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    A general map of China Chinese-Tartary & Tibet
    Da Qing yi tong tian xia quan tu
    Relief shown pictorially. From Gützlaff's A sketch of Chinese history, ancient and modern. Prime meridian: Paris and Peking. LC copy mounted on paper backing. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon D - Gützlaff, Karl Friedrich August - Friend, Norman M. - Haven, John Preston - Stodart & Currier
    • Date: 1834
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    [Route map of Rockhill's explorations in Mongolia and Tibet 1891-1892].
    Explorations in Mongolia and Tibet | Meng Zang lü xing tu
    Shows mountains, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, villages, and the Great Wall along Rockhill's travel routes in Mongolia and Tibet. Covers Rockhill's expedition route from Zhangjiakou, passing through Inner Mongolia, Lanzhou, Qinghai to enter Tibet, and reach final destination of Xikangbatang. Relief shown by form lines and spot heights. Pen-and-ink and watercolor. This map was prepared for "Meng Zang lü xing tu" published by Smithsonian ...
    • Contributor: Rockhill, William Woodville
    • Date: 1891
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    bod rang skyong ljongs srid 'dzin sa khul gyi sa kra / Di tu chu ban she = Map of Tibet Autonomous Region
    Tibet Autonomous Region map
    Contains approximately 1 sheet of a color digital image map of Tibet Autonomous Region.
    • Contributor: DI Tu Chu Ban She - United States. Army. Office of the Chief of Engineers
    • Date: 2011