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    Lorenzo Johnston Greene papers, 1680-1988 African-American historian, educator, editor, and civil rights and social activist. Chiefly academic files documenting Greene's career as a professor of history and pioneer in the field of African-American studies at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri.
    • Contributor: Greene, Lorenzo J. (Lorenzo Johnston) - Greene, Lorenzo J.
    • Date: 1680
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    Thomas H. Robbins papers, 1918-1971 United States naval officer. Correspondence, duty orders, logbooks, biographical material, speeches, and other papers relating to Robbins's naval career and emphasizing his specialty in naval aviation.
    • Contributor: Robbins, Thomas H. (Thomas Hinckley) - Robbins, Thomas H.
    • Date: 1918
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    Woodbury Lowery collection relating to Spanish settlements in the United States, 1517-1803 Lawyer, editor and historian. Chiefly handwritten transcripts of documents compiled by Lowery relating to Spanish settlements in California, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas.
    • Contributor: Lowery, Woodbury
    • Date: 1517
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    Benjamin Delahauf Foulois papers, 1898-1966 Military officer and pioneer aviator. Correspondence, diaries, reports, official documents and personnel records, newspaper clippings, and other material relating to Foulois's military career and the development of air power in the United States military.
    • Contributor: Foulois, Benjamin Delahauf
    • Date: 1898
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    Noel Francis Parrish papers, 1894-1987 Air force general and university professor. Correspondence, speeches and writings, academic and military files, family papers, photographs and slides, and other papers documenting Parrish's military and academic careers, including as commander of Tuskegee Army Air Field (Ala.) where he was responsible for training the Army Air Force's first African-American pilots during World War II.
    • Contributor: Parrish, Noel Francis
    • Date: 1894
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    Henry A. Willard II collection, 1743-1888 Papers and records collected by Henry A Willard II including Bradley-Willard family papers and correspondence, Willard Hotel records, miscellaneous business records, and autographs collected by Henry A. Willard I that include the signers of the Declaration of Independence, presidents of the Continental Congress, and related individuals.
    • Contributor: Willard, Henry A. (Henry Augustus) - Willard, Henry A.
    • Date: 1743
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    Walter Francis Willcox papers, 1851-1965 Statistician and professor of economics. Correspondence, a diary, memoranda, notes, reports, books, articles, scrapbooks, and other material relating primarily to Willcox's career as professor of economics and statistics at Cornell University and as chief statistician in the United States Bureau of the Census.
    • Contributor: Willcox, Walter Francis
    • Date: 1851
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    Charles Mason Remey family papers, 1778-1949 Primarily the papers of Charles Mason Remey relating to his activities on behalf of the Baháï faith. Also includes papers of George Collier Remey (1841-1928) pertaining to his service with the U.S. Navy during the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, and the Boxer Rebellion; papers of Iowa jurist and temperance and women's rights advocate, Charles Mason (1804-1882); and papers of Mary ...
    • Contributor: Remey, Charles Mason
    • Date: 1778
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    Nathan F. Twining papers, 1924-1960 U.S. Army and Air Force officer and publishing company executive. Correspondence, diaries, logs, speeches and statements, biographical material, certificates, flight records, newspaper clippings, printed matter, and photographs relating to mainly to Twining's career in the air force and as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    • Contributor: Twining, Nathan F. (Nathan Farragut) - Twining, Nathan F.
    • Date: 1924
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    Montgomery Meigs Taylor papers, 1890-1935 Naval officer and commander-in-chief, Asiatic Fleet. Official and personal correspondence reflecting life in Asia and military records, journals, notebooks, writings, and other papers relating mainly to Taylor’s military career.
    • Contributor: Taylor, Montgomery Meigs
    • Date: 1890
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    Israel Perlstein collection relating to Imperial Russia, 1613-1914 Rare book dealer. Russian land grant charters; Russian and Swedish imperial patents of nobility; Pal'menbach family papers; invitations, menus, programs, press passes, and other memorabilia of journalist Mikhail Andreevich Zaguliaev from the 1896 coronation of Emperor Nicholas II; and other certificates, documents, and printed material.
    • Contributor: Perlstein, Israel
    • Date: 1613
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    Louis Skidmore papers, 1908-1976 Architect. Correspondence, diaries, subject files, family papers, and other papers relating chiefly to Skidmore’s career as an architect.
