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    Sanmaya kai.
    三摩耶戒. | Sanmaya kaigi Catalog Record Only
    Ms. (shahon). In Kanji, with some readings and reading marks. Title from title piece mounted on scroll. Notes written on verso of scroll. Asakawa collection (Sep 6 1907 stamped) First postscript by 亮性, "觀應三 [1352] ... 書寫"; 2nd by 堯仁, dated 應永七 [1400]; "惠宅[?]" "釋亮雄印" stamped after all postscripts. Bussho kaisetsu daijiten v. 4, p. 120- (3 entries under 三摩耶戒 = Sanmaya kai, none ...
    • Date: 1400