• Collection
    Joseph Ingraham journal, 1790-1792 Navigator, trader, and explorer. Ingraham's account of the voyage of the brigantine Hope from Boston to the Falkland Islands, Cape Horn (Chile), Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia), the Northwest Coast of North America, the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), and China, including commercial trade, especially the fur trade, with China.
    • Contributor: Ingraham, Joseph
    • Date: 1790
  • Collection
    Margaret Halliwell Hale papers, 1932-1945 Writer. Radio playscripts used in First Nighter and Talkie Picture Time programs, written under Hale's maiden name, Margaret Halliwell, in collaboration with Dorothy de Jagers, Beatrice M. Gottlieb, Hilda Gottlieb, Jeanette I. Helm, Hal Field Leslie, and Marion Waldman.
    • Contributor: Hale, Margaret Halliwell
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection
    Adolph Law Voge papers, 1915-1939 Genealogist and librarian. Correspondence, writings, and genealogical notes relating to Roger Barton and the Barton family, the family of John Law (1636-1708), the Reeve family, and the Serine family.
    • Contributor: Voge, Adolph Law
    • Date: 1915
  • Collection
    Russia miscellany, 1759-1928 Miscellaneous documents relating to various topics. Includes manuscript of thanksgiving service for victory of Russian troops over King of Prussia at Frankfort am Main, Germay, 1759; letters in German relating to the Women's Association of Riga, Latvsa, 1846-1859; officer attendance records of the Nicolaevski Academy of the General Staff, St. Petersburg, Russia,1879-1881; and other papers.
    • Date: 1759
  • Collection
    National Council of Jewish Women records, 1893-1989 Organized in 1893 as the Council of Jewish Women with the primary goals of social reform and the promotion of Judaism among women; name changed in 1923 to the National Council of Jewish Women. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, transcripts of proceedings, reports, reference material, official publications, printed matter, and other records chiefly documenting the organization's activities.
    • Contributor: National Council of Jewish Women
    • Date: 1893
  • Collection
    Richmond Pearson Hobson papers, 1889-1966 Naval officer and United States representative from Alabama. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, lectures, articles, reports, notes, analyses, naval orders, press clippings, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Hobson's naval career and to his efforts on behalf of prohibition, restrictions on international drug trafficking, and opposition to the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.
    • Contributor: Hobson, Richmond Pearson
    • Date: 1889
  • Collection
    Robert C. Ogden papers, 1843-1913 Businessman and philanthropist. Correspondence, memoranda, notes and drafts of articles and speeches, reports, and printed matter primarily concerned with Ogden's business career, his interests in philanthropy and religion, and his activities on behalf of education in the South.
    • Contributor: Ogden, Robert C. (Robert Curtis) - Ogden, Robert C.
    • Date: 1843
  • Collection
    David C. Mearns papers, 1830-1979 Librarian and historian. Correspondence, writings, reports, and orders documenting Mearns's positions as an official and historian of the Library of Congress and scholar of Abraham Lincoln.
    • Contributor: Mearns, David C. (David Chambers) - Mearns, David C.
    • Date: 1830
  • Collection
    Harold Raymond Wayne Benjamin papers, 1908-1972 Educator. Correspondence, subject files, speeches and writings, and other papers relating mainly to Benjamin’s career in the field of education.
    • Contributor: Benjamin, Harold Raymond Wayne
    • Date: 1908
  • Collection
    Lewis Tappan papers, 1809-1903 Abolitionist, merchant, and publisher. Correspondence, journals, and other papers reflecting Tappan's interests in abolition, African-American education, religion, and his business ventures.
    • Contributor: Tappan, Lewis
    • Date: 1809
  • Collection
    George D. Murray papers, 1916-1956 United States naval officer. Correspondence, logbooks, biographical material, citations, topical files, speeches, and writings relating to naval aviation and carrier warfare.
    • Contributor: Murray, George D.
    • Date: 1916
  • Collection
    Mark Sullivan papers, 1900-1935 Journalist and author. Correspondence, writings, and other material relating to Sullivan's career as a journalist and author.
    • Contributor: Sullivan, Mark
    • Date: 1900
  • Collection
    Philip Roth papers, 1938-2001 Author. Correspondence, drafts, galleys, notes, interviews, play scripts, clippings, and photographs documenting Roth's literary career.
    • Contributor: Roth, Philip
    • Date: 1938
  • Collection
    Joseph Holt papers, 1817-1895 United States Postmaster general, secretary of war, judge advocate general of the United States Army, and lawyer. Correspondence, diaries, financial papers, legal papers, newspaper clippings, speeches, photographs, and printed matter relating to Holt's duties as judge advocate general, especially his work on the military commission that tried the Lincoln assassination conspirators, the trial of Mary Surratt, and various controversies surrounding the work of the ...
