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    John J. Walsh papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, writings, and research files relating chiefly to the Venona project, a secret program of the U.S. Army Signal Intelligence Service examining encrypted Soviet diplomatic communications. Research files include translations of messages sent among Komitet gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnosti (KGB) agents and operatives in Australia; Mexico; Moscow, Russia; New York, N.Y.; San Francisco, Calif.; South America; and Washington, D.C., during the 1940s and 1950s. Also includes ...
    • Contributor: Walsh, John J. (John Joseph)
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    Edgar Ansel Mowrer and Lilian T. Mowrer papers, 1898-1978 Edgar Ansel Mowrer, journalist, and Lilian Thomson, author, married 1916. Correspondence, manuscripts of speeches and writings, lectures, subject files, and other papers documenting the Mowrers' careers as authors and lecturers on foreign affairs, particularly on the diplomacy of France, Germany, Italy, and the United States.
    • Contributor: Mowrer, Edgar Ansel
    • Date: 1898
  • Collection
    Daniel Schorr papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, speeches, broadcast scripts, articles and book production material, family papers, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Schorr's career in journalism. Documents his work for Cable News Network, Columbia Broadcasting System, inc., and National Public Radio. Also documents his service as a U.S. Army intelligence officer stationed at Camp Polk, La., and Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tex., during World War II, ...
    • Contributor: Schorr, Daniel
  • Collection
    Chandler P. Anderson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries, minutes of meetings, writings, reports, informal records and notes of negotiations, transcripts of court proceedings and other legal records, press releases, clippings, print and near-print material, maps, and other papers relating chiefly to Anderson's career in international law and official activities in the U.S. Dept of State. Includes summaries of conversations with Bernard M. Baruch, Robert Lansing, Henry Cabot Lodge, Elihu Root, ...
    • Contributor: Anderson, Chandler P. (Chandler Parsons)
  • Collection
    William E. Odom papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, writings, logbooks, subject files, scrapbooks, printed matter, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Odom's military career, particularly his service as military assistant to the assistant to the president for national security affairs, Zbigniew K. Brzezinski (1977-1981); as U.S. Army assistant chief of staff for intelligence (1981-1985); and as director of the National Security Agency (1985-1988) as well as his work ...
    • Contributor: Odom, William E. - Dujarric, Robert - Solzhenit︠s︡yn, Aleksandr Isaevich
  • Collection
    Donald T. Regan papers, 1919-1993 Correspondence, memoranda, chronological and subject files, speeches and engagements file, personal file, scrapbooks, and other papers documenting Donald T. Regan's government service as U.S. secretary of the treasury and chief of White House staff during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
    • Contributor: Regan, Donald T.
    • Date: 1919
  • Collection
    Roland S. Morris papers, 1910-1943 Lawyer, diplomat, and educator. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, reports, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Morris's service as U.S. ambassador to Japan and to his special missions to Siberia.
    • Contributor: Morris, Roland S. (Roland Sletor) - Morris, Roland S.
    • Date: 1910
  • Collection
    William J. Crowe papers, 1932-2003 Naval officer and diplomat. Correspondence, memoranda, biographical material, clippings, memorabilia, naval records, orders for duty, political campaign files, press releases, photographs, printed matter, scheduling notebooks, reports, research material, speeches and writings, and subject files relating chiefly to Crowe's naval career, service as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and tenure as ambassador to the United Kingdom.
    • Contributor: Crowe, William J.
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection
    Howard S. Liebengood papers, 1950-1982 Lawyer and United States Senate sergeant at arms. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, speeches, reports, legislative proposals, research files, notebooks, travel materials, campaign materials, financial and legal papers, Senate floor statements, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Liebengood's service on the minority staff of the United States Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, as minority staff director of the United States Senate ...
    • Contributor: Liebengood, Howard S. (Howard Scholey) - Liebengood, Howard S.
    • Date: 1950
  • Collection
    Souvanna Phouma, Prince of Laos, papers, 1961 January 1-1970 December 31 Prince and prime minister of Laos. Copies of ten volumes of diaries with inserted material such as letters, cables, memoranda, communiqués, clippings, and other printed material reflecting Souvanna Phouma's role as nationalist and conciliator of the political factions within Laos.
    • Contributor: Souvanna Phouma, Prince of Laos - Souvanna Phouma
    • Date: 1961
  • Collection
    William E. Odom papers, 1918-1992 Army officer and educator. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches and writings, logbooks, subject files, scrapbooks, printed material, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Odom's service as military assistant to the assistant to the president for national security affairs, United States Army assistant chief of staff for intelligence, and director of the National Security Agency.
    • Contributor: Odom, William E.
    • Date: 1918
  • Collection
    William Harrison Standley papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, speeches, writings, reports, naval orders, articles, news releases, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Standley's career in the U.S. Navy and as ambassador. Pertains chiefly to U.S. naval power in the 1930's; relations with Germany in 1940 and with the Soviet Union after World War II; and Standley's involvement in anti-Communist organizations in the 1950s. Includes drafts of Admiral Ambassador to ...
    • Contributor: Standley, William Harrison
  • Collection
    Bainbridge Colby papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, speeches, notebooks, press releases, clippings, scrapbooks, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Colby's career as a politician and statesman after 1912, including his service as U.S. secretary of state in Woodrow Wilson's administration. Subjects include national politics, the Progressive Party, political campaigns including the presidential campaigns of Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 and of Alfred M. Landon in 1936, Franklin Delano ...
