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    [Portolan chart of the Mediterranean and connecting seas].

    Portolan chart with seaport names given for all coastlines. Does not cover Black Sea. Title devised by cataloguer. Oriented with north to the right (indicated by fleurs-de-lys). Contains 11 compass roses in a circle centered on Sicily, 2 additional roses in Iberia, and rhumb lines connecting all roses and some central points without roses. Manuscript: pen-and-ink (brown) and dark watercolors. LC Nautical charts on ...

    • Date: 1550
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    A new chart of the Mediterranean Sea

    Depths shown by soundings in selected areas. Statement of dedication: To the Right Honorable Horatio Baron Nelson of the Nile and of Burnham Thorpe in Norfolk, Rear Admiral of the Blue, and Knight of the Military Order of the Garter, this chart is most repectfully dedicated by his grateful much obliged humble servant, William Heather. "Published as the Act directs, July 12th 1797, by ...

    • Contributor: Heather, William - Stephenson, John - Norie, J. W. (john William) - Michelot, Henri - W. Heather & Co.
    • Date: 1797
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    A German illustration of "freedom of the seas" in war time : [Western Europe and western Mediterranean Sea].

    Shows twenty-nautical-mile zones along Western European coastlines where German submarine mines will be distributed and an adjacent large delimited sector of the North Atlantic Ocean where Allied shipping will be prohibited; also shows a sixty-nautical-mile wide lane in the western Mediterranean Sea where neutral shipping will be allowed. Relief shown by hachures. Title from upper margin. Map cut from unidentified newspaper page. LC copy ...

    • Date: 1915
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    Chart of the Mediterranean Sea

    Relief shown by hachures; depths by soundings in insets. Insets: Bay & roads of Marseilles -- The harbour of Genoa -- Plan of the rock and bay of Gibraltar : shewing the position of the combined fleet and attack of the battering ships in 1782 -- Gulf of Smyrna -- Attack on Algiers by the fleet under the command of Adml. Lord Exmouth, Augst. ...

    • Contributor: Thomson, John - Neele, Samuel John
    • Date: 1817