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    Tōke chakuyō shōzoku ika no koto.
    當家着用装束以下事. Catalog Record Only
    Ms. (shahon). Caption title. Includes markings and many notes added in red. With no borders, text in 9 vertical lines. On double leaves, oriental style (fukurotoji). LC copy wormed, with loss of text. LC copy rebound in western style (yōsōbon); original covers probably removed. Asakawa collection (SEP 6 1907) 3804b Binder's title: 故實雜書・四. Postscript dated 文明 12 [1480]. "當家相傳十二合文書事": At end of main text. ...
    • Contributor: Ichijō, Kanera
    • Date: 1480