• Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Yoshimutsu nanaha, Masamune rokuha, Sadamune nana, Sa, Aoe ....
    吉光七刃・正宗六刃・貞宗七・左・青江 .... Catalog Record Only
    Mss. (hand-drawings). Title from title piece mounted on scroll. Title piece with a long title, worn and partially illegible. Pictures of 38 swords (mostly with both sides of blades and tangs) and of 9 tangs [nakago] only, pasted together as a scroll. Scroll: 38.7 x 1305.7 cm. Asakawa collection (APR 5 1907) "鯰屋藤四郎・壱尺弐寸八分・[銘] 吉光" -- "清水藤四郎・七寸五分・[銘] 吉光" -- "乱藤四郎・七寸四分・[銘] 吉光" -- "朝倉藤四郎・七寸五分" -- "無銘藤四郎・八寸七分" ...
    • Date: 17??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Tōken ezu : Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, Kunitoshi, hoka].
    [刀劍繪圖 : 吉光・國光・國俊・他]. Catalog Record Only
    Mss. (hand-drawings), the artist not known. Title supplied by cataloger. "Tō-ken sho-kwan, collected by Ōkubo Ichiwō. Scroll No. 7. BLADES and 'NAKAGO'. 40 specimens of Kuniyoshi, Kuniyuki, Kunitsugu, Yoshimitsu, Kunitoshi, Nobukuni, Nagayoshi, Kuninaga, Kuninobu, Norikuni, Norinaga, etc. "--Typewritten on a piece of paper pasted on scroll. Scroll: 35.5 x 1724.8 cm. Asakawa collection (APR 5 1907) [銘] "吉光" -- [銘] "國行 (... 寶永二乙酉歲 [1705] ...
    • Date: 1705