    • Contributor: Skidmore, Louis
    • Date: 1908
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    Henry White Edgerton papers, 1910-1970 Jurist, lawyer, and educator. Correspondence, memoranda, writings, case files, reports, notes, pamphlets, lists, newspaper clippings, and printed matter, relating mainly to White's career as a law professor and judge.
    • Contributor: Edgerton, Henry White
    • Date: 1910
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    Edward Goodrich Acheson papers, 1872-1968 Electrochemist, engineer, and inventor. Correspondence, diaries, biographical material, financial papers, laboratory notebooks relating to experiments and inventions, newspaper clippings, and other materials pertaining to Acheson's scientific work.
    • Contributor: Acheson, Edward Goodrich
    • Date: 1872
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    Lyman Trumbull correspondence, 1843-1894 United States senator from Illinois. Chiefly letters received by Trumbull and some drafts or copies of replies on political matters.
    • Contributor: Trumbull, Lyman
    • Date: 1843
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    Smith Ely Jelliffe papers, 1882-1977 Neurologist, psychoanalyst, and educator. Correspondence, letterbooks, notebooks, genealogical material, biographical material, scrapbooks, photographs, articles, sketches, studies, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, and a diary relating primarily to Jelliffe’s career and to his family.
    • Contributor: Jelliffe, Smith Ely
    • Date: 1882
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    Edward Willis papers, 1854-1906 Confederate Army officer and merchant. Correspondence, ledgers, memorandum books, requisition books, newspaper clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating mainly to Willis's service as chief quartermaster of G. T. Beauregard's division in the Confederate Army.
    • Contributor: Willis, Edward
    • Date: 1854
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    Abraham Lincoln papers, Correspondence and other papers relating primarily to Abraham Lincoln's presidency and the Civil War. Includes two drafts of the Gettysburg address, material preserved by John G. Nicolay in his capacities as Lincoln's secretary and editor of the Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln (1905), a letter of condolence from Queen Victoria to Mary Todd Lincoln, and a small amount of material about Lincoln dated after ...
    • Contributor: Lincoln, Abraham
  • Collection
    Franklin Pierce papers, Correspondence, diary kept by Pierce while serving in the Mexican war, writings including drafts of Pierce's messages to Congress, and an engraved portrait. Relates chiefly to public affairs and national politics. Correspondents include Charles Gordon Atherton, Samuel D. Bell, Edmund Burke, James Campbell, Lewis Cass, James L. Curtis, Caleb Cushing, Jefferson Davis, Asa Fowler, John H. George, Albert Ruyter Hatch, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Elizabeth McNeil, ...
    • Contributor: Pierce, Franklin
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    Ralph Block papers, 1872-1971 Journalist, motion picture producer, screenwriter, and public official. Correspondence, memoranda, writings, family papers, printed material, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Block's career as an author, reviewer, screenwriter, movie editor, associate producer, and as an official of the Office of War Information in India.
    • Contributor: Block, Ralph
    • Date: 1872
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    Elizur Wright papers, 1793-1935 Reformer, publisher, and actuary. Correspondence, manuscript and typewritten transcripts of writings, legal and financial papers, scrapbooks, clippings, printed material, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Wright’s involvement in the antislavery movement and to his work as an actuary and as an author and translator.
    • Contributor: Wright, Elizur
    • Date: 1793
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    Rodney family papers, 1771-1824 Cabinet officers, diplomats, farmers, jurists, lawyers, senators, soldiers, and statesmen. Correspondence and other material of Caesar Rodney, Thomas Rodney, and C. A. Rodney.
    • Date: 1771
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    Ulysses S. Grant papers, 1819-1974 United States president and army officer. General and family correspondence, speeches, reports, messages, manuscript of Grant’s memoirs (1885), military records, financial and legal records, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and miscellaneous papers relating to Grant’s career in the military, politics, and government.
    • Contributor: Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson) - Grant, Ulysses S.
    • Date: 1819
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    D.W. Whittle papers, 1861-1974 Union army officer, business manager, songwriter, and evangelist. Correspondence, court records, diary, maps, and military orders pertaining to Whittle's Civil War service.
    • Contributor: Whittle, D. W. (Daniel Webster) - Whittle, D. W.
    • Date: 1861
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    Manuscripts: Bach to Baseball Cards - Conservation Highlights (Preservation, Library of Congress) Bach to Baseball Cards: Preserving the Nation's Heritage at the Library of Congress