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    William Tappan autograph collection, 1640-1939 Autograph collector. Correspondence, miscellaneous documents, prints, poetry, rare printed matter, photographs, and some letters to Tappan, chiefly autographic in nature.
    • Contributor: Tappan, William
    • Date: 1640
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    Wendell Berge papers, 1907-1950 Lawyer and public official. Correspondence, speeches and writings, daily calendars, business diaries, agenda, printed matter, clippings, and photographs relating primarily to Berge’s official activities at the Department of Justice culminating in his position as assistant attorney general in charge of the Antitrust Division.
    • Contributor: Berge, Wendell
    • Date: 1907
  • Collection
    Paul Gray papers, 1924-2002 Psychoanalyst and educator. Correspondence, writings, lectures, and miscellaneous papers related to Paul's career as a psychoanalyst.
    • Contributor: Gray, Paul
    • Date: 1924
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    Forrest David Mathews papers, 1967-1980 U.S. secretary of health, education and welfare; and educator. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, writings, subject files, and other papers relating chiefly to Mathews' service as secretary of health, education, and welfare.
    • Contributor: Mathews, Forrest David
    • Date: 1967
  • Collection
    Hedrick Smith papers, 1923-1992 Correspondence, memoranda, interview transcripts, drafts of speeches, articles, books, notes, radio broadcasts, legal material, research material, family papers, press releases, printed material, posters, maps, and other papers relating primarily to Smith's research for his books and television productions about the Soviet Union and about United States politics. Documents his career with the New York Times while stationed in Washington, D.C., Moscow, Russia, and elsewhere, ...
    • Contributor: Smith, Hedrick
    • Date: 1923
  • Collection
    George Watterston papers, 1809-1866 Lawyer, editor, and Librarian of Congress. Correspondence, memorandum books, miscellaneous writings, and legal documents pertaining mainly to Watterston’s duties as Librarian of Congress and his life and activities in Washington, D.C.
    • Contributor: Watterston, George
    • Date: 1809
  • Collection
    Jascha Heifetz collection, 1802-1987 The collection includes Heifetz's personal music library of original compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions (some of which are unpublished), his annotated parts and scores, holographs and manuscripts of many of his contemporaries, and hundreds of printed scores. Concert programs document his performances from 1911 to 1974, and photographs, photo albums, and scrapbooks, encompassing the violinist's entire life. The correspondence, constituting a small part of the ...
    • Contributor: Heifetz, Jascha
    • Date: 1802
  • Collection
    Nathaniel Sisson papers, 1838-1932 Union soldier and businessman. Correspondence, financial records, medals, printed matter, and writings pertaining to Sisson’s Civil War service, political activities, and business enterprises in Maryville, Missouri.
    • Contributor: Sisson, Nathaniel
    • Date: 1838
  • Collection
    Edith Benham Helm papers, 1915-1961 Social secretary at the White House. Letters, notes, scrapbooks, andphotographs documenting Helm's career as social secretary at the White House during the Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman administrations.
    • Contributor: Helm, Edith Benham
    • Date: 1915
  • Collection
    Guatemalan documents collection, 1944-1954 Microfilm and papers containing correspondence, minutes, financial accounts, and other records and papers of Guatemalan government agencies, political parties, labor unions, and private individuals, nationally and internationally, documenting the period of reforms and social and political upheaval in the decade before the overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán by Carlos Castillo Armas in 1954.
    • Contributor: University of Pennsylvania. Foreign Policy Research Institute
    • Date: 1944
  • Collection
    International Psycho-Analytical Association records, 1933-1971 International association of the psychoanalytical movement. The records include correspondence, memoranda, minutes, constitution and bylaws, reports, printed matter, and other papers primarily from Piet van der Leeuw's term (1965-1970) as president of the organization.
    • Contributor: International Psycho-Analytical Association
    • Date: 1933
  • Collection
    Elizabeth Madox Roberts papers, 1921-1941 Author, poet, and novelist. Drafts, notes, outlines, page proofs, and miscellaneous material relating to Roberts’s novels, poetry, short stories, and miscellaneous writings.
    • Contributor: Roberts, Elizabeth Madox
    • Date: 1921
  • Collection
    Charles Maass papers, 1912-1924 Assistant to the United States Special Panama Canal Commission. Journal, writings, notes, poems, printed matter, scrapbooks, photographs, and drawings relating chiefly to the Commission's visit to Panama in 1921. The journal also documents Maass's tour of Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Cuba.
