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    James Sever papers, 1764-1956 Naval officer. Chiefly correspondence between Sever as captain of the frigate Congress and various government officials. Also includes Sever (Sievers) family papers.
    • Contributor: Sever, James
    • Date: 1764
  • Collection
    Melville Eastham papers, 1908-1973 Radio engineer and manufacturer. Correspondence, diaries, blueprints, sketches, plans, notebooks, company files, photographs, reports, clippings, and printed matter largely related to Eastham’s career as a radio engineer and as head of the General Radio Company, but also to his avocation of collecting early maps and atlases.
    • Contributor: Eastham, Melville
    • Date: 1908
  • Collection
    Charles Henry Brent papers, 1860-1991 Clergyman and missionary. Correspondence, diaries, sermon notes, speeches and articles, reports, memoranda, family and personal correspondence, obituaries, Bibles, printed matter, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and photographs documenting Brent's career as a clergyman and missionary.
    • Contributor: Brent, Charles Henry
    • Date: 1860
  • Collection
    Du Mont Laboratories records, 1930-1960 Firm organized by Allen B. Du Mont in 1935 devoted to electronic television and communications engineering; television receiver and manufacturing business sold to Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation in 1958; remainder of the firm merged with Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation in 1960. General correspondence, administrative files, interoffice correspondence, financial records, sales and advertising files, television and government hearing material, and miscellaneous records relating ...
    • Contributor: Du Mont Laboratories
    • Date: 1930
  • Collection
    Charles Habib Malik papers, 1888-1994 Lebanese diplomat, statesman, philosopher, and educator. Correspondence, subject files, speeches, writings, and other papers documenting Malik's teaching career at the American University of Beirut and public service as Lebanese minister to the United States, as Lebanese delegate to the United Nations and president of its General Assembly, and as Lebanon's foreign minister during a period of civil and political strife.
    • Contributor: Malik, Charles Habib
    • Date: 1888
  • Collection
    Sylvanus Bourne papers, 1775-1859 Massachusetts businessman and United States consul in Santo Domingo (1790-1791) and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1794-1817). Drafts and photocopies of Bourne’s personal and diplomatic correspondence, business and commercial papers, a scrapbook, and account books. Consists primarily of correspondence relating to commerce between the United States and European countries, primarily France and Great Britain, and United States foreign relations and politics. Other material concerns Bourne’s ...
    • Contributor: Bourne, Sylvanus
    • Date: 1775
  • Collection
    Benjamin B. French family papers, 1778-1940 New Hampshire politician, clerk of the United States House of Representatives, and Commissioner of Public Buildings in Washington, D.C. Journals, personal correspondence, writings, and miscellaneous papers chiefly relating to family matters and including commentary on political events and social life in Washington in the nineteenth century. Other prominent family members represented in the papers include Francis O. French, banker, and Amos Tuck, congressman.
    • Contributor: French, Benjamin (Benjamin Brown) - French, Benjamin
    • Date: 1778
  • Collection
    Herbert Hill papers, 1869-2004 Civil rights activist, educator, author, and NAACP labor secretary. Correspondence, legal case files, articles, draft books, speeches, news clippings, trade union records, governmental records, writings, speeches, photographs, printed matter, and other material relating to Hill's labor, social, and civil rights activism; writing and editing; and his academic career.
    • Contributor: Hill, Herbert
    • Date: 1869
  • Collection
    John C. Merriam papers, 1899-1938 Paleontologist, educator, and author. Correspondence, articles, memoranda, notes, reports, speeches, drawings, maps, photographs, memorabilia, printed matter, and other materials mainly concerning Merriam's work as chairman of the National Research Council, president of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and regent of the Smithsonian Institution.
    • Contributor: Merriam, John C. (John Campbell) - Merriam, John C.
    • Date: 1899
  • Collection
    James A. Farley papers, 1790-1976 Postmaster general, politician, and businessman. Correspondence, memoranda, subject files, speeches and writings, scrapbooks, printed matter, and miscellaneous material relating to Farley's service as postmaster general, chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, and business interests.
    • Contributor: Farley, James A. (James Aloysius) - Farley, James A.
    • Date: 1790
  • Collection
    Julius Goebel papers, 1873-1930 Lawyer and educator. Correspondence, subject files, printed matter relating mainly to career as a professor of German language and literature, his removal from the Stanford University faculty, and German-American affairs. Also includes Goebel family correspondence
    • Contributor: Goebel, Julius
    • Date: 1873
  • Collection
    Wharton Barker papers, 1864-1921 Financier, publicist, and politician. Correspondence, letterbooks, photographs, pamphlets, printed matter, and scrapbooks reflecting Barker’s broad interests in American and foreign business matters especially in Russia and China, bimetallism, and politics.
    • Contributor: Barker, Wharton
    • Date: 1864
  • Collection
    Don Walker collection, 1932-1984 Don Walker was an arranger, orchestrator, composer, lyricist, and author, who was particularly known for his Broadway orchestrations. The collection, which relates primarily to his career, includes holograph music manuscripts and printed scores from musicals, radio and television shows, and films; scripts; personal and business papers that include correspondence, clippings, and financial documents; writings; and photographs.
