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    Serge Diaghilev/Serge Lifar collection, 1750-1950

    This collection is comprised in large part of printed music, widely representing 18th century Italian and 19th century Russian operatic music. Includes rare pre-revolutionary editions of Russian folk songs, annotated performance scores of Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Gounod, Cimarosa. Non-musical materials include three letters from S. Prokofiev to S. Diaghilev, rare edition of books on music, literature and theater, libretti and synopses, souvenir books and ...

    • Contributor: Diaghilev, Serge - Prokofiev, Sergey
    • Date: 1750
  • Collection

    R. Hoe & Company records, 1831-1948

    Printing press and saw manufacturers in New York. Business and family correspondence, letterbooks, subject files, financial records, advertising material, and legal records relating to R. Hoe & Company.

    • Contributor: R. Hoe & Company
    • Date: 1831
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Square dance legislation collection, 1975-1995

    The Square Dance Legislation Collection consists of manuscript materials (1975-1995) compiled by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, documenting the history of legislative efforts to designate the square dance as a national or state folk dance. The bulk of the materials concerns the public hearing on House Resolution 1706 held June 28,1984 before the Subcommittee on Census and Population of the Committee on ...

    • Contributor: Parsons, Gerald E.
    • Date: 1975
  • Collection

    Harry S. Cummings papers, 1890-1986

    African-American politician and lawyer. Scrapbooks, correspondence, and ephemera relating to Cummings’s service on the city council in Baltimore, Md., and his activities in national and local Republican Party politics.

    • Contributor: Cummings, Harry S.
    • Date: 1890
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    [Letter, 1877 Nov.] 27, München [to Brahms]

    Correspondence. manuscript | 1 item. | Hermann Levi. (Statement Of Responsibility). Holograph, signed. Published in: Johannes Brahms in Briefwechsel mit Hermann Levi, Friedrich Gernsheim, sowie den Familien Hecht und Fellinger. Berlin : Deutsche Brahmsgesellschaft, 1910. The material described in this catalog record is located in the Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation Collection in the Library of Congress. German conductor, Brahms's acquaintance in Hamburg in 1862; ...

    • Contributor: Levi, Hermann - Brahms, Johannes - Library of Congress - Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation
    • Date: 1877

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  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    1988 Neptune Plaza Concert Series collection, 1988

    The collection consists of manuscript materials, sound recordings, and photographs documenting the performance of old-time music from the Cumberland Plateau, Irish folk music and dance, bluegrass music, Piedmont blues music, Vietnamese music, mariachi music, and gospel music recorded live outdoors on Neptune Plaza in front of the Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress. Concerts were sponsored by the American Folklife Center and the National ...

    • Contributor: Egan, Seamus - Moloney, Mick - Harney, Liam - Lewis, Laurie - Cephas, John - Wiggins, Phil - Nguyễn, Đình Nghĩa - Gore, Linda
    • Date: 1988
  • Collection

    Henry F. Pringle papers, 1932-1957

    Journalist, historian, and government official. Personal and official correspondence, subject files consisting of correspondence, reports, minutes, lists, research data, and print and near-print material, and other papers relating principally to Pringle's biography of William H. Taft and to his work in the Office of Facts and Figures (later the Office of War Information).

    • Contributor: Pringle, Henry F. (henry Fowles) - Pringle, Henry F.
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection

    Oveta Culp Hobby papers, 1941-1997

    Newspaper editor and publisher, director of the Women’s Army Corps, secretary of health, education, and welfare, and businesswoman. Correspondence, printed matter, and other papers relating to Hobby’s work during World War II as chief of the Women’s Interest Section of the Bureau of Public Relations in the War Department and as the first director of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps.

    • Contributor: Hobby, Oveta Culp
    • Date: 1941
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    [Autograph letter to the Chevalier Josef de Varena]

    Correspondence. manuscript | [3] p. ; 23 cm. | In ink. Title from: Library of Congress. Autograph musical scores and autograph letters in the Whittall Foundation Collection, 1951. In the Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation Collection of the Library of Congress. Anderson, E., Letters of Beethoven, 378. (Citation/Reference). Manuscript (Form). Print (Form).

    • Contributor: Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Library of Congress - Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation
    • Date: 1812-07-19

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    Montgomery Sicard papers, 1800-1948

    Naval officer. Correspondence, subject file, and miscellaneous material relating to Sicard’s naval career, including diagrams and memoranda for breech-loading howitzers and his plans for steel armor plate for ships.

    • Contributor: Sicard, Montgomery
    • Date: 1800
  • Collection

    People's Legislative Service records, 1921-1931

    Poltical organization. Correspondence, writings, speeches, press releases, newspaper clippings, and printed material relating mainly to the 1924 presidential campagin of Robert M. La Follette and Burton K. Wheeler.

    • Contributor: People's Legislative Service
    • Date: 1921
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    [ Draft outline: 1. Acta Martyrum I..], undated, [ca. 1930s]

    manuscript | 9 ½ x 6 ¾ in. ; 1 p. | Manuscript (Form).

    • Contributor: Moftah, Ragheb
  • Collection

    George Pope Morris papers, 1832-1862

    Journalist, poet, and songwriter. Correspondence, poems, and other papers pertaining chiefly to Morris's work as editor of several literary magazines in New York, New York, and to his social affairs.

