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  • Map

    Suruga Fuchū ezu. Catalog Record Only

    Brush-and-ink and watercolor. Ms. (shahon), the copier and the date not known. Not listed in Kokusho sōmokuroku and Kotenseki sōgō mokuroku. Transferred from Asian Division 4/19/2006. 3477 "駿河繪圖・東北帝國大學藏本ニヨリ影寫" Written-in. LC copy has "笹野文庫" stamped. DLC LC copy has a label "ISSEIDO 東京・神田" pasted inside cover. DLC

    • Date: 1907
  • Map

    Sunpujō chūzu. Catalog Record Only

    Pictorial map. Title from label on cover. Includes statistical information on sizes of lots and buildings.

    • Date: 19??