• Collection
    Earle H. Kincaid papers, 1917-1972 United States navy officer. Correspondence, memoranda, rosters, reports, writings, and printed matter relating to Kincaid’s naval career.
    • Contributor: Kincaid, Earle H. (Earle Hill), 1894 - Kincaid, Earle H.
    • Date: 1917
  • Collection
    John Fisher papers, 1777-1802 Military supply agent and merchant. Correspondence, memoranda, accounts, purchase and delivery orders, receipts, requisitions, invoices, and other financial and mercantile records relating primarily to the distribution of food and supplies to the Continental Army in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
    • Contributor: Fisher, John, Active - Fisher, John
    • Date: 1777
  • Collection
    Donald Wilson papers, 1910-1979 U.S. Army and Air Force officer. Diaries, journals, correspondence, speeches, lectures, flight records, maps and other items relating to Wilson’s personal life and military career. Diaries include accounts of the Iwo Jima and other South Pacific campaigns during World War II.
    • Contributor: Wilson, Donald
    • Date: 1910
  • Collection
    Eddie Rickenbacker papers, 1915-1973 Army officer and aviator. Correspondence, speeches, writings, notes, newspaper clippings, printed material, and other papers concerning Rickenbacker's career as an aviator and army officer, chairman of the board of Eastern Air Lines, and advocate of conservative causes.
    • Contributor: Rickenbacker, Eddie
    • Date: 1915
  • Collection
    Zachary Taylor papers, Correspondence, autobiographical account, military papers, estate papers, printed matter, map, and other papers relating chiefly to Taylor's presidency; his service as a U.S. Army officer, especially in the 2nd Seminole Indian War; settlement of his estate; and management of his plantations. Includes papers pertaining to his son, Richard Taylor, and to Richard's Louisiana plantation. Correspondents include John M. Clayton, George Washington Crawford, John J. ...
    • Contributor: Taylor, Zachary
  • Collection
    Robert L. Carter papers, 1941-2006 Civil rights lawyer and judge. Correspondence, memoranda, legal cases, speeches, writings, subject files, newspaper clippings, ephemera, biographical material, photographs, notes, and research material relating primarily to Carter's career after 1968.
    • Contributor: Carter, Robert L.
    • Date: 1941
  • Collection
    Elwood R. Quesada papers, 1927-1960 Air force officer and public official. Correspondence, memoranda, speeches and statements, reports, drawings, press releases, and other material pertaining primarily to Quesada's career as a United States Air Force officer and as director of the Federal Aviation Administration.
    • Contributor: Quesada, Elwood R. (Elwood Richard) - Quesada, Elwood R.
    • Date: 1927
  • Collection
    Myron Charles Taylor papers, 1928-1953 Industrialist, diplomat, and lawyer. Correspondence, reports, and other papers documenting Taylor's activities as the president's personal representative to Pope Pius XII.
    • Contributor: Taylor, Myron Charles
    • Date: 1928
  • Collection
    Oscar S. Straus papers, 1856-1955 Attorney, businessman, public official, diplomat, United States secretary of commerce and labor, and author. Correspondence, diaries, speeches, writings, legal records, pamphlets, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia, and other papers relating chiefly to Straus's service as minister and later ambassador to the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), United States secretary of commerce and labor, and member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Hague, Netherlands.
    • Contributor: Straus, Oscar S. (Oscar Solomon) - Straus, Oscar S.
    • Date: 1856
  • Collection
    Rodgers family papers, 1740-1987 United States Navy and Army officers and family members. Correspondence, diaries, letterbooks, logbooks, photographs, recollections (memoirs), financial papers, and printed matter centering primarily on the naval career of Commodore John Rodgers (1773-1838).
    • Date: 1740
  • Collection
    John Bartlow Martin papers, 1900-1986 Author, journalist, political adviser, and United States ambassador to the Dominican Republic. Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, speeches, writings, drafts, notebooks, research files, political campaign files, family and estate papers, photographs, and other papers documenting Martin's career as a free-lance journalist, his role as an advance man, speechwriter, and adviser to Democratic presidential candidates, and his service as ambassador to the Dominican Republic.
    • Contributor: Martin, John Bartlow
    • Date: 1900
  • Collection
    Perry S. Heath papers, 1890-1983 Newspaperman, political writer, Republican National Committee secretary and party emissary. Correspondence, journal notes, printed matter, memorabilia, and biographical material chiefly relating to Heath's term as secretary of the Republican National Committee and his work on the 1896 presidential campaign of William McKinley.
    • Contributor: Heath, Perry S. (Perry Sanford) - Heath, Perry S.
    • Date: 1890
  • Collection
    Polish declarations of admiration and friendship for the United States, Volumes compiled under the auspices of the American-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland and the Polish American Society and presented to President Calvin Coolidge in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and in acknowledgment of American participation and aid to Poland during World War I. The volumes contain over five million signatures of Polish citizens and are embellished ...
