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    Tekhnicheskiĭ proekt zheleznodorozhnoĭ linii Chum-Salekhard-Igarka. Tom IV. Prodol'nyĭ inzhenerno-geologicheskiĭ profil'. Uchastok stant︠s︡ii︠a︡ Labytnangi - stant︠s︡ii︠a︡ Nadym. 2-i︠a︡ chast'.
    Технический проект железнодорожной линии Чум-Салехард-Игарка. Том IV. Продольный инженерно-геологический профиль. Участок станция Лабытнанги - станция Надым. 2-я часть.
    This item is from a collection of materials related to the Salekhard-Igarka Railway, an unfinished Soviet railroad sometimes called the "Dead Road." This railroad was intended to unite European Russia with the northern regions of Siberia and to facilitate the export of minerals from the industrial city of Noril'sk. Construction began in 1949 but was abandoned in 1953 after Stalin's death. Stalin had ordered...
    • Contributor: Soviet Union. Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del
    • Date: 1951

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    C. R. Hughes Embargo Act of 1807 map tracings collection A collection of eight manuscript map tracings by C.R. Hughes, a printer based in Berryville, Virginia. Six maps illustrate how members of Congress voted on the Embargo Act of 1807. The other maps show the 1816 Massachusetts gubernatorial election and how electors in Georgia voted in the 1816 presidential election.
    • Contributor: Hughes, C. R.
    • Date: 1807
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    John W. Moyer map collection The collection consists of 17 maps owned by John W. Moyer that show India and also various world maps. Moyer contributed to the Library of Congress the photograph collection titled India and Her People.
    • Contributor: Moyer, John W. (John William)
    • Date: 1948
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    J. Neilson Barry manuscript maps collection tracing the exploration of Lewis and Clark in the Pacific Northwest The collection consists of J. Neilson Barry's map studies of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and his map studies of the route of John Colter, a member of the expedition.
    • Contributor: Barry, J. Neilson (John Neilson)
    • Date: 1936
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    William Rea Furlong map collection William Rea Furlong was a United States Navy Rear Admiral during World War II, who also served in the Navy during World War I. The collection consists of World War I-era maps and charts. One chart from 1918 depicts German and British minefields along the coast of England and a portion of continental Europe. Other items are nautical charts of Aegean Sea with annotations.
    • Contributor: Furlong, William Rea
    • Date: 1870
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    Ian Mumford World War II cartographic intelligence reports collection The collection contains nine British intelligence cartographic reports created during World War II. The areas covered by the reports include Germany, Italy, and France, among other places in Europe. The reports are supplemented with aerial photographs and are arranged by sortie number. The collection also contains three British government manuals, which include maps, that relate to the history of the British Ordnance Survey.
    • Contributor: Mumford, Ian
    • Date: 1939
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    Charles P. Taft map collection, 1948-1966 19 cartographic items for the period 1948-1966, and no date, including maps, map order forms, map indexes, and a tourist guide.
    • Contributor: Taft, Charles P. (Charles Phelps)
    • Date: 1948
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    Copeland railroad survey collection H.H. Copeland and Son commissioned the materials that contain information about railroads in the United States from 1917 to 1958. The collection includes maps and data concerning railroad traffic density, tables on ton miles, freight density and traffic distribution, and other railway related tables and calculations. H. H. Copeland and Son were an investment house in existence from the late nineteenth century to around...
    • Date: 1917
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    Paul E. Mortimer map collection The collection consists of an aeronautical map of Germany from 1938 published by the Reichsluftfahrtministerium and a letter to the donor, Paul E. Mortimer.
    • Contributor: Mortimer, Paul E. (Paul Eugene)
    • Date: 1938
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    George Dewey map collection Maps from the George Dewey papers. Includes maps from disbound atlases of China published in 1893 and 1895, maps from a disbound atlas of Ohio geology published in 1879, and various other maps, such as USGS map of Washington, DC and a newspaper map of the Panama Canal.
    • Contributor: Dewey, George
    • Date: 1879
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    [Map and views illustrating Sir Francis Drake's West Indian voyage, 1585-6]. The first engraving is a map of Drake's voyage [showing Europe, western Africa, northern South America, and eastern North America]; the four other engravings consist of bird's-eye battle plan views of the cities of Santiago, Santo Domingo, Cartagena, and St. Augustine, Florida. 4 bird's-eye views and 1 map. Relief shown pictorially on bird's-eye views. Voyage map in English; city maps in Latin. Title supplied...
    • Contributor: Boazio, Baptista - Croftes - Bigges, Walter - Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)

