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    Tilforladelig kort over eylandet St. Croix udi America saaled... Scale ca. 1:60,000. Hand colored. LC copy annotated in pen-and-ink to show land owners in 1767. Cadastral map showing land ownership. LC Luso-Hispanic World, 980 "Tilegned deres höy grevelige excellence her Adam Gotlob Moltke." Includes listing of windmills by quarter and insets "Tegning til byen Friderichsstæd" and "Tegning over byen Christianstæd paa eylandet St. Croix, faavit den allerede er bebygt." Available also through the ...
    • Contributor: Beck, I. M. - Lode, O. H. De
    • Date: 1754
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    Plan af Kjöbenhavn = Plan of Copenhagen
    Plan of Copenhagen | Kjöbenhavn
    City street map showing principal buildings, administrative wards, circumferential military fortifications (ramparts/bastions/canals, moats), and port facilities. Title on sheet and index in Danish and English. Signed in ink script on label affixed to cover title panel: City of Copenhagen, Millard Fillmore, May 8th, 1856, No. 36; and on inside of cover: Millard Fillmore, May 8, 1856. Seller's name label affixed to inside of cover. ...
    • Contributor: Emilius Bærentzen & Co. - Fillmore, Millard
    • Date: 1853