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    Raymond Loewy papers, 1929-1988 Industrial designer. Correspondence; administrative, client, and project files; and financial and legal papers relating to Loewy's work as an industrial designer and documenting the growth of his company from a small firm to a complex system of international corporations and subsidiaries concerned with architecture, corporate image coordination, exhibitions, marketing, packaging, product design, and other aspects of industrial design.
    • Contributor: Loewy, Raymond
    • Date: 1929
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    Paul Wayland Bartlett papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, speeches, lecture notes, notes, financial and legal records, printed matter, scrapbooks, sketches, blueprints, and other papers relating chiefly to Bartlett's career as a sculptor. Documents his methods of work, manner of selecting materials, contracts, and negotiations. Also documents Bartlett's discussions with other sculptors, architects, artists, and craftsmen concerning the field of art. Includes files pertaining to Bartlett's statues of Michelangelo Buonarroti and Christopher...
    • Contributor: Bartlett, Paul Wayland - Bartlett, Truman Howe - McPherson, Bessie
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    Robert R. Hitt papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries, notes and notebooks, business records, family papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers relating to Hitt's service as U.S. assistant secretary of state, U.S. congressman from Illinois, and secretary to the U.S. Legation in Paris, France. Also documents his service as court reporter, chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and reporter for a board of treaty commissioners to the...
    • Contributor: Hitt, Robert R. (Robert Roberts)
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    Burton Egbert Stevenson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence with poets and other writers, drafts and copies of Stevenson's writings, negotiations with publishers relating to the compilation of Stevenson's anthologies, comments on the origin of quotations, and obscure biographical data on literary figures. Includes requests for reading material from soldiers on the front during World War I as well as correspondence and administrative files from his service as European director of the...
    • Contributor: Stevenson, Burton Egbert
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Rudolph Aggrey
    • Contributor: O'Brien, John R. - Aggrey, Rudolph
    • Date: 1990-08-13
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Frederick W. Flott
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Gittinger, Ted - Flott, Frederick W.
    • Date: 1992-10-27
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Anthony Geber
    • Contributor: Dunnigan, Thomas J. - Geber, Anthony
    • Date: 1993-08-24
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    Florence Deakins Becker papers, 1891-1963 Nurse and volunteer worker. Correspondence, diaries, family papers, subject files, speeches and writings, scrapbooks, and other papers relating principally to Becker’s volunteer activities on behalf of various health and medical causes, especially the crusade against tuberculosis and cancer.
    • Contributor: Becker, Florence Deakins
    • Date: 1891
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    Florence Jaffray Harriman papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, writings, biographical material, autograph album, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, scrapbook, printed material, memorabilia, photographs, and other papers relating to Harriman's service as a member of the U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations (1913-1916), chairman of the U.S. National Defense Advisory Commission's Committee on Women in Industry (1917-1919), and U.S. minister to Norway (1937-1940). Documents her participation in Woodrow Wilson's 1912 presidential campaign,...
    • Contributor: Harriman, Florence Jaffray
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    Confederate States of America records, Correspondence, proclamations, messages of the president, court cases, minute books, docket books, customs records, financial papers, letterbooks, orders, reports, accounts, receipts, and other records relating to the formulation of the government of the Confederacy and the conduct of its internal, external, and military affairs. Includes records of the departments of state, justice, treasury, navy, war and post office along with material related to the...
    • Contributor: Confederate States of America - Wadsworth, James Wolcott - Confederate States of America. Army of Tennessee - Confederate States of America. Department of Justice - Confederate States of America. Department of State - Confederate States of America. Department of the Treasury - Confederate States of America. Navy - Confederate States of America. Post-Office Department - Confederate States of America. War Department
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with William Harrison Marsh
    • Contributor: Lehovich, Vladimir - Heyniger, Lambert - Marsh, William Harrison
    • Date: 1997-12-03
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Robert J. Ryan Sr.
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Ryan, Robert J.
