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    Thomas T. Craven papers, 1842-1969 Naval officer. Correspondence, family papers, and subject files relating primarily to his convoy duty and command of United States Naval Aviation Forces in Europe during World War I, and his command of a gunboat flotilla on the Yangtze River in China during 1929-1931.
    • Contributor: Craven, Thomas T. (Thomas Tingey) - Craven, Thomas T.
    • Date: 1842
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    Emily A. Stewart collection of Elihu Root material, 1885-1959 Chiefly transcripts of conversations between Elihu Root and members of his family concerning his ancestry and biography.
    • Contributor: Stewart, Emily A.
    • Date: 1885
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    Anna E. Dickinson papers, 1859-1951 Lecturer, reformer, actress, and author. Correspondence, speeches, writings, plays, legal files, financial papers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and printed material relating to Dickinson's activities on behalf of abolition and women's rights and suffrage and to her career in the theater.
    • Contributor: Dickinson, Anna E. (Anna Elizabeth) - Dickinson, Anna E.
    • Date: 1859
  • Collection
    Archibald Roosevelt papers, 1838-2002 Intelligence officer, diplomat, and consultant. Diaries, correspondence, international reports, photographs, notes, scrapbooks, school notebooks, clippings, and printed matter documenting Roosevelt's service in intelligence and career as a consultant in international relations.
    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Archibald
    • Date: 1838
  • Collection
    Robert Lee Bullard papers, 1881-1955 Army officer. Correspondence, diaries, notebooks, speeches, writings, printed matter, maps, photographs, memorabilia, legal documents, and other material relating chiefly to Bullard's military career, activities as president of the National Security League, and work as an author.
    • Contributor: Bullard, Robert Lee
    • Date: 1881
  • Collection
    Henry F. Pringle papers, 1932-1957 Journalist, historian, and government official. Personal and official correspondence, subject files consisting of correspondence, reports, minutes, lists, research data, and print and near-print material, and other papers relating principally to Pringle's biography of William H. Taft and to his work in the Office of Facts and Figures (later the Office of War Information).
    • Contributor: Pringle, Henry F. (Henry Fowles) - Pringle, Henry F.
    • Date: 1932
  • Collection
    George Antheil correspondence to Stanley Hart, 1919-1931 George Antheil was a composer, pianist, author, and inventor. He first gained fame and notoriety in the 1920s for his mechanistic compositions. This collection chiefly consists of letters from George Antheil to friend and writer Stanley Hart. The letters chronicle Antheil's personal and professional exploits during his 1920s European tour.
    • Contributor: Antheil, George - Hart, Stanley
    • Date: 1919
  • Collection
    U.S. Coast Guard. Historian's Office collection, 1746-1951 Merchant’s account books, draft and typescript of a book, government publications, and printed material. Also contains the autograph collection of William Ferguson Morgan.
    • Contributor: United States. Coast Guard. Historian's Office
    • Date: 1746
  • Collection
    American Scholar records, 1926-2006 A quarterly magazine of public affairs and culture published by the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Correspondence, business and editorial records, original manuscripts and edited drafts of works published by the Society in the American Scholar.
    • Date: 1926
  • Collection
    William A. Oldridge collection of George Washington's headquarters staff writings, 1775-1962 Transcripts of letters collected and edited by Oldridge. Includes correspondence, writings, and other papers of Oldridge concerning the location of papers and illustrations of Washington's headquarters staff and historical accounts from the original material.
    • Contributor: Oldridge, William A.
    • Date: 1775
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    Bainbridge Colby papers, 1863-1950 Lawyer, statesman, and cabinet member. Correspondence, letterbooks, speeches, notebooks, scrapbooks, printed matter, photographs, and other papers primarily relating to Colby's career as a politician and statesman after 1912, including his service as Woodrow Wilson's secretary of state.
    • Contributor: Colby, Bainbridge
    • Date: 1863
  • Collection
    Columbia Records paperwork collection, 1923-1964 Record label orders, record label copy sheets, press release information, recording studio job sheets, and cut-out project information from Columbia Records.
    • Contributor: Columbia Records, Inc
    • Date: 1923
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    James R. Doolittle papers, 1859-1927 United States senator and jurist. Correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material relating mostly to Doolittle's Senate career and touching on the issues of the Civil War and Reconstruction.
    • Contributor: Doolittle, James R. (James Rood) - Doolittle, James R.
