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    [Attakapa Region land grants, Louisiana].
    Louisiane, Attacapa | Louisiane, district Attacapa | Plan d'une partie du Vermillon, district Attacapa | Plan d'une partie du Vermillion, district Attacapas | Plan d'une partie du Vermillon | Plan d'une partie du district des Attacapa
    Shows land grants in the Bayou Teche region and in Vermilion Parish, most surveyed by Fran├žois Gonsoulin. Title from LC Luso-Hispanic World. LC Luso-Hispanic World, 911 Orientation varies. Pen-and-ink on paper, some sheets light blue. All but one sheet mounted on cloth. Two sheets are untitled. One sheet signed by Carlos Trudeau. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster ...
    • Contributor: Gonsoulin, Fran├žois - Trudeau, Charles Laveau
    • Date: 1795

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