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    Kitāb zubdat al-ṭibb /
    كتاب زبدة الطب /
    Text is an Arabic medical treatise in fomat of a symoptic chart in two parts: the first is devoted to theoretical medicine and discusses diagnosis by means of the pulse and urine; the second discusses anatomy and the treatment of disease. The second part is divided into 20 chapters and deals systematically with the anatomy and physiology of the human body and the treatment ...
    • Contributor: Jurjānī, Ismāʻīl Ibn Ḥasan
    • Date: 1677
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Kitāb Mā lā yasaʻu al-ṭabīb jahluh
    كتاب ما لا يسع الطبيب جهله.
    A well-organized medical treatment manual explains the evolution of the healing art in the Middle Ages. It is an abridgement of Ibn al-Baytar's "Kitāb al-Jāmiʻ li-mufradāt al-adwiyah," with some additions dealing with nutrition and medicine.
    • Contributor: Ibn Al-Kutubī, Yūsuf Ibn Ismaʻīl
    • Date: 1682