    • Date: 1859
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    Rouben Mamoulian papers, 1740-1987 Theatrical and film director. Correspondence, diaries, scripts, production material, speeches, writings, printed matter, scrapbooks, memorabilia and other papers relating to Mamoulian's life and career.
    • Contributor: Mamoulian, Rouben
    • Date: 1740
  • Collection
    Amos Pinchot papers, 1856-1945 Lawyer and publicist. Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, notebooks, printed articles, speeches, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and other printed material reflecting Pinchot's interests in civil liberties, labor problems, government, and politics.
    • Contributor: Pinchot, Amos
    • Date: 1856
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    Amitai Etzioni papers, 1918-1985 Educator and sociologist. Administrative and subject files, research notes, project proposals, position papers, essays, and other writings, newsletters, newspaper clippings, printed material, and other papers documenting Etzioni's career as a professor of sociology at George Washington University and Columbia University, at the Center for Policy Research, and as an advisor to President Jimmy Carter.
    • Contributor: Etzioni, Amitai
    • Date: 1918
  • Collection
    Charles Eames and Ray Eames papers, 1885-1988 Correspondence, writings, lectures, reports, proposals, scripts, notes, research files, minutes, financial records, clippings, printed material including catalogs and brochures, biographical material, layout designs, plans, drawings, photographs, and other papers documenting the design activities and professional associations of Charles and Ray Eames.
    • Contributor: Eames, Charles
    • Date: 1885
  • Collection
    Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, papers, 1777-1794 Commander-in-chief of the French army in America. Correspondence, histories, and other papers chiefly concerning French participation in the American Revolution and the establishment of the French branch of the Society of the Cincinnati. Includes material on the siege of Yorktown, Virginia.
    • Contributor: Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste-Donatien De Vimeur, Comte De - Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste-Donatien De Vimeur
    • Date: 1777
  • Collection
    United States. War Dept. records, 1794-1848 Correspondence, letterbooks, ledgers, account books, legal records, lists, and other material relating primarily to the United States Arsenal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, later know as the Frankford Arsenal, and to superintendents of military stores William Irvine and his son Callender Irvine.
    • Contributor: United States. War Department
    • Date: 1794
  • Collection
    Oveta Culp Hobby papers, 1941-1997 Newspaper editor and publisher, director of the Women’s Army Corps, secretary of health, education, and welfare, and businesswoman. Correspondence, printed matter, and other papers relating to Hobby’s work during World War II as chief of the Women’s Interest Section of the Bureau of Public Relations in the War Department and as the first director of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps.
    • Contributor: Hobby, Oveta Culp
    • Date: 1941
  • Collection
    Archibald MacLeish papers, 1907-1981 Poet, playwright, government official, and Librarian of Congress. Papers include correspondence reflecting MacLeish's relations with friends, literary colleagues, and government associates; notebooks (1919-1940s) containing drafts of poetry and prose; manuscript drafts of plays, speeches and radio broadcasts, and speeches written for Franklin D. Roosevelt, Edward R. Stettinius, and Harry S. Truman; and notes and manuscripts for classroom lectures on modern poetry given by MacLeish...
    • Contributor: Macleish, Archibald
    • Date: 1907
  • Collection
    Elijah Walker Halford papers, 1848-1938 Soldier and newspaper editor. Correspondence, writings, scrapbooks, photographs, and printed matter relating primarily to Halford’s career as private secretary to President Benjamin Harrison, 1889-1893.
    • Contributor: Halford, Elijah Walker
    • Date: 1867
  • Collection
    James Rudolph Garfield papers, 1879-1950 Attorney and secretary of the interior. Diaries, correspondence, family papers, legal documents, and business and political records relating primarily to Garfield's business concerns and public service.
    • Contributor: Garfield, James Rudolph
    • Date: 1879
  • Collection
    Jo Davidson papers, 1906-1952 Sculptor. Correspondence, notes, speeches, articles, clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous material relating to Davidson's career as a sculptor and to his political activities with the Progressive Citizens of America and the National Wallace for President Committee.
    • Contributor: Davidson, Jo
    • Date: 1906
  • Collection
    Hans Peter Kraus collection of Spanish American documents, 1433-1966 Bookman, collector, and bibliophile. Letters, decrees, order books, reports, instructions, dispatches, printed material, and miscellaneous legal documents concerning the history of colonial Spanish America, including the activities of the Mexican Inquisition.
    • Contributor: Kraus, Hans Peter
    • Date: 1433