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    Jinchū nisshi : Shōwa 19-nen 1-gatsu /
    陣中日誌 : 昭和十九年一月/ Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Ms. (Handwritten, carbon copies). Cover title. On double leaves. Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Website. LC copy has "WDC # 148328" pencilled, and "CINCPAC-CINCPOA item #" stamped and "11,068" written. "四册ノ内・其ノ一"--Handwritten on cover. Daily records includes "ドマゲテ" [Domageti? in Negros Island (Philippines)?]; possibly the company stationed there.
    • Contributor: Japan. Rikugun. Senpaku Kōhei Rentai, Dai 16. Chūtai, Dai 1
    • Date: 1944