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  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Letter from Orlando Gray to Juliana Smith Reynolds, September 4, 1862

    • Contributor: Reynolds, Juliana Smith - Gray, Orlando
    • Date: 1862-09-04

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    William L. Daley collection relating to Billy Sunday, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Chiefly newspaper clippings compiled by Sunday's press agent, William L. Daley, relating to revivals held by Sunday in Syracuse, N.Y. (1915), Trenton, N.J. (1916), Baltimore, Md. (1916), and Buffalo, N.Y. (1917). Also includes correspondence, sermon notes, printed matter, photographs, and other papers.

    • Contributor: Sunday, Billy
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with J. William Middendorf II

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Middendorf, John William
    • Date: 1993-07-28
  • Collection

    Samuel Smith family papers, 1772-1911

    Army officer and statesman. Correspondence, letterbooks, military and political papers, and miscellaneous material relating to Samuel Smith's forty years in Congress, his military career, and the history and politics of Maryland. Includes papers relating to John Spear Smith, Robert Smith, and other Smith family members.

    • Contributor: Smith, Samuel
    • Date: 1772
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    Shelby family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, legal and financial records, military records, genealogical data, and other papers relating primarily to Evan Shelby, soldier and frontiersman, and to his son, Isaac Shelby, soldier and political leader, providing a record of frontier life and political and economic developments in Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. The papers of Isaac Shelby document his activities during the Indian wars, Revolutionary ...

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    William L. Daley collection relating to Billy Sunday, 1914-1925

    Evangelist, born William Ashley Sunday. Chiefly newspaper clippings compiled by Sunday's press agent concerning revivals held by Sunday. Also includes miscellaneous correspondence, sermon notes, brochures, and other printed matter.

    • Contributor: Sunday, Billy
    • Date: 1914
  • Collection

    Kalanidhi Dance: Traditional Kuchipudi from Maryland

    Kalanidhi Dance Company was founded in 2005. Its artistic approach is to explore creative and contemporary ideas through the vocabulary of Kuchipudi, while retaining the essence and integrity of the classical form. Dancers include Supraja Chittari, Ankitha Durvasula, Ramya Durvasula, Pragnya Thamire and Deviga Valiyil.

    • Contributor: Kalanidhi Dance Company
    • Date: 2013-08-14
  • Collection

    Olmsted Associates records, 1863-1971

    Landscape architectural firm. The records include correspondence, letterbooks, memoranda, reports, plans, specifications, newspaper clippings, photographs, drawings, journals, account books, ledgers, lists, diagrams, blueprints, deeds, and printed matter constituting the business files of the firm and reflecting the breadth of the projects undertaken by its staff. A small group of Olmsted family papers is also contained in the collection.

    • Contributor: Olmsted Associates
    • Date: 1863
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Gilbert Thompson journal,

    Journal (1861-1864) of Thompson's Civil War experiences in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., while serving as a topographical engineer in the Engineer Battalion, U.S. Army of the Potomac. Includes later reminiscences; description of bridges, armaments, and firearms; and sketches and photographs of army officers and battle sites. Includes correspondence, laid in, of Nathaniel Prentiss Banks.

    • Contributor: Thompson, Gilbert

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    Lewis H. Machen Family Papers

    The Gresham family material in the Lewis H. Machen Family Papers consists of seven diaries kept by Georgia teenager LeRoy Wiley Gresham (1847-1865) during the Civil War, and approximately 550 items of correspondence, primarily letters exchanged by members his family's inner circle. Among the principal figures represented, all from Macon, Georgia, are John Jones Gresham, an attorney, judge, and plantation owner; his wife Mary ...

    • Contributor: Machen, Lewis H. (lewis Henry) - Gresham, Leroy Wiley - Machen, Arthur Webster - Machen, Caroline Webster - Machen, Emmeline - Machen, James P. - Machen, Minnie Gresham

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    Keidel family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Keidel family papers. Chiefly the papers of George C. Keidel, professor of romance languages at Johns Hopkins University and later an employee of the Library of Congress Copyright Office, including correspondence, annotations, and writings concerning his study of Aesop's Fables and other early works. Also includes letters (1861-1865) of Herman F. Keidel to his family in Maryland while serving with the 12th Virginia Cavalry ...

  • Collection

    Robert Garrett family papers, 1778-1925

    Garrett family of Baltimore, Md. Family members represented include Robert Garrett, railroad official, financier, and merchant, and his son John W. Garrett, railroad official and financier. Correspondence, business documents, and other papers relating to mercantile affairs in Baltimore, Maryland, and to Robert Garrett & Sons and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.