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    Atlas sive Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mvndi et fabricati figvra.
    Atlas | Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mvndi et fabricati figvra | Atlas sive Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura
    The first part, originally published in 1585, is composed of three fascicles, each with a special t. p.: Galliæ tabulę geographicæ ; Belgii Inferioris geographicæ tabulę ; Germaniae tabulę geographicæ. The second part, originally published in 1589, has special t. p.: Italiae, Sclavoniæ, et Graeciæ tabulę geographicę. The third part, under whose title the work is published, precedes the first and second parts. Left...
    • Contributor: Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress) - Mercator, Rumold - Mercator, Gerhard
    • Date: 1595
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    Herold J. Wiens collection, 1939-1971 Consists of pen and ink drawings, pencil sketches, facsimiles, and photographs of aerial views showing all or part of China during the period of World War II. The collection also consists of technical drawing equipment, notes, charts, atlases, some books, personal folders, letters, correspondence, and other miscellaneous items.
    • Contributor: Wiens, Herold J. (Herold Jacob)
    • Date: 1941
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    Heezen-Tharp collection Bruce Heezen and Marie Tharp worked for the Lamont-Doherty Earth Science Observatory of Columbia University and mapped the ocean floor from 1957 to 1977. Heezen was geologist and Tharp was a cartographer. The collection consists of the textual materials, photographs, and scientific data. Related maps and globes are held by the Geography and Map Division and cataloged separately.
    • Contributor: Heezen, Bruce C. - Tharp, Marie
    • Date: 1876
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    Hauslab-Liechtenstein map collection The Hauslab-Liechtenstein map collection contains some 10,000 manuscript and printed sheets. A large portion of these map and atlas sheets were compiled by the Austrian cartographer and general Franz Ritter von Hauslab. These were later acquired by Prince Jordan II of Liechtenstein, whose own maps complemented the Hauslab collection, hence the name Hauslab-Liechtentstein. Within the collection there are examples of various types of map...
    • Contributor: Hauslab, Franz - Johann II, Fürst Von Und Zu Liechtenstein
    • Date: 1500
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    Town plan maps of Oregon City maps issued by the Oregon Department of Transportation showing highways, streets, parks, railroads, schools, public buildings, section corners, water features, land features, and various boundaries.
    • Contributor: Oregon. Department of Transportation
    • Date: 1986
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    Atlas of Christian sites in Egypt Atlas. atlas | 1 atlas (7 p., [6] leaves of plates) : maps ; 28 cm. | by Otto Meinardus. (Statement Of Responsibility). Relief shown by hachures. Includes gazetteer. acquire 1 shelf copy [policy default] (Selection Decision). Courtesy of the Society for Coptic Archaeology, 222 Ramses Street, Cairo, Egypt. (Copyright Notice). Atlas (Form).
    • Contributor: Institut Français D'archéologie Orientale Du Caire - Meinardus, Otto Friedrich August - Jamʻīyat Al-Āthār Al-Qibṭīyah (Egypt) - Société D'archéologie Copte
    • Date: 1962

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    George Sabin Gibbs map collection George Sabin Gibbs served as Chief Signal Officer of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I and supervised the completion of the Washington-Alaska cable. The collection consists of seven printed maps of communications lines and military installations in the United States and Cuba from 1903 to 1907.
    • Contributor: Gibbs, George Sabin
    • Date: 1903
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    Charles Oscar Maas map collection, 1920-1997 A collection of four maps transferred from the Charles Oscar Maas papers, 1917-1925. Included is the letter of transfer from the Manuscript Division. Maas, the compiler, was Lieutenant Commander, USNFR, Assistant Naval Attache to the American Embassy, Paris, France, World War I.
    • Contributor: Maas, Charles Oscar
    • Date: 1920
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    Arthur J. Goldberg celestial chart and map collection The collection consists of two celestial charts published by National Geographic and seven tourist maps from various publishers that depict locations in the Mid-Atlantic states, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, and Japan. The cartographic items and a single textual document were transferred from the Arthur J. Goldberg papers, which are held in the Manuscript Division. Golderberg, the compiler, had a career as a lawyer, associate justice...
    • Contributor: Goldberg, Arthur J.
    • Date: 1959
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    Jack Eshe World War II aeronautical charts collection Jack Eshe was an American B-17 bomber pilot in World War II. He donated a collection of 13 G.S.G.S aeronautical charts of Great Britain, France, and Germany. The charts were published during the war. Also included in the collection is a "Time Distance Computer, Type 4... Property of the U.S. Army." It was used to compute true altitude and true air speed.
    • Date: 1942
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    John Leonard Hines map collection The John Leonard Hines map collection consists of maps of World War I, including annotated tactical maps; maps of Mexico related to Hines' part in the Mexican Punitive Expedition; maps of Asia, as Hines was stationed in the Philippines; maps of military camps in the United States; maps of the Allied occupation of the German Rhineland, where Hines was stationed; and maps related to...
    • Contributor: Hines, John Leonard
    • Date: 1906
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    Progressive military maps of the United States A collection of 1344 topographic map sheets created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from 1894 to 1945 that covers the continental United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Panama Canal Area. The maps illustrate tactical and geographic features, such as military bases, landing strips, transportation networks, communication centers, and topography. The maps are labeled in one of three ways: Tactical,...
    • Contributor: United States Army Corps of Engineers
    • Date: 1894
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    S. R. Carvo World War II map collection Collection of 19 maps or photomaps of Italy during World War II. Photomaps are planning materials from Operation Avalanche. Maps are from various series published by the British War Office, United States Army Map Service, and the United States Joint Army Navy Intelligence Section.
    • Contributor: Carvo, S. R.
    • Date: 1942
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    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People map collection The collection consists of 2 maps and a map overlay. The map with the overlay depicts Omaha, Nebraska, in the 1960s and contains annotations that show "negro neighborhoods" that indicate population density. The other map is of Detroit, Michigan and presumbly dates from the 1960s.
    • Contributor: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    • Date: 1960