical records, administrative records such as procedural guidelines and training manuals, and criminal case files which include correspondence, reports, photographs, legal documents, and printed matter.
    • Contributor: Pinkerton's National Detective Agency
    • Date: 1853
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    Amasa J. Parker papers, 1836-1875 United States representative, lawyer, and jurist. Chiefly letters written by Parker while serving in the United States Congress in Washington, D.C. from 1837 to 1839.
    • Contributor: Parker, Amasa J. (Amasa Junius) - Parker, Amasa J.
    • Date: 1836
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    Armand Hammer papers, circa 1508-1989 Business executive, philanthropist, and art collector. Chiefly correspondence documenting Hammer's career as a citizen diplomat (particularly to the Soviet Union), humanitarian, and art collector gathered for an exhibition honoring him at the Library of Congress in 1989, including also a facsimile edition of the Codex Hammer (a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci) and a photograph album.
    • Contributor: Hammer, Armand
    • Date: 1508