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  • Collection

    Theodore Francis Green papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, reports, subject and chronological files, clippings, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating principally to Green's career and activities in the U.S. Senate, particularly as a member and chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Subjects include Rhode Island state politics, Democratic Party politics, domestic issues, foreign affairs, the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and fisheries treaties. Other subjects ...

    • Contributor: Green, Theodore Francis
  • Collection

    J. Thomas Schneider papers, 1915-1960

    Army officer, government official, and lawyer. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, treaties, writings, maps, and other papers relating chiefly to Schneider's service as personal aide to Gen. John J. Pershing, commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during and after World War I.

    • Contributor: Schneider, J. Thomas (john Thomas) - Schneider, J. Thomas
    • Date: 1915
  • Collection

    David D. Porter family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, journals, logbooks, orders, reports, memoranda, family papers, drafts of articles, memoirs, poems, short stories, and other literary writings, sketches, photographs, and printed matter documenting David D. Porter's naval career. Includes material on his years as a midshipman, his service in the Mexican War, his trips to the Mediterranean to secure camels for the use of the U.S. Army, his Civil War service, his ...

    • Contributor: Porter, David D. (david Dixon) - Porter, David
  • Collection

    Tasker Howard Bliss papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, minutes of meetings, speeches, lectures, reports, articles, printed matter, scrapbooks, and other papers relating chiefly to Bliss's military career and participation in peace negotiations following World War I. Documents his service with the U.S. American Commission to Negotiate Peace following the war, participation in the Allied and Associated Powers Supreme War Council, term as chief of staff of the U.S. War ...

    • Contributor: Bliss, Tasker Howard
  • Collection

    Omar Nelson Bradley papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Addresses, statements, and articles written by Bradley while he served as chief of staff of the U.S. Army (1948-1949) and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff (1949-1953). Subjects include the U.S. Army budget, Career Compensation Act of 1949, continuation of the Selective Service Act of 1948 and universal military training, and unification of the armed services. Other subjects include the Korean War, Military ...

    • Contributor: Bradley, Omar Nelson
  • Collection

    John McAuley Palmer papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, writings including drafts of Palmer's unpublished memoirs, notes, research material, subject files, biographical material, printed matter, and other papers relating to Palmer's career in the U.S. Army. Documents his service as assistant chief of staff and aide-de-camp to John J. Pershing and as advocate of contemporary military reform based on universal military training (draft) and the citizen soldier. Also documents his work as ...

    • Contributor: Palmer, John McAuley - Holley, I. (irving Brinton)
  • Collection

    Tilton family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, military orders, genealogical material, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to the Civil War service of the four Tilton brothers. Chiefly letters from Albert Murray Tilton and Robert Antis Tilton who served with the 51st Illinois Infantry Regiment, Henry Tilton, Jr., who served with the 24th New York Light Artillery Regiment, and William Gibbs Tilton who served with the 21st New ...

  • Collection

    George Montfort Gilchrist family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, school records, literary and commencement programs, poetry, and Gilpin family genealogical material. Much of the correspondence is between Gilchrist, who served with the 3rd Indiana Cavalry Regiment in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia during the Civil War, and his wife, Mollie Gilpin Gilchrist; other letters are between Mollie and her brothers, Samuel J.V.B. Gilpin, of the 1st Indiana Cavalry Regiment, and E.N. Gilpin, of ...

    • Contributor: Gilchrist, George Montfort
  • Collection

    Nicholas Low papers, 1773-1897

    New York merchant, financier, land speculator, and state legislator. Family and business correspondence, business and ship's papers, legal papers, accounts of voyages to Asia, Europe, and South America, and printed matter. Includes correspondence with foreign merchants and relates to trade conditions, Loyalist matters, and to events in Congress during the first session following the adoption of the Constitution.

    • Contributor: Low, Nicholas
    • Date: 1773
  • Collection

    George S. Patton papers, 1807-1979

    United States Army officer. Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, journals, writings, speeches and lectures, military papers, scrapbooks, military publications, maps, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Patton's military career as a student at the U.S. Military Academy (1904-1909), member of John J. Pershing's Punitive Expedition into Mexico (1916), aide-de-camp to Pershing and later tank commander in Europe during World War I, and commander of forces ...

    • Contributor: Patton, George S. (George Smith) - Patton, George S.
    • Date: 1807
  • Collection

    Thaddeus Stevens papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence; speeches; legal, business, and financial records; biographical material; clippings; printed matter; and other papers relating chiefly to Stevens's service in the U.S. Congress and to family and business affairs. Documents his involvement in Pennsylvania state politics and national politics; the anti-Masonic movement; the Whig Party; Winfield Scott's nomination as Whig presidential candidate in 1852; and the Republican Party. Subjects include Abraham Lincoln; slavery; ...

    • Contributor: Stevens, Thaddeus
  • Collection

    John W. Colbert papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, diaries, speeches, lectures, articles, research materials, artwork, and other papers pertaining to Colbert's experiences researching tropical diseases primarily in Panama and Puerto Rico in the early 1900s, training nurses in Puerto Rico (1904-1905), assisting in relief efforts following the earthquake and firestorm in San Francisco (1906), providing medical care for the French and American armies in Belgium, the Gallipoli Peninsula (Turkey), and France ...

