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    National Woman's Party records, 1850-1975 National organization in the women's rights movement, founded 1916-1917 by Alice Paul (chairman). The records include correspondence, administrative files, minutes of meetings, reports, financial and legal records, personal papers, printed material, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other items, including the records of the World Woman's Party (1938-1958), documenting efforts by the party to promote congressional passage of the federal woman suffrage amendment and the Equal ...
    • Contributor: National Woman's Party
    • Date: 1850
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    "So"renpō no keizai jōhō ni kansuru ken.
    「ソ」聯邦ノ經濟情報ニ關スル件. | Sorenpō no keizai jōhō ni kansuru ken Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Ms. Caption title. Confidential "Himitsu" written in red. Typewritten, carbon copy on "Rikugun" stationery. On double leaves. Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Website.
    • Date: 1945
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    Forrest David Mathews papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, writings, subject files, and other papers relating chiefly to Mathews service as U.S. secretary of health, education, and welfare in the Gerald R. Ford presidential administration. Subjects include abortion, aging, desegregation, economic opportunity, and education.
    • Contributor: Mathews, Forrest David
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    Jackie Robinson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, fan mail, speeches, writings, congressional testimony, baseball contracts, subject files, financial and legal records, military records, printed matter, and other papers relating chiefly to Robinson's career as a baseball player and corporate executive, and to his participation in political activities, religious and civic organizations, the civil rights movement, and media affairs. When Jackie Robinson began his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers ...
    • Contributor: Robinson, Jackie
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    W. Morgan Shuster papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diary (1911-1912), scrapbooks (1900-1923; 10 volumes), certificates, and other papers documenting Shuster's diplomatic career as treasurer-general and financial advisor for Persia (1911-1912) and his earlier posts in the customs service in Cuba (1899-1901) and as insular collector of customs in Manila and member of the Philippine Commission (1901-1909). Correspondents include William H. Taft and Woodrow Wilson and Shusterfamily members. Also includes an unpublished ...
    • Contributor: Shuster, W. Morgan (William Morgan) - Douglass, Elisha P.
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    David S. Broder papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, interviews, speeches and statements, articles and columns, book drafts, notebooks and notes, reports, voter surveys and interviews, newsletters, press releases, newspaper clippings, printed matter, political memorabilia, and other papers relating chiefly to Broder's career as a journalist at the Washington Post. Also documents his early career, 1953-1966, as a reporter for the Pantagraph (Bloomington, Ill.), Congressional Quarterly, the Washington Star, and the ...
    • Contributor: Broder, David S.
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    Dorothy G. Wayman papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, journal, speeches, writings, articles, reports, notes, research material, newspaper clippings, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating to Wayman's career as a journalist and author and to her interest in Catholicism. Documents her work as a journalist for the Falmouth Enterprise (Falmouth, Mass.), Boston Globe (Boston, Mass.), and Olean Times Herald (Olean, N.Y.); as an author especially her biographical studies of Frederic Christopher ...
    • Contributor: Wayman, Dorothy G. (Dorothy Godfrey) - Geoffrey, Theodate - Lewis, William A.
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    Adolph Caspar Miller papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, proceedings, writings, reports, speeches, notes, press releases, printed material, memorabilia, and other papers relating chiefly to his service as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 1914-1936. Subjects include administration of monetary policy, international economic issues and policy, economic recovery in Europe, inflation, international and domestic banking and finance, commerce, Federal Reserve System Federal Advisory Council, ...
    • Contributor: Miller, Adolph Caspar
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    James Fowler Simmons papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, business and legal records, account books, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating to Simmons's cotton and yarn manufacturing enterprises, Rhode Island and national politics, and economic and social conditions in Rhode Island. Subjects include the Bank of the United States, bounty laws, Thomas Wilson Dorr and the Dorr Rebellion of 1842, exporting and importing, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, manufacturing, James ...
    • Contributor: Simmons, James Fowler
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    David Ogilvy papers, 1935-1966 Advertising executive. Correspondence, advertising proposals, market research reports, speeches, writings, and printed matter relating primarily to Ogilvy's advertising career as an executive and businessman
    • Contributor: Ogilvy, David
    • Date: 1935
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    National Urban League records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Parts I-III include correspondence, minutes of meetings, speeches, reports, surveys, statistical data, financial and legal papers, scrapbooks, printed material, and other records relating to the programs and policies of the National Urban League and its affiliates chiefly in the field of human services and social change. Topics include the League's adoption program, the aged, citizenship education, civil rights, community health, crime, relief for African ...
    • Contributor: National Urban League - Granger, Lester (Lester Blackwell) - Harrington, Oliver W. (Oliver Wendell) - Hughes, Langston - Jackson, Nelson C. (Nelson Crews) - Jordan, Vernon E. (Vernon Eulion) - McGannon, Donald Henry - Sims, Harold R. - Tanneyhill, Ann - Thomas, Jesse O. - Young, Whitney M. - National Urban League. Office of Washington Operations - National Urban League. Southern Regional Office
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    Alexander Hamilton papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, speeches, writings, legal and financial records, printed matter, and other papers relating to Hamilton's personal life and public career, especially his service as an aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War, his participation in the U.S. Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, his service as U.S. secretary of the treasury, his New York law practice, and his service as inspector general of ...
    • Contributor: Hamilton, Alexander - First Church in Albany
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    Henry White papers, 1812-1931 Diplomat. Correspondence, business records, conference proceedings, bulletins, memoranda, and notes relating to White’s career in the foreign service and as a member of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace.
