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    Marian S. Carson collection of manuscripts, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, family papers, journals, political documents, legal and financial records, military records, broadsides, ephemera, and other papers relating to American military, political, and social history. Documents the founding of the nation, shaping of the national government and judicial system, American endeavors in the arts, commerce, education, finance, industry, law, literature, medicine, religion, science, and technology, and daily life in early America. The focus of ...
    • Contributor: Carson, Marian S. - Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)
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    Puerto Rican collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Chiefly documents of the Spanish colonial government in Puerto Rico including orders and decrees, military records of the Spanish Ministerio de la Guerra, and financial records pertaining to budgets, imports and exports, and taxation. Also includes baptismal records; material concerning education (1898-1900), the fortification of "El Morro" in San Juan, political prisoners, politics, registration of foreigners, and slavery; and research materials of Puerto Rican ...
    • Contributor: Puerto Rico - Coll Y Toste, Cayetano
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    Puerto Rican collection, 1591-1900 Collection of documents from Spanish colonial Puerto Rico including financial material, military papers, orders and decrees from the Spanish government, and miscellaneous items from colonial Puerto Rico.
    • Contributor: Puerto Rico
    • Date: 1591
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    Marian S. Carson collection of manuscripts, 1656-1995 Collector. A collection of Americana including historical letters and documents, family and personal papers, broadsides, financial and legal papers, illustrated and printed ephemera, government and legislative documents, military records, journals, and printed matter relating primarily to the expansion and development of the United States from the colonial period through the 1876 centennial.
    • Contributor: Carson, Marian S.
    • Date: 1656