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    Weltkarte des Idrisi vom Jahr 1154 n. Ch., Charta Rogeriana

    Relief shown pictorially. Place names in romanized Arabic. Accompanying text in English. Facsimile. Original version: 1154. Oriented with north to the bottom. Originally printed on 6 sheets, each ca. 47 x 68 cm. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. In manuscript blue pencil on verso: "Idrisi Weltkarte 1154 A.D., S. 1. Band, 2 Heft."

    • Contributor: Idrīs - Miller, Konrad
    • Date: 1928
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    Erster gedruckter Globus, Martin Hylacomylus (Waltzemüller) : gehört wahrscheinlich zu seinem 1509 herausgegeben Buch "Globus mundi' ; Zweiter gedruckter Globus, Peter Apianus : in dessen Cosmographicus liber, 1524, sich bereits ein Globus ...

    Relief shown pictorially on "Zweiter" globe. Titles in German. Place names in Latin. "Phot.-lith. im k.k.t.u.a. Militär-Comité." According to Shirley's Mapping of the world, 1993, the "Zweiter" globe was created by an unknown cartographer in Ingolstadt around 1518, not by Peter Apian in 1524, and the Waldseemüller gores were created in Strassburg in 1507. Original version of Waldseemüller gores : [Strassburg?, 1507]. Original version ...

    • Contributor: Waldseemüller, Martin - Apian, Peter - Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Militär-Comité
    • Date: 1879
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    Mechanischer Welt Globus zum Gebrauche des kleinen Geographen

    Relief shown by hachures. Title from envelope. Gores for a 13 cm. globe. Six gores linked by a cloth strip and mounted on blue paper, attached at both poles to six brown cords bound with a cardboard strip. Globe and text housed in cardboard envelope covered with blue paper. Accompanied by text : Erklärung des künstlichen Globus / zu haben bei Josef Franz Kaiser. ...

    • Contributor: Kaiser, Joseph Franz
    • Date: 1840
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    Globus aus der Mitte des XVI Jahrhunderts

    Relief shown pictorially. Dedication: Reverre[n]diss. et illustriss. Do. Do. Urbano Sangelasio episcopo Com[m]ingiensi, Joan[n]es Oterschaden Belga humillime D.D. Original version: [Antwerp? ; s.n., ca. 1603]. Date of original from Shirley's Mapping of the world. Gores for a 17 cm. globe. Includes ill. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. LC copy marked "20." in blue pencil in lower ...

    • Contributor: Oterschaden, Johannes - Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Militär-Comité
    • Date: 1879