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    Weltkarte des Idrisi vom Jahr 1154 n. Ch., Charta Rogeriana
    Charta Rogeriana | Explanations to the proof of the map of the world drawn by Idrisi in 1154 and restored by K. Miller in 1927
    Relief shown pictorially. Place names in romanized Arabic. Accompanying text in English. Facsimile. Original version: 1154. Oriented with north to the bottom. Originally printed on 6 sheets, each ca. 47 x 68 cm. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. In manuscript blue pencil on verso: "Idrisi Weltkarte 1154 A.D., S. 1. Band, 2 Heft."
    • Contributor: IdrÄ«s - Miller, Konrad
    • Date: 1928