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    Benjamin S. Loeb papers, 1945-1999 Economist, author, and government official. Research files containing journal excerpts, correspondence, memoranda, cables, reports, minutes, interview transcripts, writings, speeches, newspaper clippings, and printed matter compiled by Loeb concerning Glenn Theodore Seaborg's chairmanship of the Atomic Energy Commission from 1961 to 1971. Loeb assisted Seaborg in writing several books on his chairmanship which feature Seaborg's efforts to promote arms control and peaceful uses of nuclear ...
    • Contributor: Loeb, Benjamin S.
    • Date: 1945
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    Constance McLaughlin Green papers, 1920-1969 Historian and author. Correspondence, drafts, galleys, and page proofs of writings, notes, printed and near-print material, clippings, speeches, and other papers relating primarily to Green's research on the history of Washington, D.C., and the publication of her two-volume Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Washington (1962-1963).
    • Contributor: Green, Constance McLaughlin
    • Date: 1920
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    Anita O'Day papers, 1937-2004 Anita O'Day was an American jazz vocalist. The collection primarily consists of manuscript scores, lead sheets, parts, and annotated sheet music for arrangements of popular songs and jazz standards performed by O'Day throughout her career. In addition, it contains a small amount of scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, clippings, honors and awards, posters, and publicity materials.
    • Contributor: O'day, Anita - Bregman, Buddy - Castro, Joe - Garcia, Russell - Holman, Bill - Jones, Quincy - Kahn, Tiny - May, Billy - Paich, Marty
    • Date: 1937
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    William Eustis papers, 1757-1908 Physician, diplomat, United States secretary of war, and United States representative and senator from Massachusetts. Correspondence, family papers, legal documents, and other material relating to the Burr-Clinton controversy, the Louisiana Purchase, Indian affairs, war between England and France, and relations between the United States and the Netherlands.
    • Contributor: Eustis, William
    • Date: 1757
  • Collection
    Irita Taylor Van Doren papers, 1920-1967 Literary editor. Correspondence, originals of writings by various authors, and material relating to Wendell L. Willkie, especially his 1942 world tour and drafts of his book, One World.
    • Contributor: Van Doren, Irita Taylor
    • Date: 1920
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    Queenstown Association (U.S.) records, 1913-1980 Association of commissioned officers of the United States Navy who were stationed at the naval base in Queenstown, Ireland, during World War I. Established, 1921; disbanded, 1961.Correspondence, minutes, membership lists, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to the association's social activities. Primarily the files of founder and secretary-treasurer, Junius Spencer Morgan.
    • Contributor: Queenstown Association (U.S.)
    • Date: 1913
  • Collection
    Daniel P. Moynihan papers, 1765-2003 Public official, diplomat, educator, and senator. Correspondence, memoranda, journals, speeches, writings, legislative files, notes, research material, subject files, appointment books, press releases, printed material, clippings, and photographs documenting Moynihan's career in public service, in higher education, and in politics, particularly his years as United States senator from New York.
    • Contributor: Moynihan, Daniel P. (Daniel Patrick) - Moynihan, Daniel P.
    • Date: 1765
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    Rufus S. Frost papers, 1841-1883 Merchant, public official, and United States representative from Massachusetts. Chiefly correspondence pertaining to family and personal matters, social occasions, and church activities.
    • Contributor: Frost, Rufus S.
    • Date: 1841
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    1980 Neptune Plaza Concert Series collection, 1980 The collection consists of manuscript materials, sound recordings, photographs, and moving images documenting the performance of Armenian music and dance, bluegrass music, zydeco music, Ghanaian music, Afro-Cuban music, and Southeast Asian music featuring Laotian, Vietnamese, and Hmong performers recorded live outdoors on Neptune Plaza in front of the Library of Congress.
    • Contributor: Sarkisian, Leo - Derderian, Leo - Stover, Don - Borrell, Roberto - Addy, Yacub
    • Date: 1980
  • Collection
    Karl Abraham papers, 1908-1925 Psychoanalyst. Correspondence, circular letters, drafts of statements, a book inscription, and a program documenting Abraham’s role in the founding of psychoanalysis, particularly in his native Germany.
    • Contributor: Abraham, Karl
    • Date: 1908
  • Collection
    Edgar Alexander Mearns papers, 1864-1918 Naturalist and U.S. Army surgeon. Correspondence, reports, printed matter, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material chiefly relating to Mearns's activities as a collector of data on animal and plant life, on his participation in the Smithsonian African Expedition of 1909, and his duties and assignments as an army surgeon.
    • Contributor: Mearns, Edgar Alexander
    • Date: 1864
  • Collection
    World Calendar Association records, 1450-2001 Founded in 1930 to promote calendar reform; in 1955 the association moved its headquarters from New York to Ottawa, Ontario, and became the International World Calendar Association. Correspondence, speeches, reports, articles, manuscripts and galley proofs of material appearing in the Journal of Calendar Reform, publicity material, scrapbooks, clippings, and photographs relating to the organization.