    • Contributor: Morris, George Pope
    • Date: 1832
  • Collection

    Thomas Watt Gregory papers, 1896-1933

    United States attorney general, regent of the University of Texas, and lawyer. Chiefly legal material and correspondence from the period of Gregory's law practice in Washington, D.C. Correspondence also reflects Gregory's interest in the University of Texas, the Woodrow Wilson administration, and the presidential campaign of 1932.

    • Contributor: Gregory, Thomas Watt
    • Date: 1896
  • Collection

    Edgar Kobak papers, 1916-1966

    Publicist, broadcasting executive, and consultant. Correspondence, autobiographical memoir, speeches and writings, business papers, clippings, and scrapbooks relating primarily to Kobak's work with McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, the National Broadcasting Company, and the Mutual Broadcasting System and to the early years of radio and television broadcasting and to his expertise in the field of public relations and communications.

    • Contributor: Kobak, Edgar
    • Date: 1916
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    [Postcard, 1888 June 29], Thun [to] Robert Keller

    Correspondence. manuscript | 1 item. | J. Brahms. (Statement Of Responsibility). Holograph, signed. An autograph letter of Johannes Brahms, written to Robert Keller, music editor. Published in: The Brahms-Keller correspondence. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1996. The material described in this catalog record is located in the Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation Collection in the Library of Congress. acquire 1 shelf copy [policy default] ...

    • Contributor: Brahms, Johannes - Keller, Robert - Library of Congress - Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation
    • Date: 1888

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    San José de Queréndaro Hacienda records, 1543-1922

    Bound volumes of files kept by the Jesuits, original owners of the hacienda. Subjects include the acquisition and sale of land, ownership disputes, water rights, rental of property, agricultural production, livestock and livestock brands, and relations with the Indians of Mexico. Also includes correspondence and fiscal accounts with the local railroad company

    • Date: 1543
  • Collection

    Muir Stephen Fairchild papers, 1937-1950

    Army and air force officer. Correspondence, reports, speeches, and articles relating to Fairchild's service as air force vice chief of staff. Includes printed matter prepared by Fairchild for the Air Corps Tactical School.

    • Contributor: Fairchild, Muir Stephen
    • Date: 1937
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    [Postcard, 1873 Dec. 5], Wien [to] H. Levi

    Correspondence. manuscript | 1 item. | J Br. [Johannes Brahms]. (Statement Of Responsibility). Holograph, signed. An autograph postcard of Johannes Brahms, written to Hermann Levi, conductor. Published in: Johannes Brahms in Briefwechsel mit Hermann Levi, Friedrich Gernsheim, sowie den Familien Hecht und Fellinger. Berlin : Deutsche Brahmsgesellschaft, 1910. The material described in this catalog record is located in the Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation Collection ...

    • Contributor: Brahms, Johannes - Levi, Hermann - Library of Congress - Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation
    • Date: 1873

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  • Collection

    Herman Langinger music publishing files, 1889-1972

    Herman Langinger was a music engraver, printer, and editor for New Music Society of California and other influential music publishers. The collection contains pre-publication and published music materials, including annotated manuscript and holograph scores and proof copies, as well as correspondence with composers and publishing associates. It also includes a comprehensive run of published editions from New Music and various editions from other publishers ...

    • Contributor: Langinger, Herman - Cage, John - Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario - Chávez, Carlos - Cowell, Henry - Ives, Charles - Ruggles, Carl - Schoenberg, Arnold - Toch, Ernst - Varèse, Edgard
    • Date: 1889
  • Collection

    William Crawford Gorgas papers, 1857-1919

    Army medical officer. Correspondence, reports, addresses, articles, financial and miscellaneous records, medical papers, charts, clippings, photographs, and printed material dealing primarily with the fight against yellow fever in Cuba and Panama.

    • Contributor: Gorgas, William Crawford
    • Date: 1857
  • Collection

    Edgar Alexander Mearns papers, 1864-1918

    Naturalist and U.S. Army surgeon. Correspondence, reports, printed matter, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material chiefly relating to Mearns's activities as a collector of data on animal and plant life, on his participation in the Smithsonian African Expedition of 1909, and his duties and assignments as an army surgeon.

    • Contributor: Mearns, Edgar Alexander
    • Date: 1864
  • Collection

    Albert Jeremiah Beveridge collection of John Marshall papers, 1776-1844

    Lawyer and chief justice of the Supreme Court. Correspondence, a journal, account books, and other papers primarily gathered by Albert Jeremiah Beveridge for his research on John Marshall.

    • Contributor: Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah - Beveridge, Albert J.
    • Date: 1776
  • Collection

    Papers from the Isabelle Sayers collection, circa 1886-1980

    Paper and photographic materials created and gathered by Isabelle S. Sayers as she assembled her collection of early recordings and audio equipment.

    • Contributor: Sayers, Isabelle S.
    • Date: 1886
  • Collection

    William H. Conkling papers, 1864-1976

    Municipal government official, civic leader, and postmaster from Springfield, Illinois. Correspondence with Charles A. Lindbergh, speeches and writings, publications, photographs, and memorabilia relating to Lindbergh’s cross-country airmail route which included service to Springfield, Illinois, and his flight of 1927 from New York to Paris. Includes a philatelic cover which Lindbergh carried aboard the Spirit of St. Louis on his trans-Atlantic flight and mailed to ...

    • Contributor: Conkling, William H.
    • Date: 1864