    • Contributor: Colby, Bainbridge
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Sound recordings and other material from the Zbigniew Brzezinski papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Consists of sound recordings of interviews, speeches, dictated memorandums, television news, and audio diaries that document Brzezinski's tenure as national security advisor in President Jimmy Carter's administration as well as post-1981 domestic and foreign speaking engagements, travel, and interviews and guest spots on various radio programs, such as National Public Radio's America abroad. A 1981 oral history interview with Brzezinski is also included, as ...
    • Contributor: Brzezinski, Zbigniew
    • Date: 1979
  • Collection
    Brien McMahon papers, 1943-1952 United States senator from Connecticut. Correspondence, clippings, addresses, public statements, articles, and bills and resolutions prepared by McMahon during his term of office as senator.
    • Contributor: McMahon, Brien
    • Date: 1943
  • Collection
    Albert Gleaves papers, 1803-1946 Naval officer and historian. Correspondence, diaries, journals, speeches, articles, books, scrapbooks, reports of the Asiatic Fleet, notebooks, photographs, newspaper clippings, biographical material, poetry, printed matter, and other papers relating to Gleaves's naval career and his writings.
    • Contributor: Gleaves, Albert
    • Date: 1803
  • Collection
    Joseph Edward Davies papers, 1860-1958 Diplomat, lawyer, and author. Correspondence, diaries, drafts of articles, books, and speeches, printed matter, and scrapbooks relating to Davies's career as an ambassador to Belgium and Russia, presidential advisor, and author.
    • Contributor: Davies, Joseph Edward
    • Date: 1860
  • Collection
    Bernard A. Schriever papers, 1931-2005 U.S. Air Force officer, aerospace consultant, and aviator. Correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, writings, subject files, and other papers relating to Schriever's career as a U.S. Air Force officer responsible for the research and development of the intercontinental ballistic missile and early military space programs and his post-military career as a corporate and government consultant.
    • Contributor: Schriever, Bernard A.
    • Date: 1931
  • Collection
    Robert S. McNamara papers, 1934-2009 United States secretary of defense, president of the World Bank, and corporate executive. Correspondence, memoranda, organization records, subject files, speeches and writings, reports, conferences and meetings, background and research material, and other papers relating primarily to McNamara's private and public life following his service as secretary of defense, including his leadership of the World Bank, his role as counselor and adviser to various private ...
    • Contributor: McNamara, Robert S.
    • Date: 1934
  • Collection
    John Adams Kingsbury papers, 1841-1966 Social worker and social reformer. Includes correspondence, journals and diaries, family papers, autobiographical material, travel notes, manuscripts of Kingsbury's books, speeches and articles, news releases, legal and financial papers and documents his activities as a social reformer and public health advocate such as his efforts to improve the conditions of public institutions in New York and Eastern European relief work.
    • Contributor: Kingsbury, John Adams
    • Date: 1841
  • Collection
    Laurence A. Steinhardt papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, letterbooks, articles, speeches, financial papers, business records, legal papers, and other papers relating to Steinhardt's career as U.S. ambassador to Canada, Czechoslovakia, Peru , the Soviet Union, Sweden, and Turkey. Correspondents include George V. Allen, Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Joseph Edward Davies, James A. Farley, Loy W. Henderson, Cordell Hull, C. D. Jackson, Alfred A. Knopf, Ruth Bryan Owen, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Edward ...
    • Contributor: Steinhardt, Laurence A. (Laurence Adolph)
  • Collection
    Laurence A. Steinhardt papers, 1929-1950 Lawyer, economist, and diplomat. Correspondence, letterbooks, articles, speeches, financial papers, business records, legal papers, and other papers relating to Steinhardt's career as ambassador to Sweden, Peru, the Soviet Union, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, and Canada.
    • Contributor: Steinhardt, Laurence A. (Laurence Adolph) - Steinhardt, Laurence A.
    • Date: 1929
  • Collection
    Hermann Hagedorn papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, subject files, research materials, and miscellany relating primarily to Hagedorn's biographies of Leonard Wood and William Boyce Thompson. Original materials document Thompson's role in relief work in Russia following the Russian Revolution and in securing diplomatic recognition for the Soviet Union. Includes material on Hagedorn's activities relating to loyalty concerns during World War I especially in relation to his fellow German Americans and ...
    • Contributor: Hagedorn, Hermann
  • Collection
    Joseph Kingsbury-Smith papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, writings, wire-service reports, transcribed interviews and phone calls, notes on conversations, background files, biographical material, family papers, financial records, clippings, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating to Kingsbury-Smith's career with Hearst Corporation and to his personal relationship with the Hearst family, in particular William Randolph Hearst, Jr. Other family members represented include Austine McDonnell Hearst, Millicent Willson Hearst, Patricia (Patty) Hearst, and ...
    • Contributor: Kingsbury-Smith, Joseph
  • Collection
    Vannevar Bush papers, 1901-1974 Physicist, engineer, government official, and science administrator. The collection relates primarily to Vannevar Bush's role as coordinator of the scientific community for defense efforts during and after World War II when he served as chairman of the National Defense Research Committee and director of its successor, the Office of Scientific Research and Development, where he supervised the Manhattan Project and other programs.
    • Contributor: Bush, Vannevar
    • Date: 1901