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    Hugh H. Smythe and Mabel M. Smythe papers, circa 1895-1997

    Diplomats, educators, and scholars. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, photographs, reports, writings, subject files and other papers relating to the Smythes’ ambassadorships to Cameroon, Malta, and Syria and their work on African and African-American issues with a variety of organizations and educational institutions.

    • Contributor: Smythe, Hugh H. (hugh Heyne) - Smythe, Hugh H.
    • Date: 1895
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    1979 Neptune Plaza Concert Series collection, 1979

    Documentation of the monthly 1979 Neptune Plaza Concert Series, which consists of manuscript materials, sound recordings, and photographs of performers of country, Irish, Cajun, gospel, and Mexican harp music recorded live outdoors on Neptune Plaza in front of the Library of Congress, from May through September 1979, sponsored by the American Folklife Center and the National Council for the Traditional Arts.

    • Contributor: Stover, Don - O'donnell, Eugene - Moloney, Mick - Dickens, Hazel - Martinez, Melecio
    • Date: 1979
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    Letter from Hervey Heth to Thomas Posey

    • Contributor: Heth, Hervey
    • Date: 1814-03-10
  • Exhibit

    Voices of Civil Rights

    The events of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement are documented through personal stories, oral histories, and photographs collected by the “Voices of Civil Rights” project, and marks the arrival of these materials to the Library.

    • Contributor: Adams, Victoria Gray - Andrade, Juan - Baxley, Bill (william Joseph) - Beal, Gerald K. - Beerman, Leonard I. - Boggs, Grace Lee - Bonilla, Rubén - Booth, Heather - Bourne, St. Clair - Branch, Raylawni G. ... Adams, Victoria Gray - Andrade, Juan - Baxley, Bill (william Joseph) - Beal, Gerald K. - Beerman, Leonard I. - Boggs, Grace Lee - Bonilla, Rubén - Booth, Heather - Bourne, St. Clair - Branch, Raylawni G. - Braxton, Annye H. - Brownmiller, Susan - Carlos, John - Charles, Michael Ray - Collins, Wendell - Dahmer, Ellie J. - Davis, L. Clifford - Dickinson, James Luther - Dinkins, David N. - Doty, Juanita Sims - Epps, Jesse - Fife, John M. (john Macmillan) - Fleming, Karl - Forman, James - Fountain, Clarence - Frank, Barney - Garcia, Isabel (isabel G.) - Gields, Clarence - Goodman, Carolyn - Graves, Curtis - Green, Percy - Gutiérrez, José Angel - Hackney, Lucy D. - Halpern, Rosario Salgado - Harjo, Suzan Shown - Harrington, Penny - Hayes, Shirley G. - Height, Dorothy I. (dorothy Irene) - Hill, Oliver W. - Hite, Nancy - Holland, Endesha Ida Mae - Hooks, Benjamin L. (benjamin Lawson) - Horowitz, Rachelle - Jarrett, Vernon - Jones, Doug (g. Douglas) - King - Kirk, Ron - Kochiyama, Yuri - Kwoh, Stewart - Kyles, Samuel Billy - Landrieu, Moon - Lawson, James M. - Lee, Helen Shores - Lee, Sammy - Lewis, John - Little Joe - Lout, Mike (james M.) - Lowery, Joseph E. - Lyons, Kenneth O. - Mashariki, Job - McKinstry, Carolyn Maull - McWhorter, Diane - Mease, Quentin R. - Meier, Deborah - Mingo, Lucy - Monroe, Sputnik - Moses, Robert Parris - Moutoussamy-Ashe, Jeanne - Murray, Tawanda - Norton, Eleanor Holmes - Oldham, Charles R. - Poussaint, Alvin F. - Pride, Carlton - Reid, Vernon - Rivers, Eugene - Romilly, Constancia - Rowles, Billy E. - Seay, Norman R. - Sellers, Cleveland - Shores, Barbara - Sims, Bernice Banks - Smith, Jerome M. - Spellman, Toyin - Steger, Michelle - Sutton, Goodloe - Swann-Daniels, Carol - Tafel, Richard - Thompson, Larry Dean - Tisdale, Alice - Tisdale, Charles - Trickey, Minnijean Brown - Uyeshima, Erin Emiko - West, W. Richard - Wilder, Lawrence Douglas - Wilkins, Roger W. - Wilson, Diane - Wilson, Edwin O. - Wunrow, Jeffrey D. - Yamamoto, Joyce C. - Zabel, William D. - Bowley, Andy - Briggs, Jimmie - Hargrove, Earnestine - Iverem, Esther - Kellogg, Alex - Krol, Debra Utacia - Latimer, Leah Y. - Lewis, Dan - Lum, Lydia - Mapp, Marilyn - Marquez Stathis, Sandra - Miller, Tom - Neubauer, Rita - O'konis, Jonathan - Patoski, Joe Nick - Pierce, Ponchitta Anne - Reavis, Dick J. - Rosenfeld, Megan - Rosenzweig, Hannah - Sloan, Lester - Smith, Vern E. - Whitehouse, Liz - Wolf, Bonny - Ynclan, Nery - Williams, Juan - Aarp (organization) - Library of Congress - History Channel (television Network) - Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
    • Date: 2005-02-24
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    Black history collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, speeches, writings, court records, legal documents, slave deeds, family papers, birth records, inventories, wills, military records, financial records, ship's papers, and marriage certificates pertaining to African Americans from the colonial period through the early twenty-first century. Topics include the slave trade, abolition, manumission, emancipation, medical care of slaves, civil rights, slaves, fugitive slaves, freedmen, free blacks, medical care of slaves, and African Americans ...

