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    Military Battles and Campaigns This category contains maps showing campaigns of major military conflicts including troop movements, defensive structures and groundworks, roads to and from sites of military engagements, campsites, and local buildings, topography and vegetation. Some of the maps are manuscripts drawn on the field of battle, while others are engraved including some that have manuscript annotations reflecting the history of the battle or campaign. A significant ...
    • Date: 1570

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    Nansenbushū bankoku shōka no zu
    Bankoku shōka no zu.
    Shows the world, based on knowledge from numerous famous Chinese and Japanese classics and Buddhism. Depths shown pictorially. Wood block print. Map and author, Hōtan, listed in Imago Mundi's Review of early cartography, v. 10, 1954. "... prototype of Buddhist world maps." Bibliography. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Acquisitions control no. 94-37
    • Contributor: Sōshun
    • Date: 1710
  • Map
    Planiglobii terrestris cum utroq hemisphærio cælesti generalis repræsentatio. Available also through the Library of Congress web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Homann, Johann Baptist
    • Date: 1716
  • Map
    This map of North America, according to ye newest and most exact observations is most humbly dedicated by your Lordship's most humble servant Herman Moll, geographer Scale ca. 1:15,000,000. Hand colored. Relief shown pictorially. "To the Right Honourable John Lord Sommers, Baron of Evesham in ye county of Worcester, President of Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council &c." Includes ill. and notes. Insets: A view of a stage & also of ye manner of fishing for, curing & drying cod at New Foundland.--St. John's harbour.--Boston harbour.--New York &c.--[Charleston region, S.C.]--Port ...
    • Contributor: Moll, Herman - Lens, Bernard - Vertue, George - Bowles, John
    • Date: 1715
  • Map
    A new & correct map of the whole World. Two issues, one issue shows colonial sea to sea grants in North America. Available also through the Library of Congress web site as a raster image. 2 copies, vary slightly. Vault
    • Contributor: Moll, Herman
    • Date: 1719