    • Contributor: Holt, Joseph
    • Date: 1817
  • Collection
    Souvanna Phouma, Prince of Laos, papers, 1961 January 1-1970 December 31 Prince and prime minister of Laos. Copies of ten volumes of diaries with inserted material such as letters, cables, memoranda, communiqués, clippings, and other printed material reflecting Souvanna Phouma's role as nationalist and conciliator of the political factions within Laos.
    • Contributor: Souvanna Phouma, Prince of Laos - Souvanna Phouma
    • Date: 1961
  • Collection
    William E. Chandler papers, 1863-1917 United States secretary of the navy, senator from New Hampshire, and lawyer. Principally bound volumes of correspondence documenting Chandler's activities as assistant secretary of the treasury, 1865-1867, secretary of the navy, 1882-1885, United States Senator from New Hampshire, 1887-1901, and chairman of the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission, 1901-1908. Includes material reflecting Chandler's prominence in the Republican Party and his role in the presidential campaigns ...
    • Contributor: Chandler, William E. (William Eaton) - Chandler, William E.
    • Date: 1863
  • Collection
    Low-Mills family papers, 1767-1971 Prominent family engaged in China trade. Correspondence, diaries, journals, writings and genealogical material documenting the Low, Mills, Hillard, and Loines families from the early years of the nineteenth century until the middle of the twentieth. Of special interest are papers concerning the family's activities in the China trade and the journal of Harriet Low Hillard documenting her stay in Macau, 1829-1834.
    • Date: 1767
  • Collection
    Clare Boothe Luce papers, 1862-1988 Journalist, playwright, magazine editor, United States representative from Connecticut, and United States ambassador to Italy. Family papers, correspondence, literary files, congressional and ambassadorial files, speech files, scrapbooks, and other papers documenting Luce's personal and public life as a journalist, playwright, politician, member of Congress, ambassador, and government official.
    • Contributor: Luce, Clare Boothe
    • Date: 1862
  • Collection
    Rodgers family papers, 1788-1944 Rodgers (Rogers) family. Correspondence, journals, drafts of writings and speeches, transcripts of radio broadcasts, book reviews, notes and notebooks, biographical material, and other papers relating chiefly to the naval careers of John Rodgers (1773-1838), John Rodgers (1812-1882), William Ledyard Rodgers (1860-1944), John Augustus Rodgers (1848-1933), and John Rodgers (1881-1926). Includes correspondence of the Hodge family, Matthew Calbraith Perry, Oliver Hazard Perry (1785-1819), and other ...
    • Date: 1788
  • Collection
    Paul M. Weyrich scrapbooks, 1942-2009 Political activist and commentator. Correspondence, speeches and writings, photographs, press passes, media scripts and programming guides, news clippings, political cartoons, news releases and newsletters, agenda, conference schedules, programs, minutes of meetings, advertisements, posters and flyers, brochures and booklets, as well as rail transit, family, school, and church records.
    • Contributor: Weyrich, Paul M.
    • Date: 1942
  • Collection
    J. Robert Oppenheimer papers, 1799-1980 Physicist and director of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, lectures, writings, desk books, lectures, statements, scientific notes, and photographs chiefly comprising Oppenheimer's personal papers while director of the Institute for Advanced Study but reflecting only incidentally his administrative work there. Topics include theoretical physics, development of the atomic bomb, the relationship between government and science, nuclear energy, security, ...
    • Contributor: Oppenheimer, J. Robert
    • Date: 1799
  • Collection
    Branch Rickey papers, 1890-1969 Correspondence, family papers, speeches and writings, memoranda, scouting and other reports, notes, subject files, scrapbooks, and other papers, chiefly from 1936 to 1965, documenting Branch Rickey's career as a major league baseball manager and executive.
    • Contributor: Rickey, Branch
    • Date: 1890
  • Collection
    Shaw family papers, 1636-1892 Correspondence, writings, copybooks, genealogical materials, reports, and other papers relating to the Shaw, Smith, Adams, and Felt (Felts) families. Central to the collection is the correspondence of Abigail Adams with her sister, Elizabeth Smith Shaw Peabody, and with Elizabeth Peabody's children, Abigail Adams Shaw Felt and William Smith Shaw. Includes sermons and other papers of Joseph Barlow Felt relating to New England; state laws; ...
    • Date: 1636
  • Collection
    Henry Clay Derrick papers, 1848-1994 Civil engineer and army officer. Diaries recording Derrick's service with other former Confederate and Union soldiers in the Egyptian army (Jaysh) under the Khedive as an engineer conducting surveys and preparing maps, a description of a military expedition into Abyssinia, transcripts and synopses of portions of the diaries and Derrick's letters to his wife, Mary Frances Crosby Derrick, and other family members, and photocopies ...
    • Contributor: Derrick, Henry Clay
    • Date: 1848
  • Collection
    Philip Hauge Abelson papers, 1939-2002 Nuclear physicist, chemist, and editor. Correspondence, notes, reports, speeches and writings, and other papers documenting Abelson's contribution to scientific policy-making through committees, organizations, and publications.
    • Contributor: Abelson, Philip Hauge
    • Date: 1939