    • Contributor: Maass, Charles
    • Date: 1912
  • Collection
    Congressional Staff Club records, 1935-1990 Nonpartisan social organization for Congressional staff founded as the “Congressional Secretaries Club” in 1935; name changed in 1971. Correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial records, publications, programs, photographs, and other papers relating to the club’s activities.
    • Contributor: Congressional Staff Clu
    • Date: 1935
  • Collection
    Wharton Barker papers, 1864-1921 Financier, publicist, and politician. Correspondence, letterbooks, photographs, pamphlets, printed matter, and scrapbooks reflecting Barker’s broad interests in American and foreign business matters especially in Russia and China, bimetallism, and politics.
    • Contributor: Barker, Wharton
    • Date: 1864
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    E.H. Vestine papers, 1932-1968 Physicist. Correspondence, reports, writings, printed matter, and miscellaneous material focusing on Vestine’s career as a physicist and his work on geomagnetics, seismology, and cosmic rays.
    • Contributor: Vestine, E. H. (Ernest Harry) - Vestine, E. H.
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection
    David Rapaport papers, 1911-1997 Psychologist and author. Correspondence, drafts of speeches, lectures, and writings, memoranda, reports, legal documents, and printed matter concerning Rapaport's research and writings in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis and his association with the Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
    • Contributor: Rapaport, David
    • Date: 1911
  • Collection
    Thomas Ewing family papers, 1757-1941 Correspondence, diaries, journals, legal files, military records, speeches and writings, reports, notes, autographs, scrapbooks, biographical material, commonplace books, financial records, genealogies, photographs, printed matter, and maps pertaining to members of the Ewing family including Thomas Ewing (1789-1871), senator from Ohio and cabinet member; Thomas Ewing (1829-1896), Union general during the Civil War and congressman from Ohio; Ellen Ewing Sherman and her husband, William T. ...
    • Contributor: Ewing, Thomas
    • Date: 1757
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Mary Sheppard Burton collection, 1993-2006 The collection contains hooked rugs and documentation of the craftsmanship of rug hooking artist, Mary Sheppard Burton, of Germantown, Maryland. Her Tell Me ‘Bout Series consists of 12 rugs created between 1993 and 2005 that interpret the history of her family.
    • Contributor: Burton, Mary Sheppard - Lindahl, Carl - Austen, Theadocia Millich
    • Date: 1993
  • Collection
    Harry E. Yarnell papers, 1909-1958 Naval officer. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, reports, articles, printed matter, and miscellaneous papers related to military aspects of United States China policy, reorganization of United States armed forces, naval and military strategy during World War II, and Yarnell’s naval career.
    • Contributor: Yarnell, Harry E. (Harry Ervin) - Yarnell, Harry E.
    • Date: 1909
  • Collection
    Cass Gilbert papers, 1841-1961 Architect. Correspondence, diaries, biographical material, financial papers, speeches, articles, poems, and memorabilia relating to Gilbert’s family and his work as an architect. Includes letters addressed to Thomas Jefferson by William Thornton and typescript of a letter to Jefferson from James R. Dermott.
    • Contributor: Gilbert, Cass
    • Date: 1841
  • Collection
    Samuel Hay Kauffmann papers, 1871-1896 Newspaperman, art historian, and author. Correspondence research notes, clippings, reports, and drafts of writings chiefly relating to Kauffmann's research on equestrian statues.
    • Contributor: Kauffmann, Samuel Hay
    • Date: 1871
  • Collection
    Henry Bartholomew Cox collection, 1492-1960 Professor of history. Correspondence and other material relating chiefly to French spoliation claims; and an autograph collection.
    • Contributor: Cox, Henry Bartholomew
    • Date: 1492
  • Collection
    Charles Edward Russell papers, 1864-1941 Author and journalist. Correspondence, diaries, notebooks, writings, subject files, scrapbooks, clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating principally to Russell's writings and to his activities on behalf of various progressive reform causes.
    • Contributor: Russell, Charles Edward
    • Date: 1864
  • Collection
    American Society of Adlerian Psychology records, 1951-1970 Society founded in 1951 to foster and promote the work and teachings of Adlerian psychology and its founder, Alfred Adler. Renamed the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology in 1977. Correspondence, minute books, membership lists, and organizational material relating to the history and incorporation of the society.
    • Contributor: American Society of Adlerian Psychology
    • Date: 1951