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    [Lectura super usibus feudorum /
    Ins. Canoni manuscripta. Samsone de. Gheele. Anno M.CCCC.XXXVI | Allegationes juris | Lecura super usibus feudorum Catalog Record Only
    The first text is a commentary on 12th-century Langobardian feudal law. It was circulated in Pavia in 1393 on behalf of Gian Galeazzo Visconti (1351-1402), Duke of Milan, who wished to unite northern Italy and revive the Langobard kingdom. Ubaldi was a teacher and practitioner of law in northern and central Italy before becoming court jurist for Visconti. Mss. of the text are found ...
    • Contributor: Ubaldi, Baldo Degli
    • Date: 1436