    • Contributor: White, Henry
    • Date: 1812
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    Clare Boothe Luce papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence particularly relating to politics, religion, and literary and artistic endeavors; secretarial file; literary file containing business records, articles, essays, reviews, commentaries, journals, notebooks, memoirs, novels, short stories, plays, non-ficition, pamphlets, and proposals, together with notes, drafts, fragments, and other writings; congressional and ambassadorial correspondence and subject files; Boothe (Booth) and Luce family and personal papers; speech files; scrapbooks (141 volumes); artwork; and other ...
    • Contributor: Luce, Clare Boothe - Boothe, John William Thomas - Luce, Henry Robinson
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    Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Presbytery of Washington City records, 1823-1950 Regional association of Presbyterian churches in Washington, D.C., and vicinity in Virginia and Maryland. Proceedings of the Presbytery of Washington City and its predecessors, the Presbytery of the District of Columbia and the Presbytery of the Potomac, concerning the administration and establishment of churches in the Washington, D.C., region. Includes an historical volume summarizing proceedings and the history of the presbyteries.
    • Contributor: Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Presbytery of Washington City
    • Date: 1823
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    Edward Frost papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, political, legal, and business records, commissions, appointments, wills, estate and plantation accounts, ledgers, and memorabilia pertaining to Frost's service as district attorney and as states' rights delegate from Charleston to the South Carolina state legislature, and to his interest in the Blue Ridge Railroad Company. Includes legal papers relating to the estates of Thomas Lynch Horry and members of the Blake family. Also ...
    • Contributor: Frost, Edward
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    Charles Schuveldt Dewey papers, 1924-1933 Banker, public official, and United States representative from Illinois. Subject files, reports, memoranda, statistical studies, charts, correspondence, clippings, and other printed matter relating to Dewey's service from 1927 to 1930 as a financial advisor to Poland and director of the Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland).
    • Contributor: Dewey, Charles Schuveldt
    • Date: 1924
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Coolidge Speech: Address . . . at the Eleventh Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government, Washington, D.C., June 21, 1926. From Hand Copies: Speeches of President Calvin Coolidge, Preserved ... Everett Sanders, one of President Coolidge's private secretaries, preserved a bound set of fifty-nine formal addresses given by the president and subsequently printed by the Government Printing Office. The speeches were given between June 22, 1925, and February 22, 1929, in Coolidge's second term of office. The fifty-nine addresses are available in this digital collection as separate items. The index to the bound set ...
    • Contributor: Coolidge, Calvin
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    Kermit Roosevelt and Belle Roosevelt papers, 1725-1975 Author, businessman, explorer, and soldier (Kermit Roosevelt). Businesswoman and social leader (Belle Roosevelt). Correspondence, diaries, family papers, speeches, writings, subject files, military records, business and financial records, photographs, scrapbooks, printed matter, and other material reflecting many aspects of the Roosevelts' social, personal, and business activities.
    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Kermit
    • Date: 1725
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    American Council of Learned Societies records, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes and agendas, speeches and lectures, writings, reports, notes, fellowship and grant files, project files, surveys and questionnaires, committee files, administrative files, publicity files, trip files, fund-raising files, financial records, and other records pertaining to the work of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). Documents the society's focus on American studies, constitutionalism, copyright law and fair use, education, electronic publishing, ...
    • Contributor: American Council of Learned Societies
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    Alice M. Rivlin papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, writings, reports, congressional testimony, newspaper clippings, printed matter, photographs, and other papers pertaining to Rivlin's career as an economist and government official. Documents her association with the Brookings Institution and the institution's Economic Studies Program, her work at the Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) as assistant secretary for program coordination (1966-1968) and for planning and evaluation (1968-1969), and her ...
    • Contributor: Rivlin, Alice M.
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    Harry T. Friedman collection of Spanish American documents, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, reports, certificates, printed material, and other documents relating to such topics as the Joliet-Marquette expedition (1673), navigation and trade from the Philippines to Mexico (1749), land transactions in Tulancingo and Huejotzingo (Mexico), and persons associated with the cause of Mexican Independence; inventories (1778-1785) of Mexican missions at Mátape, Alamos, and Macori; and information on Indian groups and the branding of military livestock. Includes ...
    • Contributor: Friedman, Harry T.
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    Andrew Jackson Donelson papers, 1779-1943 Lawyer, editor, army officer, diplomat, and presidential secretary. Correspondence, journals, draft messages of Andrew Jackson, diplomatic papers, newsclippings, scrapbook, sketches, photos, and other papers covering Donelson's career as aide-de-camp and secretary to Andrew Jackson, charge d'affaires to Texas, minister to Prussia, editor of the Washington Union, and candidate for vice president. Includes papers of Donelson's wife, Emily Tennessee Donelson, daughter, Mary Emily Donelson, and ...
    • Contributor: Donelson, Andrew Jackson - Burke, Pauline Wilcox - Donelson, Emily Tennessee - Martin, James Glasgow - Randolph, Meriwether Lewis - Wilcox, Mary Emily Donelson
    • Date: 1779
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Letter from Alexander Graham Bell to Mabel Hubbard Bell, May 12, 1898
    • Contributor: Bell, Alexander Graham - Bell, Mabel Hubbard
    • Date: 1898-05-12

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    Harold M. Stephens papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, speeches, writings, legal records, legislation, biographical papers, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Stephens's career as a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals (District of Columbia Circuit) and prosecuting attorney and judge in Utah and to U.S. courts and the judicial system. Documents Stephens's service as assistant attorney general of the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division and his ...
    • Contributor: Stephens, Harold M. (Harold Montelle) - Cummings, Homer S. (Homer Stillé) - Holman, Frank E. (Frank Ezekiel) - United States. Special Industrial Recovery Board