• Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Liber legu[m] et co[n]suetudinu[m] Imperij Romanie, app[ro]batar[um] in [Con]sillio [sic] Rogator[um] vigore part[is] capte in dicto Consilio q[ue] est anotata in principio huius librj. Catalog Record Only Ms. In Venetian dialect of Italian; authorization by Venetian Republic in Latin. Title from caption on prelim. leaf 1b. The primary text begins (leaf 1a): Questo si he lo libro dele vxance delo Imperio de Romania ... Spine title: Uxanze de lo Imperio dè€ Romania. The text on leaves 1a-46a is a version, with a prologue and 219 chapters, of a code known as ...
    • Contributor: Negropont (Venetian Colony)
    • Date: 1453
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Readings on early statutes of England]. Catalog Record Only Ms. In Law French; lemmas in Latin. Captions and running titles (variously abridged): leaves 1-88, Westminster 2; 89, Westminster 3; 99, Statut[e?] Gloucester; 132-142, Merton (mostly "Marton"); 144-152b, M[e]rton 2. On leaves 159-182, a legal dictionary (not alphabetical) with captions in margin; 183-185, notes on avowing; 186-187, on statute De hereditate alicuius. Identified on laid-in dealer's slip as Readings on the Second statute of ...
    • Date: 1430