    • Contributor: Robards, Lewis C.
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    [Octavia Green]

    • Contributor: Burks, Albert - Green, Octavia
    • Date: 1938-10-03

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    Christian A. Fleetwood papers, 1797-1945

    Soldier and civic leader. Correspondence, diaries, legal documents, scrapbook, printed material, memorabilia, and photographs pertaining to Fleetwood's military and civilian career during and after the Civil War, education, nursing, and slavery, and other civic and social concerns of the African-American community. Material relates chiefly to the District of Columbia where Fleetwood held various government and business positions. Includes papers of his wife Sara Iredell ...

    • Contributor: Fleetwood, Christian A. (christian Abraham) - Fleetwood, Christian A.
    • Date: 1797
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    February 24, 1943, draft of memo by B.A. Botkin

    • Contributor: Botkin, Benjamin Albert

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    Henry William Parsons correspondence and diaries, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence and diaries documenting Parsons's temperance work for the International Order of Good Templars with African Americans in North Carolina, his career as a Congregationalist minister in England and the American Midwest, and his travels with the Jubilee Singers, an African American ensemble consisting of students from Fisk University, during their European tour of 1878. Chronicles his journey to the United States in 1876 ...

    • Contributor: Parsons, Henry William
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    [Nimrod Ross]

    • Contributor: Burks, Albert - Ross, Nimrod
    • Date: 1938-12-15

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    John Haynes Holmes papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, writings, printed matter, and other papers relating to Holmes's public career and to the libertarian movements of the 20th century. Documents his involvement with civil liberties, civil rights, pacifism, and social service organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, American Friends Service Committee, Council Against Intolerance in America, Foster Parents' Plan for War Children, League for Industrial Democracy, National Association for the Advancement ...

    • Contributor: Holmes, John Haynes
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    Francis Lewis Cardozo family papers, 1864-1968

    Educator, clergyman, and public official. Correspondence, genealogical and biographical papers, miscellaneous documents, and a manuscript of a novel related to various members of the Cardozo family, a prominent African-American family of South Carolina and Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Cardozo, Francis Lewis
    • Date: 1864
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    Elizabeth Sutherland Martínez papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Chiefly correspondence between Martínez and James Forman pertaining to the internal workings of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), particularly the New York office where Martínez primarily worked. Documents the difficulties in doing public relations and fund-raising for the organization, the future direction of SNCC, and discussions about anti-white feelings of some of the African-American members of SNCC toward white members of the organization. ...

    • Contributor: Martínez, Elizabeth Sutherland
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    [Bad sperrits]

    • Contributor: Tiedman, Cassels R. - Jemison, Ophelia
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