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    William LePre Houston family papers, 1777-1936 Lawyers. Correspondence, diaries, financial records, academic papers, printed matter, and miscellaneous material related to the Houstons’ family life, fraternal organizations, the law, and Charles Hamilton Houston’s military service during World War I.
    • Contributor: Houston, William Lepre
    • Date: 1777
  • Collection
    Thomas G. Corcoran papers, 1792-1982 Lawyer. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, writings, notes, reports, briefs, opinions, testimony, family papers, business records, newspaper clippings, printed material, and other papers documenting Corcoran's private legal practice and his government service during the first two presidential terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    • Contributor: Corcoran, Thomas G.
    • Date: 1792
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    José Ignacio Rodríguez papers, 1860-1907 Cuban-American lawyer and writer. Correspondence, legal papers, notes, drafts, and other literary papers, newspaper clippings, and miscellany relating to his work before various Latin American claims commissions and other legal work involving Latin American governments, and materials pertaining to his writings on Latin American history.
    • Contributor: Rodríguez, José Ignacio
    • Date: 1860
  • Collection
    Stuart Eizenstat papers, 1929-2003 Lawyer, ambassador, adviser to the president of the United States, and public official. Correspondence, memoranda, transcripts of interviews, notebooks and notes, subject files, speeches, writings, reports, briefing books, press releases, clippings, calendars, photographs, printed matter, and other material relating chiefly to Eizenstat's writings.
    • Contributor: Eizenstat, Stuart
    • Date: 1929
  • Collection
    James R. Mann papers, 1887-1922 Lawyer and U.S. representative from Illinois. Mounted newspaper clippings, correspondence, telegrams, invitations, memorabilia, and miscellaneous printed matter relating to Mann's career in Chicago politics and as Republican congressman from Illinois
    • Contributor: Mann, James R. (James Robert) - Mann, James R.
    • Date: 1887
  • Collection
    Patsy T. Mink papers, 1883-2005 Lawyer, public official, and United States representative from Hawaii. Correspondence, memoranda, legislative files, speeches and writings, testimony, statements, press releases, appointment books and scheduling files, travel itineraries, campaign files and political ephemera, notes, casework, law practice client files, court documents, maps, card files, biographical material, interviews, questionnaires, awards and honors, photographs, student papers, family papers, scrapbooks, news clippings, and printed matter documenting Mink's public ...
    • Contributor: Mink, Patsy T.
    • Date: 1883
  • Collection
    Giles S. Rich papers, 1790-1999 Federal judge and patent attorney. Legal case files, correspondence, administrative files, subject file, speeches, and writings documenting the career of Giles S. Rich as a judge on the United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
    • Contributor: Rich, Giles S.
    • Date: 1790
  • Collection
    Franklin Pierce papers, Correspondence, diary kept by Pierce while serving in the Mexican war, writings including drafts of Pierce's messages to Congress, and an engraved portrait. Relates chiefly to public affairs and national politics. Correspondents include Charles Gordon Atherton, Samuel D. Bell, Edmund Burke, James Campbell, Lewis Cass, James L. Curtis, Caleb Cushing, Jefferson Davis, Asa Fowler, John H. George, Albert Ruyter Hatch, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Elizabeth McNeil, ...
    • Contributor: Pierce, Franklin
  • Collection
    John Purroy Mitchel papers, 1835-1932 Soldier, lawyer, and mayor of New York, N.Y. Correspondence, desk diaries, speeches, articles, press releases, notebooks, memorabilia, and scrapbooks relating primarily to Mitchel's administrations as counselor and mayor of New York City.
    • Contributor: Mitchel, John Purroy
    • Date: 1835
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Louis T. Michener papers, 1880-1927 Lawyer, politician, and public official from Indiana. Correspondence, reports, memoranda, newspaper clippings, autograph album, and printed matter relating chiefly to Indiana and Republican Party politics and to Michener's role in Benjamin Harrison's senate and presidential campaigns.
    • Contributor: Michener, Louis T. (Louis Theodore)
    • Date: 1880
  • Collection
    Joseph Story correspondence, 1807-1943 Lawyer, United States representative from Massachusetts, associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, and educator. Personal, legal, and professional correspondence regarding cases at law, questions before the Supreme Court, the teaching of history and law, the development of Harvard Law School, and other judicial and political topics.
    • Contributor: Story, Joseph
    • Date: 1807
  • Collection
    Theodore Granik papers, 1930-1970 Lawyer and radio and television moderator. Correspondence, legal proceedings, printed transcripts of radio and television broadcasts, scripts, memoranda, production inventories, and newspaper clippings documenting Granik's law practice in Washington, D. C., and New York, N.Y., and his work in broadcasting.
    • Contributor: Granik, Theodore
    • Date: 1930
  • Collection
    Edwin P. Kilroe papers, 1929-1950 Lawyer. Diaries (1929-1950) relating to Kilroe’s activities at Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation and opinions (1929-1931) relating to copyright and other issues.
