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    Pekin yori Gyusō ni itaru
    Cong Beijing zhi Niuzhuang lü xing tu
    Road map shows area from Peking to Yingkou, in Liaoning Province. Relief shown by form lines. Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Map 1 originally drawn on 1 sheet, dissected into 2 sheets. Includes 4 insets of cities and notes. Index map on verso. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. ARP
    • Contributor: Sakawa, Kagenobu
    • Date: 1883
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    Pekin yori Kankō ni itaru
    Cong Beijing zhi Hankou | Cong Beijing dao Hankou | Cong Beijing dao Hankou lu shang tu
    Shows road from Beijing to Hankou (present Wuhan). Covers five provinces in Eastern China: Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, and Hubei. Relief shown by hachures. Each section of road separately titled (drawn on one or two sheets). Accompanying materials: 3 sheets ; 69 cm. or smaller. Two sheets show cities of Guangping Fu, Zhangde Fu, and Kaifeng Fu, Henan Province. Another sheet shows ill. and ...
    • Contributor: Oda, Shintaro
    • Date: 1883

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    Hokunei Tetsudō senro ichiranzu. Catalog Record Only Relief shown by form lines. In Japanese. Place names also in Chinese. Title from cover. Imprint on cover: Shina Cht̄ongun Shireibu Otsu Shokutaku Tetsudōhan. Issued as confidential document. Folded accordion style (orihon). Copy brittle: placed in an acid-free envelope. Includes distance table.
    • Contributor: Japan. Rikugun. Shina Chūtongun. Otsu Shokutaku Tetsudōhan
    • Date: 1937
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    Pekin yūranzu Catalog Record Only First edition March 1979. Sixth printing March 1985. Selected buildings shown pictorially. Japanese edition of: Beijing you lan tu. Cover title. Includes bus lines and telephone directory of tourist attractions. Nine ancillary maps, 2 views, and description of places of interest on verso.
    • Contributor: DI Tu Chu Ban She
    • Date: 1979