    • Contributor: World Calendar Association
    • Date: 1450
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    William D. Wilkins papers, 1847-1863 United States Army officer and lawyer. Correspondence, diary, and newspaper clippings relating to Wilkins’s service in the Mexican War and the Civil War.
    • Contributor: Wilkins, William D. (William Duncan) - Wilkins, William D.
    • Date: 1847
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    Sarah Stone autograph collection, 1720-1962 Resident of Salem, Massachusetts. Letters, clipped signatures, and other autograph items of prominent American and a few British figures, chiefly of the nineteenth century.
    • Contributor: Stone, Sarah, Active 1840 - Stone, Sarah
    • Date: 1720
  • Collection
    Abel Doysié papers, 1910-1967 Primarily letters received from scholars and others at universities, libraries, and institutions for whom Doysié did historical and genealogical research in various French archives after 1936.
    • Contributor: Doysié, Abel
    • Date: 1910
  • Collection
    F.H. Elmore papers, 1795-1858 Lawyer, banker, and United States representative from South Carolina. Chiefly business correspondence and financial papers relating to Elmore's manufacturing interests and his presidency of the Bank of South Carolina, Charleston.
    • Contributor: Elmore, F. H. (Franklin Harper) - Elmore, F. H.
    • Date: 1795
  • Collection
    Margaret Webster papers, 1837-1974 Actress, theatrical producer, author, and lecturer. Correspondence, family papers, prompt copies of plays and operas, musical scores, set and staging diagrams, articles, lectures, research material, scrapbooks of clippings, printed material, photographs, and othner papers consisting primarily of material used by Webster in compiling two family biographies and reflecting her theatrical career.
    • Contributor: Webster, Margaret
    • Date: 1837
  • Collection
    Paul Gray papers, 1924-2002 Psychoanalyst and educator. Correspondence, writings, lectures, and miscellaneous papers related to Paul's career as a psychoanalyst.
    • Contributor: Gray, Paul
    • Date: 1924
  • Collection
    Jack Kapp collection, circa 1900-1949 Collection of mostly original cartoon drawings, one framed album cover, and some correspondence assembled by American Decca Records founder and president Jack Kapp. The drawings provide historical commentary on the issues of the phonograph industry, particularly the American Federation of Musicians recording ban of 1942-1944, and the place of the phonograph in American life.
    • Contributor: Kapp, Jack
    • Date: 1900
  • Collection
    Thomas Watt Gregory papers, 1896-1933 United States attorney general, regent of the University of Texas, and lawyer. Chiefly legal material and correspondence from the period of Gregory's law practice in Washington, D.C. Correspondence also reflects Gregory's interest in the University of Texas, the Woodrow Wilson administration, and the presidential campaign of 1932.
    • Contributor: Gregory, Thomas Watt
    • Date: 1896
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    Breckinridge Long papers, 1486-1948 Lawyer, diplomat, and author. Correspondence, diaries, writings, reports, memoranda, notes, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, photographs, and other material relating primarily to Long's diplomatic career.
    • Contributor: Long, Breckinridge
    • Date: 1486
  • Collection
    Vernon Boyce Hampton papers, 1872-1971 Historian and biographer. Correspondence, photostatic copies of Chester Alan Arthur's correspondence, writings, bibliographical material, and clippings relating primarily to Hampton's writings.
    • Contributor: Hampton, Vernon Boyce
    • Date: 1872
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    Benjamin Helm Bristow papers, 1839-1932 Army officer, lawyer, United States secretary of the treasury, and solicitor general. Correspondence, speeches, biographical material, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, other printed material, and photographs relating primarily to Bristow's service as solicitor general and secretary of the treasury in the administrations of Ulysses S. Grant and to his New York City law firm. Includes a letterpress book of incoming and outgoing correspondence of the commissioner ...
    • Contributor: Bristow, Benjamin Helm
    • Date: 1839
  • Collection
    William Howard Taft papers, 1915-1953 Ambassador to Ireland, son of Senator Robert A. Taft, and grandson of President William H. Taft. Chiefly correspondence between Taft and his parents, Robert A. and Martha Wheaton Bowers Taft, especially during his years as a student at the Taft School, Yale University, and Princeton University.
    • Contributor: Taft, William Howard, August 7 - Taft, William Howard
    • Date: 1915
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    John D.M. Hamilton papers, 1935-1972 Lawyer, state legislator, and public official of Kansas. Correspondence, speeches, interviews, subject files, and other papers relating primarily to Hamilton's career in the Republican Party, including as chairman of the Republican National Committee.
    • Contributor: Hamilton, John D. M.
    • Date: 1935