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    Karte von China und Japan den Manen D'Anville's und Klapproth's Relief shown by hachures. In lower right: Gest. v. Mädel II u. s Sch. From Berghaus's Atlas von Asia. Prime meridians: Paris and Greenwich. In upper left: Berghaus's Atlas von Asia. Includes chart of geographic terms in 9 languages. In upper right: no. 2. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Berghaus, Heinrich Karl Wilhelm - Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon D - Justus Perthes (Firm : Gotha, Germany)
    • Date: 1843
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    Die Chinesische Küste : der Provinz Kuang-tung, zu beiden Sei...
    Provinz Kuang-tung, zu beiden Seiten des Meridians von Macao
    A striking, rare and attractive large-scale early 19th century chart of the mouth of the Pearl River focusing on the region around present-day Macao and Hong Kong. The top left of the engraving is filled with a detailed plan of Macao surrounded by smaller engravings of Tiger Island, the Bocca Tigris, Lantao and a profile of Macao, and the famous view of Luis de ...
    • Contributor: Berghaus, Heinrich Karl Wilhelm
    • Date: 1834