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    Kitāb sharḥ Fusūl Ibuqrāṭ /
    كتاب شرح بصول إبرقراط / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a commentary on the Aphorisms by Hippocrates.
    • Contributor: Ibn Abī Ṣādiq Al-Nīsābūrī, Abū Al-Qāsim ʻabd Al-Raḥmān Ibn ʻal
    • Date: 13??
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    [Thesaurus pauperum, in Italian ; Nicolaus, Experimenta in Italian ; On the medicinal value of precious stones ; Medicina che fa partuire la femina ...; Medical treatise ... in Italian ... part ... Manuscript. In Italian and Latin. Title from de Ricci. Thin yellowish parchment, 2 columns, written in brown ink in several hands; 37 lines; foliation is later, in brown ink, with 43 appearing twice. Once part of a larger volume: beginning leaf 1 another foliation appears, starting with 285. At leaf 67 verso appear the names of Lodovigo Fioravante and Stephano Tinelli in a 15th ...
    • Contributor: John XXI - Albertus - Kunz, George Frederick - Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1300

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    Statuta Venetorum : 1242-1346.
    Liber statutorum et legum Venetorum Catalog Record Only
    Ms. Title from Ricci, S. de. Medieval and Renaissance mss. (suppl.) Text begins, f. 1a: [red:] In xp̄i nomine Amen. Incipit p[ro]logus libri statu/torum et legum Venetorum ... [after initial D, black:] (D)EO auctore ducatum[ost]r[u]m ... Written, no doubt in Venice, all by one scribe, in 33 long lines per page; written area 193 x 125 mm. Parchment of southern preparation; ink of uneven ...
    • Contributor: Venice (Republic : To 1797)
    • Date: 1346
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    Biblia. Catalog Record Only Ms. Vulgate Latin Bible probably written and decorated in Hungary, ca. 1335-1340? Title from incipit. Known as the Nekcsei-Lipócz Bible. Vol. 1: 352 leaves; v. 2: 394 leaves (2 columns, 33 lines in both vols.). Library of Congress. Medieval and Renaissance ms. bks., 6 Harrsen, M. Nekcsei-Lipócz Bible Ricci, S. de. Medieval and Renaissance mss., p. 180, no. 1 Ricci, S. de. Medieval and ...
    • Date: 1335
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    [Consilium in casu privilegiorum Recanatensium].
    (Baldo degli Ubaldi) Manuscript consilium. | In Dei nomine amen Factum tale esse proponitur | In Christi nomine amen. Causarum criminalium cognitio necessario merum includit imperium Catalog Record Only
    Ms. Written in Italy, the two major parts by two different scribes. The primary content, Baldo degli Ubaldi's consilium, i.e. legal expertise, begins with last 13 lines on p. [3], continuing and concluding with 23 lines on p. 4. The 23rd line (if not the whole consilium) may be Baldo's autograph; it is followed by his seal, and two (autograph?) statements of concurrence, by ...
    • Contributor: Ubaldi, Baldo Degli
    • Date: 1370