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    Plan of action at Devaux Neck South Carolina. December 9th 1864. Devaux Neck is a peninsula formed by the Tulfinney and Coosawatchie rivers as they branch off the Broad River. The peninsula is crossed by the Charleston and Savannah Railroad. This map, in closer detail than the one on p. 196, shows the skirmish between Confederate forces protecting the railroad and Union forces (the 127th New York Regiment under Gen. E. E. Potter) hoping to ...
    • Contributor: Sneden, Robert Knox
    • Date: 1864-12-09
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    Watson's new rail-road and distance map of the United States and Canada, 1871; compiled from the latest official sources. Eastern half of the United States showing drainage, cities and towns, counties, and the railroads with mileage and names of lines. Smithsonian Deposit May 27, 1931.
    • Contributor: Watson, Gaylord
    • Date: 1871
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    Map of Atascosa County. Shows land ownership. "Copyright 1879 Wm C. Walsh Commissioner General Land Office State of Texas." LC Land ownership maps, 888 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. "Lithographed by August Gast & Co.s New Process St. Louis." Two copies. Copy 1 mounted on paper. Copy 2 mounted on paper and cloth with punch holes along the left margin.
    • Contributor: Texas. General Land Office - Walsh, W. C. (William C.) - August Gast & Co.
    • Date: 1879
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    Map of the United States of America : with the contiguous British and Spanish possessions Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridians: London and Washington. Second state. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes inset of the West Indies. Acquired in April 1969 at Streeter collection auction. LC copy sectioned and mounted on cloth backing, and discolored. Vault
    • Contributor: Melish, John - Vallance, J. (John) - Tanner, Henry Schenck
    • Date: 1822
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    Map of the town of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co., N.Y. Available also through the Library of Congress web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Cramer, L. H. - Mott, J. W.
    • Date: 1879
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    Map showing the most direct commercial route from the Atlantic via L. Ontario, to the province of Upper Canada, the north western states & territories, and to the Mississippi. Shows area from Washington, D.C., north to above Lake Huron and from Cape Cod to the Mississippi River.
    • Contributor: Price, John
    • Date: 1836
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    The State of Florida. From U.S. Senate Executive Document v.2 No.2-5, in 30th Cong., 1st Sess., 1847-48, serial set #504. Available also through the Library of Congress web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Bruff, Joseph Goldsborough - United States. Army. Corps of Engineers - United States. Congress. Senate
    • Date: 1846
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    Lloyd's official map of Missouri Scale 1:760,320. LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.), 296.3 "Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1861 by J. T. Lloyd." General map of the state indicating county names and boundaries, cities and towns, railroads in operation and projected, roads, and rivers. Includes advertisements for "Lloyd's great military map of the fifteen southern states" and "$100,000 Topographical map of the state of ...
    • Contributor: Lloyd, James T.
    • Date: 1861
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    A map of the second section of that part of Georgia now known as the Cherokee Territory in which are delineated all the districts & lots which by an act of the ... Covers Marietta region (Ga.) including portions of the present-day Cobb, Fulton, and Cherokee Counties. Original in Surveyor General Department, Office of Secretary of State, Atlanta, Ga. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. LC copy annotated in ink on verso: Cherokee County--gold dist.--sect. 2.
    • Contributor: Green, Orange - Cowles, Daggett & Co.
    • Date: 1830
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    Map of wagon routes in Utah Territory
    Explorations of Capt. J.H. Simpson, T.E.U.S.A. in 1859
    Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Shows routes of Captains Stansbury, Fremont, Gunnison, and Beckwith. In lower right margin: Facsimile reproduction by the Graphic Co., New York. Originally folded in map: Report of explorations across the great basin of the Territory of Utah. Includes table of "Geographical positions established by Capt. Simpson." Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a ...
    • Contributor: Simpson, J. H. (James Hervey) - Smith, J. K. L. - Putnam, Haldimand Sumner - Mechlin, J. R. P. - United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers - Graphic Company - Simpson, J. H.
    • Date: 1859
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    Map of land patents from original surveys : [Newburgh city region, New York State] Cadastral map of original land patents, real-property tracts, dates when properties were established, acreages, and landowners' names in the Newburgh city region west of the Hudson River (parts of Orange and Rockland counties). Oriented with north to the right. LC copy imperfect: Torn, mounted on cloth backing atop another map. LC Land ownership maps, 535 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site ...
    • Contributor: De Witt, Simeon
    • Date: 1805
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    Southwest, or no. 2, sheet of preliminary map of Antietam (Sharpsburg) battlefield. Enlarged from "Michler" map of the war records atlas with corrections and additions Scale ca. 1:10,400. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 250.3 The Geography and Map Division has sheets 1 and 2 of 4 sheets. For a description of sheet 1, see Civil War Maps entry no. 250.2. Map extends from Sharpsburg south to Antietam Iron Works and shows roads and lanes, houses and names of residents, fences, and drainage. Troop positions are not noted. This ...
    • Contributor: Antietam Battlefield Board
    • Date: 1895
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    Sumpter Prison, Andersonville, Georgia, June 1864 Shows the prison with wooden fence, 18 guard towers, the famous "deadline," the north and south gates, Sweetwater Creek, "Valley of Death," fortification, batteries, and cook house. He depicts overcrowding by a blizzard of tiny dots everywhere, writing the dots stand for "Union soldiers." Date written on map: June 1863 with penciled 4 over the 3. Pen-and-ink on blue tinted note paper. Purchase, James ...
