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    Erster gedruckter Globus, Martin Hylacomylus (Waltzemüller) :... Relief shown pictorially on "Zweiter" globe. Titles in German. Place names in Latin. "Phot.-lith. im k.k.t.u.a. Militär-Comité." According to Shirley's Mapping of the world, 1993, the "Zweiter" globe was created by an unknown cartographer in Ingolstadt around 1518, not by Peter Apian in 1524, and the Waldseemüller gores were created in Strassburg in 1507. Original version of Waldseemüller gores : [Strassburg?, 1507]. Original version...
    • Contributor: Waldseemüller, Martin - Apian, Peter - Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Militär-Comité
    • Date: 1879