    • Contributor: Kilroe, Edwin P.
    • Date: 1929
  • Collection
    Charles Warren papers, 1874-1954 Lawyer and historian. Correspondence, annotated clippings and memoranda from World War I when Warren was assistant attorney general, official minutes and correspondence of the President's War Relief Control Board, biographical material, and miscellaneous papers.
    • Contributor: Warren, Charles
    • Date: 1874
  • Collection
    Frank Alden Hill genealogical collection, 1627-1897 Lawyer and genealogist. Copies of legal and genealogical records, and pedigree charts and heraldic crests relating to the Hill, Lawrence, Townley, Stephens, and Hathaway families, from documents contained in American and European library and museum collections.
    • Contributor: Hill, Frank Alden
    • Date: 1627
  • Collection
    Whiting Griswold correspondence, 1843-1874 Lawyer and politician. Letters to Griswold from various prominent figures relating to such topics as the Whig, Free Soil, and American parties, the Democratic Party, his legal practice, Massachusetts politics, patronage, the Hoosac Tunnel, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Civil War, and the 1853 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention.
    • Contributor: Griswold, Whiting
    • Date: 1843
  • Collection
    Abraham Lincoln papers, Correspondence and other papers relating primarily to Abraham Lincoln's presidency and the Civil War. Includes two drafts of the Gettysburg address, material preserved by John G. Nicolay in his capacities as Lincoln's secretary and editor of the Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln (1905), a letter of condolence from Queen Victoria to Mary Todd Lincoln, and a small amount of material about Lincoln dated after ...
    • Contributor: Lincoln, Abraham
  • Collection
    Thomas H. Hubbard papers, 1817-1823 United States representative and lawyer from New York. Letters written by Hubbard to his wife containing descriptions of his journeys to Washington, D.C., the physical layout and social life of the capital, and his impressions of national political figures.
    • Contributor: Hubbard, Thomas H. (Thomas Hill) - Hubbard, Thomas H.
    • Date: 1817
  • Collection
    Harold H. Burton papers, 1792-1965 Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court and United States senator. Diaries, correspondence, legal case files, speeches and writings, reports, photographs, maps, printed matter, and newspaper clippings pertaining primarily to Burton's activities as an associate justice of the Supreme Court and Senator.
    • Contributor: Burton, Harold H. (Harold Hitz) - Burton, Harold H.
    • Date: 1792
  • Collection
    Arthur J. Morris papers, 1888-1976 Lawyer and banker. Correspondence, writings, scrapbooks, reports, photographs, and printed matter relating to Morris's career as a banker and his development of consumer credit in the American banking industry.
    • Contributor: Morris, Arthur J.
    • Date: 1888
  • Collection
    John A.J. Creswell papers, 1819-1885 Lawyer, congressman, senator, and postmaster general. General correspondence, letterbooks, account books, and scrapbooks concerning Creswell’s law practice and political career in Maryland, his duties as adjutant general of Maryland, the military draft during the Civil War, the Maryland Constitutional Convention of 1867, and American claims regarding the Alabama.
    • Contributor: Creswell, John A. J. (John Angel James) - Creswell, John A. J.
    • Date: 1819
  • Collection
    J. Thomas Schneider papers, 1915-1960 Army officer, government official, and lawyer. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, treaties, writings, maps, and other papers relating chiefly to Schneider's service as personal aide to Gen. John J. Pershing, commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during and after World War I.
    • Contributor: Schneider, J. Thomas (John Thomas) - Schneider, J. Thomas
    • Date: 1915
  • Collection
    Noble Brandon Judah papers, 1937-1994 Lawyer and United States ambassador to Cuba. Typewritten and printed copies of a diary kept while Judah served as United States ambassador to Cuba (1927-1929); together with a letter concerning the diary. Includes a description of Charles A. Lindbergh's visit to Cuba.
    • Contributor: Judah, Noble Brandon
    • Date: 1937
  • Collection
    William Bebb papers, 1705-1849 Educator, lawyer, and governor of Ohio. Autograph letters and clipped signatures from an album started for Bebb by his father, Edward Bebb, and Samuel Roberts, Welsh political reformer and founder of a settlement in Tennessee. Includes autographs of British politicians, military leaders, authors, and missionaries. Letters collected by William Bebb himself include those from prominent Americans including John Quincy Adams, John C. Calhoun, William ...
    • Contributor: Bebb, William
    • Date: 1705
  • Collection
    Wendell Berge papers, 1907-1950 Lawyer and public official. Correspondence, speeches and writings, daily calendars, business diaries, agenda, printed matter, clippings, and photographs relating primarily to Berge’s official activities at the Department of Justice culminating in his position as assistant attorney general in charge of the Antitrust Division.
    • Contributor: Berge, Wendell
    • Date: 1907