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    Military Battles and Campaigns This category contains maps showing campaigns of major military conflicts including troop movements, defensive structures and groundworks, roads to and from sites of military engagements, campsites, and local buildings, topography and vegetation. Some of the maps are manuscripts drawn on the field of battle, while others are engraved including some that have manuscript annotations reflecting the history of the battle or campaign. A significant ...
    • Date: 1570

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    Cities and Towns This category includes maps that depict individual buildings to panoramic views of large urban areas. These maps record the evolution of cities illustrating the development and nature of economic activities, educational and religious facilities, parks, street patterns and widths, and transportation systems.
    • Date: 1500

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    A collection of plans of fortifications and battles, 1684-1709 : [Europe] Relief shown by hachures and pictorially. Title from cover of composite atlas. Dates on maps range from 1684 to 1709. Beeck was the publisher of battle plans at The Hague from 1702 to 1709. Phillips, 5152 An atlas factice of 117 hand col. maps on 115 sheets. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Register in French. Maps ...
    • Contributor: Beeck, Anna - Baillieu, Gaspar De.
    • Date: 1709

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    General Maps This category includes maps that typically portray the physical environment and a variety of cultural elements for a geographic area at a particular point in time. The maps in this category show a geographic area larger than a city or town and do not display a subject that is part of one of the thematic categories.
    • Date: 1290

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    America Septentrionalis novissima ; America Meridionalis accuratissima Relief shown pictorially. Map contains 2 separate titles for North America and South America. Includes ill. of figures in title area. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Schenk, Peter
    • Date: 1709
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    Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond A thematic collection exploring changing models of the universe through time, ideas of life on other words and Carl Sagan’s place in the tradition of science. It features manuscripts, rare books, celestial atlases, newspaper articles, sheet music and movie posters. Like our ancestors, we look up at the heavens and wonder. What is the structure of the universe? How significant are we? Are we ...
    • Contributor: Sagan, Carl - Druyan, Ann - Macfarlane, Seth

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