    • Contributor: Colbert, John W. (john William)
  • Collection

    Aaron Burton Levisee papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Diaries (1847-1895; volumes 1-5, 7) documenting Levisee's activities as a student at the University of Michigan, school teacher in Alabama, lawyer in Louisiana, soldier in the Confederate army, judge and state legislator in Louisiana during Reconstruction, Republican elector for the state of Louisiana in the presidential election of 1876, and later as an internal revenue agent in California and the Pacific Northwest. Also includes ...

    • Contributor: Levisee, Aaron Burton
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Ralph Samuel Jaffe collection, Veterans History Project (U.S.) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    The Ralph Jaffe Collection consists of personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, a diary, a creative work, photographs, and artifacts. The majority of the collection consists of correspondence by Ralph Jaffe to his wife, Betty, and her letters to him during his time in military service.

    • Contributor: Jaffe, Ralph Samuel - Veterans History Project (u.s.) - American Folklife Center
    • Date: 1924
  • Collection

    Clare Boothe Luce papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence particularly relating to politics, religion, and literary and artistic endeavors; secretarial file; literary file containing business records, articles, essays, reviews, commentaries, journals, notebooks, memoirs, novels, short stories, plays, non-ficition, pamphlets, and proposals, together with notes, drafts, fragments, and other writings; congressional and ambassadorial correspondence and subject files; Boothe (Booth) and Luce family and personal papers; speech files; scrapbooks (141 volumes); artwork; and other ...

    • Contributor: Luce, Clare Boothe - Boothe, John William Thomas - Luce, Henry Robinson
  • Collection

    Henry Ware Lawton papers, 1849-1930

    Army officer. Correspondence, military papers, a map, photographs, printed matter, and miscellaneous material relating chiefly to Lawton's military career. Includes a copy of a journal of Esther Voorhees Hasson, 1899, and a copy of a diary of Leonard Wood, 1886.

    • Contributor: Lawton, Henry Ware
    • Date: 1849
  • Collection

    John Vachon papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, family papers, lecture notes, writings, financial papers, clippings, printed matter, and other material relating primarily to Vachon's career as a photographer with the U.S. Farm Security Administration, U.S. Office of War Information, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, and Look magazine. Also documents his student days at Catholic University of America (1935-1936), life in Washington, D.C., (1935-1939), service in the U.S. Army at ...

    • Contributor: Vachon, John
  • Collection

    John J. Walsh papers, 1933-2004

    Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. Correspondence, writings, and research material relating to Walsh’s career as a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and as an investigator for congressional committees and executive branch agencies. Includes Walsh’s unpublished memoir and research files relating to the Venona project and to Matthew Silverman, a figure in the Alger Hiss case.

    • Contributor: Walsh, John J. (john Joseph) - Walsh, John J.
    • Date: 1933
  • Collection

    Burbank-Van Voorhis families papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, diaries, and military papers of Burbank and Van Voorhis family members spanning the War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, and the American occupation of the Philippines in the early 20th century. Diary of Captain Sullivan Burbank pertaining primarily to his service during the War of 1812 at forts in New York State and Detroit, Mich., areas; troop movements; passing American and British ...

    • Contributor: Burbank, Sidney - Burbank, Sullivan - Van Voorhis, Daniel - Van Voorhis, Edith Burbank
  • Collection

    Robert Patterson Hughes papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, diaries, writings, printed memorial, biographical material, and photographs documenting Hughes's military career, including his account of the Battle of Little Bighorn written the following day as aide-de-camp to General Alfred Howe Terry and material relating to his service during the Philippine insurrections (1898-1901).

    • Contributor: Hughes, Robert Patterson
  • Collection

    Charles Pelot Summerall papers, 1880-1955

    Army officer and college president. Correspondence, diaries, reports, speeches, writings, maps, charts, printed matter, memoranda, orders, memorabilia, and photographs concerning Summerall's military and academic career.

    • Contributor: Summerall, Charles Pelot
    • Date: 1880
  • Collection

    Henry Clay family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Personal, official, and family correspondence, speeches, writings, business records, legal files, biographical material, printed matter, and other papers chiefly documenting the public career and private life of statesman Henry Clay (1777-1852), U.S. secretary of state and representative and senator from Kentucky; and his son, James B. Clay (1817-1864), diplomat, U.S. representative from Kentucky, and Confederate sympathizer; and other members of Henry Clay's family. Part ...

    • Contributor: Clay, Henry - Clay, James (james Brown) - Morrison, James
  • Collection

    Georges F. Doriot papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, reports, speeches and lectures, diaries, and photographs pertaining primarily to Doriot's military career in the research and development of equipment and supplies during and after World War II. Documents his work in several positions including his directorship of the Military Planning Division, Office of the Quartermaster General and his postwar work as civilian consultant to the military. Topics include procurement, design and development, ...

    • Contributor: Doriot, Georges F. (georges Frederic)
  • Collection

    Charles Maccubbin papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Memoirs of Maccubbin's military service; military service record; manuscript map of the Davao Bay area, Philippines; and family photographs. Documents his service with the U.S. Army Twenty-first Infantry Regiment, 1886-1891, and with the Eighteenth Infantry Regiment, 1892-1919. Includes his description of military life and surroundings while based in forts in Wyoming and Texas and later in the Philippines during the insurrection of 1899-1901.

    • Contributor: Maccubbin, Charles
  • Collection

    Matthew Stanley Quay papers, 1776-1949

    United States senator from Pennsylvania (1887-1904). Correspondence, election materials, financial papers, genealogical information, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Quay's career in Pennsylvania and national politics as a member of the Republican party and the United States Senate.

    • Contributor: Quay, Matthew Stanley
    • Date: 1776