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    Plano del Puerto de Bayona situado en la costa occidental de ...

    Depths shown by soundings. Prime meridian: Tenerife. Oriented with north to the left. Watermark: Powder horn on leather strap. Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Includes notes and index. Annotated in black ink in lower margin: 4. Annotated in black ink on verso: Bayona en Galicia. Annotated in pencil on verso: Source unknown, Nov. 29, 1940. Map is listed as one of 14 offered for sale in ...

    • Date: 1750
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    Plano de la costa de la Florida desde Cayo B[i]scaino hasta e...

    Depths shown by soundings. Provenance: Gift of Jay I. Kislak Foundation. Oriented with north to the right. Pen-and-ink with colored wash. Dedication at upper-right: "Para el ex. mo Senor Dn. Rodrigo del Tores y Morales ...." In upper-right corner: 25. Kislak accession no. 1985.006.00.0001

    • Contributor: Liguera, Juan De.
    • Date: 1742