    • Contributor: Garrett, Robert
    • Date: 1778
  • Collection

    Hugh T. Taggart collection relating to the District of Columbia and Maryland, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, letterbooks, daybooks, minutes, notebooks, legal briefs, financial records, scrapbook, printed matter, broadside, and other papers and records collected by Taggart probably during his work on the Potomac Flats case determining waterfront boundary issues. Relates chiefly to the assessment, sale, and survey of property in the District of Columbia, Georgetown, and Maryland. Includes an account book of Charles Beatty; survey notebooks of Lewis Canberry; ...

    • Contributor: Taggart, Hugh T. (hugh Thomas) - Beatty, Charles - Canberry, Lewis - Cruikshank, Robert - King, Rt. (robert) - Swan, Robert - District of Columbia. Levy Court (washington County) - Georgetown (washington, D.C.). Board of Commissioners - Falls Bridge Turnpike Company - Georgetown and Leesburg Turnpike Company
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    F.W. Lander and J.M. Lander papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, writings, military dispatches and telegrams, notes, reports, scrapbooks, printed matter, maps, and other papers relating chiefly to Lander's activities surveying and exploring overland routes through the West and to his Civil War service in Virginia and Maryland under George Brinton McClellan and Chas. P. Stone. Documents his work as chief engineer and superintendent of the Fort Kearney, South Pass, and Honey Lake Wagon ...

    • Contributor: Lander, F. W. (frederick West) - Lander, J. M. (jean Margaret)
  • Collection

    William Tappan autograph collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, poetry, miscellaneous documents, rare printed matter, prints, photographs, and letters to Tappan, chiefly autographic in nature. Relates chiefly to the Baltimore, Md.-Washington, D.C., area from the War of 1812 through the early twentieth century. Includes correspondence and other items from John C. Calhoun, Josephus Daniels, Robert Gilmor, Edward Everett Hale, Robert Goodloe Harper, John Eager Howard, Edward Ingle, Samuel Smith, Israel Thorndike, and ...

    • Contributor: Tappan, William
  • Collection

    John Leeds Bozman family papers, 1688-1883

    Historian and lawyer of Maryland. Correspondence and other material pertaining to John Leeds Bozman, John Leeds Kerr, John Bozman Kerr, J. S. Bozman, William Vans Murray, Daniel Carroll (1730-1796), and others.

    • Contributor: Bozman, John Leeds
    • Date: 1669
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    W.W. Corcoran papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, letterpress books, financial records, newspaper clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Corcoran's business and banking interests and philanthropic efforts. Documents his involvement with the brokerage and banking firms, Corcoran & Riggs, Washington, D.C.; Riggs and Co, New York, N.Y.; Bank of America; and Wilson, Colston & Co., Baltimore, Md. Also documents his investment ventures in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ...

    • Contributor: Corcoran, W. W. (william Wilson) - Corcoran, Thomas
  • Collection

    Thomas A. Jenckes papers, 1836-1878

    Jurist, state legislator and adjutant general, and U.S. representative from Rhode Island. Correspondence, journals, ledgers, diaries, account books, patent papers, legal briefs and related papers, law library catalog, and photographs pertaining to Jenckes's political and legal career in Rhode Island and the U.S. House of Representatives.

    • Contributor: Jenckes, Thomas A. (thomas Allen) - Jenckes, Thomas A.
    • Date: 1838
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    John Carvel Arnold papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Principally correspondence of Arnold with his wife, Mary Ann Arnold, during his Civil War service with Company I, 49th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, relating chiefly to his views on the military situation in Virginia and Maryland (1864-1865), army rations and pay, the rebels, the Copperheads, family finances, and his wife's difficulties in maintaining a home and educating the children. Includes correspondence between Mary ...

    • Contributor: Arnold, John Carvel
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    Rumsey family papers, 1661-1907

    Family of Bohemia Manor, Cecil County, Md. Correspondence among family members; wills; surveys, deeds, plats, and other documents relating to land ownership; personal and business financial accounts; contracts and other legal documents; sermons; and notes on family history.

    • Date: 1661
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    John Thompson Ford papers, 1809-1960

    Theater executive and dramatist. Correspondence, playbooks, playbills, subject files, scrapbooks, and other papers relating to Ford's life and work as a theater manager in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., in the last half of the nineteenth century, including the assassination by John Wilkes Booth of President Abraham Lincoln at his theater in Washington.

    • Contributor: Ford, John Thompson
    • Date: 1809
  • Collection

    Simon Ernest Sobeloff papers, 1882-1973

    General correspondence, appointment books, solicitor general files, case and office files of the United States Court of Appeals, speeches and writings, subject file, and miscellany relating to Sobeloff's involvement in Baltimore and Maryland law and politics, his duties as solicitor general, and cases heard before the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

    • Contributor: Sobeloff, Simon Ernest
    • Date: 1882
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    1891, Sep.

    • Date: 1891-09-02

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