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    [Maps of the Eastern Hemisphere from approximately 1000 to 1970]. Catalog Record Only This record covers single maps of the Eastern Hemisphere, which are not represented in the LC database by separate catalog records. This collection includes single printed maps and photocopies of printed or manuscript single maps as well as some multi-sheet single maps, plates from atlases, books or periodicals, and printed facsimiles. These maps cover the Eastern Hemisphere as a whole. These maps show various ...
    • Date: 1000
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    Respublika Bŭlgarii︠a︡.
    NR Bŭlgarii︠a︡ Catalog Record Only
    Topographic quadrangles of the Republic of Bulgaria. Relief shown by contours, spot heights, and rock drawings. Date of situation given in lower margin at right, for example: Izraboten po karta ot 1986 g. -- Izraboten po karta ot 1994 g. Common title from upper margin. The common title is followed by the name of the oblast (province) to which the partially sheet depicts, for ...
    • Contributor: Vts (Bulgaria)
    • Date: 1089