    • Contributor: Walker, Don
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection
    Albert Sidney Burleson papers, 1845-1943 United States representative from Texas, postmaster general in Woodrow Wilson's cabinet, and Democratic Party leader. Correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, scrapbooks, and articles relating chiefly to Burleson’s career in politics and government, including letters to and from Woodrow Wilson.
    • Contributor: Burleson, Albert Sidney
    • Date: 1845
  • Collection
    J.F. Shafroth papers, 1926-1945 Naval officer. Official correspondence, memoranda, directives, and reports sent to William Frederick Halsey and Chester W. Nimitz relating primarily to Shafroth's experiences as a commander in the South Pacific and head of a task group that conducted the first heavy bombardment of Japan during World War II. Includes material relating to Shafroth's course work at the Army War College.
    • Contributor: Shafroth, J. F. (John Franklin) - Shafroth, J. F.
    • Date: 1926
  • Collection
    Cerise C. Jack papers relating to the Sacco and Vanzetti case, circa 1921-1999 Friend and supporter of Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco, immigrant Italian anarchists tried and executed for murder. Correspondence from Vanzetti, Sacco, and Sacco’s wife, Rose Sacco, during the time of Sacco and Vanzetti’s incarceration. Also includes related correspondence, newletters, pamphlets, and bulletins chiefly of the Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee and the Sacco-Vanzetti National League.
    • Contributor: Jack, Cerise C.
    • Date: 1921
  • Collection
    Blair family papers, 1755-1968 Prominent family in nineteenth century national politics. Correspondence, speeches and writings, legal files, financial records, historical research files, printed matter, and estate records documenting principally the careers of Francis Preston Blair, journalist and presidential advisor, Frank P. Blair, soldier and politician, and Montgomery Blair, lawyer and cabinet officer.
    • Date: 1755
  • Collection
    James Couzens papers, 1903-1940 General manager and treasurer of Ford Motor Company, mayor of Detroit, and United States senator. Correspondence, articles, speeches, subject files, and scrapbooks documenting his career as an industrialist and politician.
    • Contributor: Couzens, James
    • Date: 1903
  • Collection
    Frank Knox papers, 1898-1954 Newspaper editor and publisher, and U.S. secretary of the navy. Correspondence, diaries, speeches and writings, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and miscellany relating to Knox's service in the Spanish-American War and World War I, his work as editor and publisher, 1936 campaign for vice president, and stint as secretary of the navy. Includes papers of his wife, Annie Reid Knox.
    • Contributor: Knox, Frank
    • Date: 1898
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Sam Eskin collection, 1939-1969 Collection consists of manuscripts, field recordings, photographs, and ephemera documenting folk music and folk music revivals in the United States, Canada, and Mexico from 1938 to 1966; plus manuscripts and field recordings of mostly unidentified artists performing folk music in Jamaica, Cuba, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, and Thailand from 1953 to 1969 collected by Sam ...
    • Contributor: Eskin, Sam
    • Date: 1939
  • Collection
    Charles Perley Smith papers, 1920-1946 Jurist. Correspondence, memoranda, and printed opinions relating chiefly to Smith’s service as a judge on the United States Board of Tax Appeals (later called the United States Tax Court) from 1924 to 1946.
    • Contributor: Smith, Charles Perley
    • Date: 1920
  • Collection
    Louise Talma papers, 1861-1998 Louise Talma was an American composer, pianist, and teacher. She was a student of Nadia Boulanger and a long-time resident of Fontainebleau and the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire. The collection consists of music manuscripts, harmony and teaching materials, correspondence, photographs, business papers, clippings, programs, publicity materials, writings, awards and other materials related to her career and her family's history.
    • Contributor: Talma, Louise
    • Date: 1861
  • Collection
    Huston Thompson papers, 1908-1965 Lawyer and government official. Correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, speeches, articles, photographs, and near-print and print material relating to the presidential candidacy of Woodrow Wilson, Thompson's service as legal counsel in the investigation of the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1930s, and his service as mediator in national industrial strike emergencies.
    • Contributor: Thompson, Huston
    • Date: 1908
  • Collection
    Fyke Farmer papers, 1875-1997 Lawyer and activist. Correspondence, court documents and legal papers, speech material, writings, notes, press clippings, journal articles, and other material concerning mainly Farmer's legal work and interest in the espionage case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
    • Contributor: Farmer, Fyke
    • Date: 1875
  • Collection
    Ethel L. Payne papers, 1857-1991 Journalist and social activist. Correspondence, articles, syndicated columns, transcripts of radio broadcasts, speeches, reports, notes, biographical subject file, printed material, clippings, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Payne's career as a foreign correspondent, syndicated columnist for two African-American newspaper chains, Afro-American Newspapers and Sengstacke Enterprises, and commentator with the Columbia Broadcasting System, inc., (later CBS Inc.) Spectrum radio program.
    • Contributor: Payne, Ethel L.
    • Date: 1857