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    Kunnāsh al-Manṣūrī
    كناش المنصوري | Maqālāt al-Manṣūrī Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Text is a well-known medical encyclopedia in 10 chapters, covering diseases of various organs and their treatment as well as a description of anatomy and physiology.
    • Contributor: Rāzī, Abū Bakr Muḥammad Ibn Zakarīy
    • Date: 14??
  • Book/Printed Material
    Suwar al
    سور الكواكب.
    Text is an excellent authority on Arabic names for the stars and constellations; includes depictions of celestial constellations. Persian note before beginning of text claims that this book written in 820 H [1417], but the note probably dates from the 18th century when the book was rebound.
    • Contributor: Ṣūfī, ʻabd Al-Raḥmān Ibn ʻumar
    • Date: 1417

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    Kitāb Ikhtiyār sharḥ al-Mukhtār
    كتاب اختيار شرح المختار / | Ikhtiyār sharḥ al-Mukhtār Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Commentary on Mawṣiliʾs own work titled al-Mukhtār.
    • Contributor: Mawṣilī, ʻabd Allāh Ibn Maḥmūd
    • Date: 1400
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Benedictine rule for nuns in Middle English ; a Middle English version of the Gospel of Nicodemus ; an anonymous Middle English exposition of the Apostles' Creed.] Ms. codex. Middle English; some Latin. Title and description derived from the full description in Library of Congress. Medieval and Renaissance manuscript books in the Library of Congress, v. 2, p. 143-154, by Svato Schutzner. Three scribes: scribes 1 and 2 use an old-fashioned vertical Gothic; scribe 3 uses a small anglicana currens with thorn. Decoration (on fol. 1-63 only): blue display-type letters, blue...
    • Contributor: Benedict - Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1400

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