    • Date: 1991-11-07
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    Charles E. Bohlen papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, speeches, lectures, writings, notes, research material, interviews, subject files, appointment books, photograph albums, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Bohlen's diplomatic career. Includes drafts of his book Witness to History, 1929-1969 (1973) and speeches given by Bohlen during his ambassadorships to France, the Philippines, and the Soviet Union on subjects such as foreign policy and relations between the U.S. and Soviet Union....
    • Contributor: Bohlen, Charles E. (Charles Eustis)
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    John J. Pershing papers, Correspondence, diaries, speeches, statements, writings, notebooks, orders, biographical material, clippings, scrapbooks, printed matter, maps, posters, photographs, and other papers primarily documenting Pershing's career in the U.S. Army, especially as commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I. Documents his military service in the Indian campaigns in the American West; the Spanish-American War, 1898, in Cuba; the Philippine American War, 1899-1902,...
    • Contributor: Pershing, John J. (John Joseph) - Pershing, Helen F. (Helen Frances)
    • Date: 1882
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    William LePre Houston family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries, financial records, academic papers, printed material, and other papers chiefly of William LePre Houston, a Washington, D.C., lawyer, and his son and law partner, Charles Hamilton Houston. Documents William's work as attorney for the Railway Men's International Benevolent Industrial Association and other African American labor organizations, his activism as a Republican, and his position as grandmaster of the Grand United Order of...
    • Contributor: Houston, William Lepre - Houston, Charles Hamilton
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with William V.P. Newlin
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Newlin, William V. P.
    • Date: 2010-00-00
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    David Glasgow Farragut papers, 1816-1869 Naval officer. Correspondence, letterbooks, biographical file, invitations, and other material relating primarily to Farragut's naval activities, especially his role in the protection of American interests in Mexico during the pre-Civil War period.
    • Contributor: Farragut, David Glasgow
    • Date: 1816
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    Wallace Carroll papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and propaganda leaflets comprising subject files with narrative histories and inventories documenting Carroll's duties as deputy director for European operations of the U.S. Office of War Information in Washington, D.C. (1944-1945), and, to a lesser extent, as director of the OWI branch in London, England (1942-1944) and his work for the Psychological Strategy Board, the U.S. Dept. of State, and the...
    • Contributor: Carroll, Wallace
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    1891, Oct.
    • Date: 1891-10-01

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    James L. Cathcart papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Journals, letterbooks, and letter relating to the capture of the schooner Maria of Boston off the coast of Cape Saint Vincent, Portugal, by Algerians in 1785; Cathcart's subsequent eleven-year imprisonment in Algiers during which he became chief Christian secretary to the Dey of Algiers (1792); and his service as U.S. consul in Tripoli, Libya, Tunis, Tunisia, and Cádiz, Spain. Cathcart describes slaves, ships, and...
    • Contributor: Cathcart, James L. (James Leander)
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    Joseph Hodges Choate papers, 1745-1929 Lawyer, author, and diplomat. Correspondence, letterbooks, addresses, lectures, legal memoranda, memorabilia, scrapbooks, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Choate's student days at Harvard University, his law practice in New York, his charitable work, and his diplomatic career.
    • Contributor: Choate, Joseph Hodges
    • Date: 1745
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    Rhoda Métraux papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence; memoranda; minutes; reports; conference notes and proceedings; field notes and research files; drafts of lectures, articles, books, and reviews; and subject and project files documenting Métraux's career in anthropology and particularly her professional and personal relationship with anthropologist Margaret Mead. Projects documented include the "Image of the Scientist" survey conducted by Mead and Métraux among high school students in the late 1950s (including...
    • Contributor: Métraux, Rhoda
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Ambassador Joan M. Plaisted
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Plaisted, Joan M.
    • Date: 2001-07-30
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    Bancroft-Bliss families papers, 1788-1928 Correspondence, diary, legal and financial papers, article and book galleys, invitations, and printed material of members of the Bliss and Bancroft families, including George Bancroft (1800-1891); his wife, Elizabeth Davis Bancroft (1803-1886), her first husband, Alexander Bliss (1792-1827); and their son, Alexander Bliss (1827-1896).
    • Date: 1788
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Richard B. Finn
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Finn, Richard
    • Date: 1991-04-08