    • Contributor: Caulfield, Patt
    • Date: 1864
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    Map of Franklin Co., New York : from actual surveys. General-content county map showing towns (townships), some towns with numbered sectional divisions, rural buildings, and householders' names. Hand colored to emphasize town boundaries and areas. Relief shown by hachures. "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1858 by Robert Pearsall Smith in the ... Eastern district of Pennsylvania." Originally printed on 2 sheets (northern/southern). LC copy imperfect: Shellacked, darkened, brittle, mounted on ...
    • Contributor: Taintor, Dawson & Co. - Smith, Robert Pearsall
    • Date: 1858
  • Map
    Antietam. Enlarged and corrected from map of Gen. Michler, U.S. Eng., Scale not given. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 245.55 "No. 1 = Confeds. opposing 10 Me. & 128 P.V., 7:30 to 8:00 A.M. No. 2 & 3 = Confeds. marching behind no. 1." This map was in the possession of Jedediah Hotchkiss at the time of his death. Major Hotchkiss served as topographic engineer with the Army of Northern Virginia. In July 1948, ...
    • Contributor: Gould, Oliver C.
    • Date: 189?
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    Map of Iowa exhibiting the townships, cities, villages post offices, railroads, common roads & other improvements. Scale 1:1,250,000. Listed in R. S. Ladd's Maps Showing Explorers' Routes ... (Washington, Govt Print Off., 1862), 143. LC Railroad maps, 217 Description derived from published bibliography. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Mendenhall, Edward
    • Date: 1855
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    Bird's eye view of the city of Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska 1868. Perspective map not drawn to scale. LC Panoramic maps (2nd ed.), 465 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes ill. and index to points of interest. Vault AACR2: 100; 651/1; 710/1
    • Contributor: Ruger, A. - Merchant's Lithographing Company
    • Date: 1868
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    A map of Harford Co., Maryland, 1858. Scale not given. LC Land ownership maps, 294 Includes, illustrations, text, table of distances, and three insets. Landowners identified. Available also through the Library of Congress web site as raster image.
    • Contributor: Herrick, L. W.
    • Date: 1858
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    The county of Bay, Michigan : maps, history, illustrations and statistics.
    Atlas of Bay County
    LeGear. Atlases of the United States, 4962 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes indexes, brief history of Bay County, and brief biographies and portraits of early Bay County residents. LC copy imperfect: Liquid staining to lower portion of all pages. Ill. pasted on p. [3] and county statistics pasted on p. [5]. Vendor: John Carbonell (eBay ...
    • Contributor: D.A. Bullock & Co.
    • Date: 1896

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    Map showing the location of battle fields of Virginia [Scale ca. 1:680,000]. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 506 Another edition. Title when folded: 32nd annual encampment, G.A.R. Sept 5th 1898. Cincinnati, Ohio, via Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Poole Bros., Chicago. To right of map: Principal battles and engagements occurring within the limits of the accompanying map, and the losses sustained by the opposing forces- Comparative statement of the number of men furnished ...
    • Contributor: Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company
    • Date: 1898
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    Map of the townships of Upper and Lower Nazareth, Northampton County, Pennsylvania General-content map showing roads, copses, farmsteads, rural buildings, acreages, and householders' names. Does not show real-property lines or land tracts. Also shows houses and occupants' names in the village (later borough) of Nazareth. Hand col. to differentiate the 2 townships. "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1850 by Rich'd Clark in ... the Eastern District of Penn'a." Handwritten in black ink ...
    • Contributor: Sidney, J. C. (James C.) - Friend, Norman M. - Clark, Richard - Sidney, J. C.
    • Date: 1850
  • Map
    Map showing the burnt district in Chicago : published for the benefit of the Relief Fund Oriented with North to right. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: R.P. Studley Co.
    • Date: 187?
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    General Buell's map of the battle-field of Shiloh. [April 6-7, 1862] Scale ca. 1:14,500. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 435 "This map is an enlarged copy of the one accompanying General D. C. Buell's article, 'Shiloh Reviewed,' in The Century for March, 1886." "This edition includes a few corrections which do not appear in the map as printed in The Century for March, 1886." Detailed map showing the positions of the armies of the ...
    • Contributor: Buell, Don Carlos
    • Date: 1886
  • Map
    View of Westerly, R.I. 1877. Perspective map not drawn to scale. Bird's-eye-view. LC Panoramic maps (2nd ed.), 881.1 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Indexed for points of interest. AACR2
    • Contributor: Bailey, O. H. (Oakley Hoopes) - Hazen, J. C. - Bailey, O. H.
    • Date: 1877
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    Map of Campbell Co.
    Map of Campbell County | Chief Engineer's Office, D.N.V., Maj. Gen. J.F. Gilmer, chief engineer
    Shows names of some residents. Relief shown by hachures. Blue-line print. "Map from the Confederate Engineer Bureau in Richmond, Va. General J.F. Gilmer Chief Engineer. Presented to the West Point Military Academy by his only daughter, Mrs J.F. Minis, Savh. Ga." LC Land ownership maps, 1230 "Gilmer maps no. 14." Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Gilmer, Jeremy Francis - Dwight, C. S. - Campbell, Albert H. (Albert Henry) - Minis, Louisa Porter - Confederate States of America. Army. Department of Northern Virginia. Chief Engineer's Office - United States Military Academy
    • Date: 1864