    • Contributor: American-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland - Polish-American Society
  • Collection
    George Nicholas Sanders family papers, 1833-1973 Financier, lobbyist, and Confederate agent in Europe. Mainly journals of Anna J. Sanders, wife of George Nicholas Sanders, and correspondence to and from George Nicholas Sanders and other members of the Sanders family relating to mid-nineteenth century politics, social life, and the Civil War. Subjects include the activities of George Nicholas Sanders and the wartime imprisonment and death of their son, Reid Sanders, as ...
    • Contributor: Sanders, George Nicholas
    • Date: 1833
  • Collection
    Louis F. Post papers, 1864-1940 Journalist, lawyer, and public official. Correspondence, manuscripts of articles and books, biographical data, scrapbooks, printed matter, and other papers relating to Post’s career as a writer, public official, and advocate of the single tax.
    • Contributor: Post, Louis F. (Louis Freeland) - Post, Louis F.
    • Date: 1864
  • Collection
    Bernard A. Schriever papers, 1931-2005 U.S. Air Force officer, aerospace consultant, and aviator. Correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, writings, subject files, and other papers relating to Schriever's career as a U.S. Air Force officer responsible for the research and development of the intercontinental ballistic missile and early military space programs and his post-military career as a corporate and government consultant.
    • Contributor: Schriever, Bernard A.
    • Date: 1931
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Fox Movietone newsreel collection--World War II paper records, 1922-1946 Cameramen’s dope sheets (detailed notes of stories filmed), continuity sheets (synopses of newsreels distributed to theaters), and turnovers (one sentence descriptions of each story filmed) from this major pioneer in the newsreel industry. Collection also contains other paper materials including telegrams, speeches, photographs, programs, and memoranda that provide details of the newsreels created by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Although the entire Fox Movietone ...
    • Contributor: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
    • Date: 1922
  • Collection
    Victor Herbert collection, 1880-1939 Victor Herbert was a composer, conductor, cellist, and co-founder of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). The music materials include mostly manuscript scores, parts and sketches for Herbert's stage, screen and orchestral works, and arrangements. The collection also contains Victor Herbert Orchestra encore part books and music by other composers. Additional materials include correspondence, programs, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, promotional materials, iconography ...
    • Contributor: Herbert, Victor - Dvořák, Antonín - Langey, Otto - Lover, Samuel - Sanford, Harold
    • Date: 1880
  • Collection
    W. Edwards Deming papers, 1795-1994 Statistician and educator. Correspondence, memoranda, reports, articles, speeches, lectures, interviews, reviews, books, writings, musical scores, photographs, and other papers documenting Deming's government service at the United States Bureau of the Budget and Bureau of the Census; his academic positions at George Washington University, New York University, and the United States Department of Agriculture Graduate School; and his career as a consultant in statistical studies ...
    • Contributor: Deming, W. Edwards (William Edwards) - Deming, W. Edwards
    • Date: 1795
  • Collection
    Mary Edith Powel naval historical collection, 1747-1922 Collector of naval history. Correspondence, biographical data on American and foreign naval officers, newspaper and magazine clippings, illustrations, photographs, commissions, autographs, pamphlets, and notes collected by Powel about naval history.
    • Contributor: Powel, Mary Edith
    • Date: 1747
  • Collection
    Manton Marble papers, 1838-1916 Editor and publisher. Correspondence, drafts of articles and letters, financial papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other material relating to Marble’s career as editor and owner of the New York World, and as a senior member of the national Democratic Party.
    • Contributor: Marble, Manton
    • Date: 1838
  • Collection
    Piccard family papers, circa 1470-1983 Family members represented include Jean Felix Piccard (1884-1963), his wife, Jeannette Ridlon Piccard (1895-1981), and their son, Don Piccard (1926- ). Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, journals, logbooks, drafts of writings and speeches, reports, notes, financial papers, biographical and genealogical material, scrapbooks, blueprints, patent specifications and other papers documenting the careers of Piccard family members in the fields of aeronautics, ballooning, bathyscaphe exploration, chemistry, education, the ...
    • Date: 1470
  • Collection
    Paul Field Sifton and Claire Sifton papers, 1912-1980 Paul Field Sifton, playwright, government official, and Claire Sifton, editor and author. Correspondence, diaries, writings, subject files, family papers, printed matter, and miscellany relating to the Siftons' literary, labor, and governmental careers.
    • Contributor: Sifton, Paul Field
    • Date: 1912
  • Collection
    Caspar W. Weinberger papers, 1910-2005 United States secretary of defense, United States secretary of health, education, and welfare, California state legislator, lawyer, journalist, and business executive. Correspondence, legal and subject files, appointment books and daily schedules, diary notes and other jottings, family papers, financial material, interview transcripts, television scripts, newspaper columns, book and speech files, and legislative and political material relating to Weinberger's career in journalism and government.
    • Contributor: Weinberger, Caspar W.
    • Date: 1910
  • Collection
    Clara Barrus and John Burroughs papers, 1877-1981 Physician, author, and editor (Clara Barrus). Naturalist and author (John Burroughs). Correspondence, estate papers, printed matter, scrapbooks, and writings pertaining to the works and travels of Clara Barrus and John Burroughs and the administration of their estates.
    • Date: 1877